Sharing and Sending Audible Audiobooks and Why I Love Audible

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

First let me tell you that I became hooked on audiobooks since 1996 when I used to listen to audiobooks on cassette tape and later CD’s while working as a touch typist and data entry operator for entry level jobs.  Audiobooks was what I listened do when I did part time house cleaning and landscaping to earn money to pay the rent when I was a teenager and to me listening to audiobooks was just as good as getting immersed in a story as watching a movie or reading a book.    Audiobooks also give me the ability and freedom to do other stuff while consuming content, I work out at the gym (back when gyms were open) and sometimes listen to audiobooks while on a treadmill or elliptical and it makes the time pass better for me than listening to music all the time as well. Audible which is owned by Amazon has been a service I have subscribed to for years now as my primary way of consuming new audiobook content because audiobooks are expensive when you buy them individually and libraries can have more limited selections.


But Amazon now offers a done of exclusive Amazon Original audiobook content and reads that you just can’t find elsewhere which make it even more compelling if you are a lover of book via audio.  Audible also has several more features which I really love including syncing your audiobook across multiple listening devices, allowing you to use your credits to gift audio books to others if you say don’t listen to your audiobooks that month or don’t purchase new ones for a bit cause you have a dry spell.  Audible also lets you share your audiobook so others can listen to it since you already purchased it too, which is another great feature.  Often I will listen to a great Fantasy Audiobook and encourage my kids to listen like The Witcher series novels and share it with them so they can enjoy it themselves.

How to To Send Book on Audible

  • Just go into your book on Audible
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right

  • Click Send this Book
  • and enter the email

Any new person gets 1 credit and can generally listen to that audiobook without cost if they sign up for Audible when receiving the recommendation, but only USA eligible and only first time audible sign ups as this is a method of giving an audiobook away to encourage people to try and sign up for Audible.

But for your family you can integrate them with your Amazon Household and you can share your audible audiobooks with them period, this allows me to give access to all my audible content to my teenagers.  This is done through Amazon Family Sharing where you can manage family members and devices/content and share your audible content just like the rest of your Amazon content with your family.

You can create collections on Audible and group all your books together by series or category of books too.



When you sign up for Audible you get 1 credit per month, this is an audiobook that you own not rent and you get to keep it even if you stop paying the audible subscription or your trial ends.  You own your audible audiobooks (at least digitally) which is one reason I prefer it to other services where you only borrow and never own the content.  The other thing is, you get 2 additional credits for Amazon exclusive audiobooks as a way to encourage you to check out their exclusive content, this means you really get 3 full audiobooks per month for your $15 per month subscription ($14.99 per month) or less if you prepay a full year.

You can also gift audible subscriptions in blocks too, and if you need more content you can buy 3 credits for less than $12 per audiobook which is about 1/2 the price of a full priced audiobook too!

Gifting Audiobooks With Audible

Sometimes I have a lull for a few months where I am not driving and the gyms are closed, so I am not consuming as much audible content.  Well you can just use and order books for yourself for later, or you can use your audible credits to buy audiobooks as gifts for other people.  You can go into any audiobook and Give as a gift which allows you to gift that audiobook to someone else and just spend one of your monthly credits.

I have been huge fan of Audible for many years, and continue to be a subscriber of the service.  Of course an audiobook is only as good as it’s narrator right? Sometimes a great book just isn’t narrated well, and if you are unhappy with your audiobook whether because of narration or th3e content itself Audible will refund you your credit so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake or being stuck unhappy feeling like you wasted your credit on a book you didn’t like.   They even say you have up to 365 days to refund the audiobook if you are unhappy with it, what other program lets you have a full year to decide if you are unhappy with something and return it for a refund?

I don’t have downtime to read anymore, I used to read and consume novels like crazy, but now with me being busy and always on the move, audible is my way to consume content.  I know that podcasts are all the rave right now and many people love podcasts, but for me I prefer to listen to an audio story rather than a talk show and Audible is my source for that.  I also have several Fire tablet devices in my house and they are all on the same Amazon Household plan so having audible content for the kids to listen to at night is awesome too.

Want me to send you a book from my library so you can check out Audible for yourself?  I can send you an Expanse or Witcher book if you want as a recommend, just let me know.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.