Twitch Streaming Tips and Who Are These Streamers Part 26

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Another week and more streaming info before we get into this weeks featured streamers.  When it comes to supporting your favorite streamers there is a lot of options, you don’t have to drop subscriptions, tips, bits to show support for your favorite streamers there are plenty of ways you can show your support and fandom when you are on a budget and simply don’t have or prefer not to spend money but still want to show appreciation and support for your entertainers who you spend time visiting and watching.  Here is a list of ways you can show your support for streamers that don’t cost you anything but the time you are already spending in the channel watching the streamer.

  • Hang out in Chat and/or Be Active in Chat

Sounds simple right, but don’t just be an unknown viewer, even if shy go ahead and say hi, or let the streamer know you are there and watching, this helps identify that you are not a bot and builds a streamer always generally appreciates knowing someone took the time to say hi and engage/interact.  There is no such thing as stupid questions, but some streamers do not like backseat gaming, so know your streamer and know if they want or don’t want feedback or assistance while gaming.  Remember that many FPS and competitive games don’t leave time for a streamer to watch the chat except during reload screens, death screens or when matches ends so don’t get frustrated if your comments aren’t seen right away.

  • Make Clips

Many streamers dont’ have time to create quick clips of engaging moments while the are in the middle of streaming and you can save time by capturing those “headshots” or achievements, funny or exciting moments by using the clip button while watching their stream.  This creates a marker on their video highlighter too so they know where the moments are that were clipped by viewers/fans and helps them narrow their edits.  Plus creates bite sized chunks of content for quick sharing, so take a few and clip those special moments on stream.

  • Host a streamer

it costs nothing to go to your own channel and do /host of your favorite streamers channel and just use it as a way to show support and a nod.  If you are also a streamer, take time to raid your favorite streamers once in a while to show your support as well.

  • Help Spread the word

Share on your own social networks when your favorite streamers are live and help retweet/share their live notifications and help call for support.

  • Become a Chat Mod

If you are a true part of the community and come back to the stream time and time again you can offer to be a moderator, though this power only gets given to those who the streamer trusts as you have the ability to ban, block and cut off others ability to comment and interact with the stream.  Helping moderate trolls, foul behavior and people harassing your streamer is a sure way to be appreciated and become part of their community as you are given a special role.

What other ways do you enjoy supporting your favorite streamers?  Share in the comments at the end of the post.

In the meantime, here are this weeks featured streamers:



Hello. Thank you for the time and consideration into asking me to fill this out. My name is Zachary Prevatte. I live in North Carolina. I’m a full time police officer, looking to make streaming and gaming a career. My stream name is LooseyGoosey32. Me and my co workers play games together and we got to talking and joking around and LooseyGoosey popped up and I was like thats really funny and would attract a lot of attention in my mind. The numbers 32 are my favorite number. Its the age my dad was when he passed away. I play a variety of games, mostly first person shooters. Such as. Apex Legends. Modern warfare. And Rainbow Six Siege. I play on PS4 and I stream on twitch. I use an elgato HD60S capture card and I use Streamlabs obs software. I started streaming 2 and a half years ago. I’ve always played games since I was a kid. And I wanted to show the world my skill and me love and passion for gaming. I’m currently still trying to get affiliate on twitch. For 2 and a half years I’ve been grinding to be a full time streamer to make my dreams come true. I stream Modern Warfare and Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege. I just bought a gaming PC so I will be expanding my game titles. I think I’m a pretty funny person. Im outgoing and I joke around and laughing I always play music on my stream and I always communicate with my viewers. Weather it be them asking about my setup or just talking in general. I engage in my viewers as much as possible. I don’t have a set schedule right now because of my full time job. I work rotating shifts and hours. I stream when I can. On my long weeks I stream Wednesday and Thursday. And on my short week I stream Monday and tuesday and on the weekends when I can. That would obviously change to more days if streaming became my full time career. Thank you again for the opportunity and I hope I’ve answered everyone’s question.

You can find LooseyGoosey32 also at:

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I’m a Scottish streamer, who likes to use her stream as a coping mechanism for mental health.
I focus primarily on JRPG and competitive MOBA games, but I also sing and play guitar, do cosplays and makeup streams and sometimes even cook.
I want to eventually be able to create a platform where I can use it to speak out on issues I am passionate about, to help raise awareness and create a space where other people feel safe to share their stories. (LGBT, BLM, DV situations etc)
I also just enjoy making people happy, and it makes me smile.
Oh, and I swear a heck of a lot. A LOT.
I don’t have a schedule as I suffer from crohns disease and that tends to fuck with any schedule I make. But I do try and push as many hours as possible, and during lockdown, I’ve streamed every single day since the 19th of March till present day without missing a single day.

You can find Ttv_kiri also at:

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AsteroideaHello everyone!
My name is Aster and I stream World of Warcraft (WoW) on TwitchTV!
My stream journey on Twitch all started with some sister shenanigans and the rest is history!
Its funny how one day of clicking the live button and acting like goof balls could lead to all the amazing friends I have made within the gaming community.

Similar to how I obtained the name Asteroidea in the 1st place!
I was taking a Zoology class in high school and at the time we were studying star fish. My priest within WoW ended up being named after the scientific classification of star fish. Being that I was a guild master for over three years, everyone called me Aster. Well… I guess I am forever a star fish and I’m okay with that!

During my time on Twitch I have been able to attend conventions, play my favorite game, and hangout with the most amazing people!

Some of my highlights on this journey have been:
Winning the BroadcastHER grant, being featured on the Twitch homepage for StreamTheHalls charity event, being featured on the TVs at Reload Gaming Bar in Australia, being featured on the TVs at Uncles Gaming shop in Washington state, being featured on the TVs at The Nerd bar in Las Vegas, and conducting TwitchCon 2019 interviews for TheConCollectve.

It has been an amazing ride!

On stream you can catch epic bit party songs, “For the Horde” scenes, and a real life Blood Elf!
Within the Twitch panels you can find my most current stream schedule.
As of now, I have been streaming nightly at 8:30 pm PST.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me! I look forward to seeing you soon!
Al diel shala [Safe travels in Thalassian].

You can find Asteroidea also at:  Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Discord and TikTok

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Red prosperine

Hey guys, my name is Trisha, also known as Red Prosperine! I’m 21 years old and a mom to an amazing 2 year old little boy. I’m new to streaming but I already feel like this is what I want to do! My fiance, who is also a new streamer, (crshadows), gave me the idea to become one! I’m a loving care free person who genuinely loves to talk. I play games like dead by daylight and black ops 4! As I grow through streaming, I’m hoping to better my entertainment and to better how my streams will be held. Everyone starts somewhere and I’m grateful for that opportunity to begin something new.

My son is a huge influence on why I’m doing this. He enjoys watching us game and genuinely laughs at certain game plays. I want his world to be full of play and happiness and to make sure he knows dreams can come true.
My goal in the future for my streaming channel is to entertain my followers/viewers. At one point in the future I would love to have this as a full time job and hobby! I want to be happy and gaming makes me happy. I love the excitement and the anxiety with certain horror games like dead by daylight. I know as a girl it can be difficult to be in the gaming business but I want to make a breakthrough and inspire other women to do what makes them happy! I would love for new people to check my channel out and stop by just to say hi. I have so much appreciation for streamers and the hard work and effort they put in for their viewers. I aspire to be that one day. Thank you for allowing me to spread my love for gaming and I hope to see you guys on my channel soon!

You can find Red prosperine also at: Mixer and Instagram



Hello Everyone, Alsalamu Alykum Which means hello too but in Arabic.
I’m Maged and I am Egyptian and I also live in Egypt. I started streaming 9 months ago and am not an expert yet but I’m still learning my Facebook page.  I just reached 630 followers and that’s really awesome I’m really happy that I see that I am making progress.

All my streams comes in 2 languages Arabic and English as I speak both of them in my stream and I always make sure to reply to each comment as soon as possible.
I’m looking forward to making streaming as my full time job because I really really like gaming and I prefer doing it more than anything and right now I’m working customer care so you can say if there is any problem you got with your PC or Stream I can help you as long as I know the solution and if I don’t I would search it for you till it works.

Why am I streaming? Well despite the fact I wanna earn and improve my living I wanna make new friends, meet new people and build a community that helps each other and loves each other. I’m into all kind of games new, old, online and offline The most important thing is to enjoy and having fun

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.