Get Games and Stream Rewards for Fans with Daredrop

If you are a streamers and you want to increase not only interactivity with your fans, but build some relationships with game studios and get some game keys for you and potentially your Twitch or YouTube audience at the same time then consider looking into DareDrop.

DareDrop differs from other Key Sites in that you accept Dares and in exchange for completing Dares in a game you are given keys to award to your fans. What this means is you get free keys to giveaway to your viewers and giveaways are good especially if you like the game you are showcasing.

This is of particular benefit to Variety Streamers, but you can also create your own custom dares for any game that you play as well to reward your fans in a variety of ways.

A recent campaign example for the side scrolling RPG game Son of a Witch has some Dare Examples, where you can get either a Windmill Kings steam key or a Son of a Witch Steam game key for your viewers by completing certain achievements in the game.

Once you participate in the campaign and live stream playing the game and the achievements, just take some Twitch clips or highlights of reaching the achievements and submit them to DareDrop and your reward keys are delivered to you for completing the dare.

In addition to keys, as mentioned you can use DareDrop to create custom dares, like have some reward you can doll out to viewers if you do X headkills in Apex Legends, within 15 minutes or other creative type of rewards.

You tie Pledges into Dares to where people pledge and dares are accepted when reaching pledge amounts, using LadyLen as an example here for her current daredrop setup at the time of this article

You can even include challenges with viewers as well, it is yet another creative tool to boost interactivity with your Twitch viewers and in the case of some of the predefined game campaigns and dares you can get some free keys and items to giveaway to fans too.

When creating dares you can set audio alerts and an on screen alert with sound when someone challenges you with a Dare or Pledges too.

So take a look at DareDrop and feel free to let us know some creative dares you would do!

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