Streamer Spotlight: Carmy

So James who is an editor/reviewer and one of our Twitch streamers is the one who I go and interview Carmy next.  While dropping in on Carmy’s streams I very quickly saw that she is someone who just likes to have fun with her viewers, was very interactive and had a great sense of humor.  So I spent some time learning more about Carmy and checking in on her streams more frequently and here is … Read more

Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers – Part 2

So in my first part of Who Are These Twitch Streamers I specifically called out Twitch streamers but I wanted to expand that out and not exclude any YouTube, Facebook or Mixer streamers from being in the roundup, so the series changes to Who Are These Game and Entertainment Streamers and I am opening it up.  So even though Twitch streamers will make up the majority, I am expanding it to be more inclusive of … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Philadoxical

This weeks Streamer Spotlight is Philadoxical formerly known as Philadoxical who I ran into from Team B42 a while back and see him often participating in the raids and helping support and network with other streamers on Team B42 but I also am in the same Wolf Pack team as well on discord and see he is active there too.  Often many of the streamers are in the same groups and networks and you start … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Oskurd

So this week I interview a streamer I ran into a few months ago called Oskurd and I was watching his stream and saw him playing rubber chickens as a reward when reaching certain milestones.  He was a very friendly streamer talking and joking with his audience and was very personable and approachable.  Oskurd also is one of the few who takes the time to respond to you and say good morning on Discord groups … Read more

Who Are These Twitch Streamers – Part 1

Hello everyone, while I have a series where I do a Streamer Spotlight and showcase a Twitch Streamer everywhere, I thought I would do another series that just focuses on the newer streamers who are just starting out and have not yet had a chance to get a large audience yet.  So this is going to be my new “Who Are These Twitch Streamers” series and this is Part 1 of the series where I … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Interview with LarryIRL

In my adventures online in meeting other streamers I ran across a streaming muppet who goes by LarryIRL.  This muppet was talking to his audience and was extremely engaging and entertaining while also playing games on stream.  I was so utterly intrigued by this unique entertainer that I was compelled to learn more so I contacted this creature on Discord and inquired if I may have an interview with him.  So I invite you to … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Interview with Sol_Invitus

In this week’s streamer spotlight I invite you to learn more about Sol_Invitus who I discovered one day from the Grizzly Nation Twitch Group.  I immediately found that I enjoyed his sense of humor and his theme of always being dressed like a Roman soldier, and he tends to have a lot of fun joking with viewers on Stream and has some great scenes for incoming raids, subs and follows that are fun to watch.  … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Cabalette

So when I started Twitch streaming one of the very first people I ran into when starting my networking journey was Cabelette and I first learned about Team B42 from her.  What I found most engaging about Cabalette is her incredibly supportive and helpful nature toward other streamers, she often lead Team B42 raids and she was so supportive at encouraging raiders to give extra time and attention to people who hadn’t reached Twitch Affiliate … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Bearkittty

So I ran into Bearki while networking on the Royale Streamers Discord group and Twitch stream which I am a part of. When I visit Twitch streamers I tend to stay for a while and read their profile information and bio on their channels to see what kind of widgets and info they share.  When I read a part in her bio’s about section where one of her bullets was “Ruining friendships while playing Deceit.” … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: RougeGunner00

So I ran across another Team B42 streamer during a raid a while ago and enjoyed his streams of Mordhau and engagement style with the viewers, his explaining while he was streaming was spot on for a game I hadn’t heard of and got to learn about while he was playing. His streaming name is RougeGunner00 and he also had a cool channel logo and was a super friendly guy. Here is my interview with … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Th3beardedbaron

In my adventures in online streaming this week I feature someone who Kat and I raided after a stream a few weeks ago and became an immediate fan of his style of humor and interaction with the audiences.  His logo’s and emotes are top notch and I love the cartoon style.  He wears an aviator helmet and goggles to match is “baron” of the sky’s theme and he is often seen in the top streamer … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: DownToQuest

For our next Streamer Spotlight series I ran across DTQ Aka. DownToQuest Streaming house the other week and found out they were another group of people all streaming to the same Twitch channel.  What struck me as amazing was they keep up a 24×7 live stream schedule which is one of my own long term goals for the DragonBloggers Twitch channel.  I had to know more about them, what got it all started and their … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Dubbleder

In keeping with my streamer spotlight series, I wound up running into a streamer the other day on Twitch named Dubbleder.  What was unique about the stream immediately was the fact that I saw two people streaming co-op at the same time and they were having a blast joking with the audience while they were playing off each other during the co-stream so I decided to learn more about them and this is my interview … Read more

Steamer Spotlight: Se7en from HelixxVR

So a couple of weeks ago I ran across another streaming channel called HelixxVR and I realized really quickly this wasn’t a singular Twitch streamer but a channel with a group of streamers that all stream to the same channel much like we do at the DragonBloggers Twitch channel.  Their primary focus as you would guess from the name is VR titles which gives them a specific niche, as you know it is going to … Read more

Streamer Spotlight: Duckplague

As I have been networking with the Twitch streaming communities I have taken a fascination to the many different personalities and entertainers who incorporate not just the video games but their entertainment as part of their streaming.  I decided to host a video series on some of the more unique and entertaining people I come across as I meet more and more streamers online from doing various raids.  My first streamer I am interviewing I … Read more

Elgato Stream Deck is a Common Twitch Streamers Goal

So a high number of streamers covet the Elgato Stream Deck which is a 15 programmable button accessory which allows you to put just about any function or customizable key at your fingertips. Honestly prior to becoming a Twitch streamer and raiding other streamers I didn’t appreciate just how beneficial a Stream Deck can be for a streamer.  With this stream deck you can simplify many functions into a simple button press and not just … Read more

Amazon Prime Members How to Use Your Twitch Prime Sub

If you are already an Amazon Prime member you may not be aware that you already now have access to Twitch Prime since Twitch is owned by Amazon.  Twitch Prime offers an array of other benefits for Amazon Prime members who happen to be gamers or simply want to support their favorite gamers on Twitch without coming out of pocket to subscribe to them.  With Twitch Prime you get access to free games, unlocks and … Read more

Showcasing the Dragon Bloggers Twitch Team

In case you didn’t get the June Newsletter, I wanted to let fans know that in 2019 I had set a new goal for Dragon Blogger and that was to push out and expand into the Twitch streaming platform.  In doing this I brought in a team of streamers including myself who had entertaining personalities, were chill and really enjoyed getting to know the audience and interacting.  The above picture in order from left to right … Read more