Interviewing More Game Streamers Part 17

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My weekly series of interviews continues as I seek out new steamers to feature on our blog so that these entertainers who play games and stream from their gaming PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch consoles can reach a wider potential audience.  With times being more “locked down” than usual finding more entertainers and unique people to hang out with and pass the time with becomes more important as a way to just have fun, network and socialize online as we practice social distancing.


So here are the streamers we interviewed this week!


Hello I’m CardinalVortex and how I came up with my name isn’t original but in Minecraft I use to go by CardinalDiggy since 2011 and then like around 2014 or 2015 I changed Diggy to Vortex because it had a nice ring to it or at least to me it did haha. I love to play lots of games on my channel here at Twitch like Halo, Siege, Gundam, COD, DOOM, Borderlands and Senran Kagura. I love playing with all my pals as I think it’s a lot better that way and not only I but you the viewer gets to have amazing moments with them which I find to be very enjoyable. I first started streaming back in 2011 but back then my PC wasn’t the greatest so I usually was just making videos on YouTube but 2018 hit me and I got super bored of YouTube and just started streaming on Twitch and dumped YouTube to the side, I really enjoyed streaming a lot more. What made me want to start streaming was mainly Halo HCS pro league stuff, I’m a big time Halo fan, its for sure one of my top favorite franchises/games because of its rich story, unI’verse and characters etc. What you can expect from watching me is having fun, laughing, being stupid, funny rage moments, or at some points getting mad at a game because I suck. I think what people enjoy most about me is me just playing games and just really getting into it whether its me laughing or me just being completely stupid with my friends or myself. I’m always actI’vely looking at the chat when someone new shows up, I answer anything that I can when I see it, I always enjoy seeing new faces in my community. it makes me truly happy to see people and what makes me happy even more is they enjoy what I play and how I react to it. I no longer have a set schedule anymore but always expect me to stream at 3pm PST or before that when I can.

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Ello all! My name is Layrenna and I enjoy Steampunk crafting, cosplay, and being a variety gamer. I have been streaming since Nov 2018, gaining affiliate status in January 2019. Streaming for me has been a way for me to bring positivity into this world. I spent too much of my life dealing with toxicity, and so I made a choice to change the way I see the world. Being a streamer and being around other streamers has helped me to build that lifestyle in a way that I couldn’t imagine. So now I use streaming to share that love and positivity with others. I enjoy many genres of games but primarily puzzle platformers, strategy and RPGs. I am a PC gamer but will sometimes stream PS4 and Switch games. Crafting has been a great creatI’ve outlet for me from jewelry making to drawing to my newest idea of making a set of moveable Steampunk wings to go with my cosplay outfit for GenCon. Curious about me? You can follow my artwork at or on Instagram at You can also catch me on twitter @LayrennaCSW or come see me live at Outside of crafting and gaming, I teach full time, am a mother of 2 great kids (Professor Oak and LilRed, as we like to call them), have an amazing hubby, 2 old cats and 1 crazy German Shepard. So, don’t be shocked if at any random time you happen to see a furry body or hear the song of the German Shepard “people”.

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So a little about me, I’ve been playing games since I was about 10.  Mostly Call of Duty back then when it was a good game, then I started to venture off into other directions with games and got into MMOs, RPGs and Racers.  And then I realized I was an all around type of gamer if it can be played I’ve probably played it or watched game play on it. My streaming name is Nuclear_wafflez, I came up with it because I love waffles and I couldn’t figure anything to go in front of it so I just decided to go with Nuclear. I started streaming last year but didn’t have the Internet for it so I had to stop streaming for a while until I got a house with better Internet. Now I have better Internet so I can stream everyday, watching other Twitch streamers do it made me want to start streaming myself.  I love to make people laugh, so with streaming I figured I could put a smile on others faces.  One of my favorite things to do during a stream is to try and make my viewers smile and laugh and have a good time.  I am still learning my way around Twitch and I think that pretty much sums up everything about me and my streams.
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Hello my name is Sparky, and I can be found on both Twitch or YouTube where I mostly play strategy and role playing games. I started streaming in 2017, when I had to help my dad deal with cancer and lost my job at the time. Good news he is now cancer free. While you visit you are more then welcome to ask or talk about anything that is on your mind, not just about the game I am playing. I like to encourage a sense of community and I try to make the game I am playing interesting, to explain my choices in a game, and to encourage conversation about anything. I just ask you keep the conversation respectful. Games I have played include the entire Homeworld series, God of War, Total War: Warhammer 2, Stellaris, Horizon Zero Dawn and many others. I am always interested in a good story and am willing to give almost any game a shot.

I can be found on Twitch or YouTube ; I start my stream Monday and Wednesday nights and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons. A schedule of exact times can be found on my Twitch channel. Make sure to follow and turn on notifications so you don’t miss my stream. All times are according to EST.

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Hello fellow penguin people! My name is David & I have a Penguin Co-star named Pengo! Together we are Dr_Pengo. We started Streaming back in July 2019 & never looked back on this wild adventure. We are currently streaming survivor horror games & Action RPG around our busy Head Chef Job. So if you love penguins, high fives, & a super chill stream come check us out sometime! My plushy Penguin (Pengo) Gives high fives to people in chat, and people can redeem Pengo Cam, high fives, also Pengo gets wear his party hat!

In chat people can also make dress up like a Pikachu!
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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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