5 Good Things Twitch Streamers are Doing During COVID Lockdowns

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Streaming your favorite games and having millions of followers for watching live, it’s fascinating and pleasurable for someone Like a daydream comes true. Live chats, voice supports, and direct competition adds more sausage on the hotdog.

But it is helping people with streaming when the world is in big trouble. An effect of technology on the heart n this uncertain time of COVID-19, Twitch streams are doing some great job that talks about the real use of technology. And that creates a strong bonding between technology and human relations. They are helping the government and its citizens in various ways.

I had searched for some great good things that popular Twitch streamers are doing right now for the society and the world, From them the main five things I had listed below,


  • Exposing coronavirus scams


I had heard this line from someone that” if your work is real, then you do not have to worry about money. It will find its approach to you.”I feel like it is the immense line, but not for all. In this breath-stopping moment where life is at the end of the rope, Still, Some crazy people are trying to use these outbreaking problems as an opportunity for building money.

A story of a woman who was trying to sell her homemade medicine is claiming that she can cure COVID-19. And the fact is she knows that there is no correlation between her dose and viruses. Still, she was trying to throw dust in needy people’s eyes by selling her unwanted product.

This incident caught by a twitch streamer named “Kiboga,” who, after putting this fake medicine on its streaming channel, and went viral.WHO says that there is no medicine or vaccine still made that can cure the COVID-19.


  • Raising funds for COVID-19


Everyone has a heart, and in that, there is a place named humanity. The site who wants to help others, Supports others. But the problem is awakening that. It needed an emotional touch and an emotional connection.

Twitch streams are conveying their followers regarding donations for COVID-19. They are explaining the issues, The problems that society or you say the whole world is facing right now. Thus they can build emotional bonding with their subscribers, helping him as well as the entire world to fight against the COVID-19.

These funds are not that significant that it can feed all the Hungary stomach but adding some numbers to the government funds. That is further used for providing basic needs such as medicine, necessary equipment, and the feed for daily workers and patients.


  • Sharing data


We all know that social media and news channels are the fastest way of sharing data. Still, what about I say that your favorite actor, Gamer, or Musician is giving you the necessary information that will help you to protect yourself from the problems.Then it would be the fastest way of implementing that information in daily life and protecting the body from these hazardous issues.

Twitch streamers are regularly providing the necessary information to their viewers in their stream. They are adding pdf about the safety of COVID-19 on live chat that is provided by WHO (world health organization).

They are discussing the issues that humans are underestimating about the COVID-19. The problems that young age guys are thinking that they will not get affected by COVID-19 because they have a robust immune system and Breaking the lockdown and taking it as summer vacation. They are gathering for playing and spending time on beaches.

The issues of the dump mindset that some are replying as there is more poverty in this world where people are dying due to hunger. The government has to focus on feeding and developing the nation rather than spending money on curing and preserving people from a regular virus.

It all is the example of failure and dumped mind.

Twitch streams are trying to catch the innovative ideas from their viewers regarding solving the issues that humans are facing these days. They are discussing critical points that are directly affecting the human. They are even building a community of people who are nearby and want to help those who are suffering from huge problems.


  • Entertaining


It was telling you the story of a prisoner named James Thomas, who was in the darkroom of the cell. His crime was the murder of a businessman. Regularly a typical type of sound came from his cell like a scratching something. But the cell in-charge does not take it to be that much dangerous because he knows the wall made of concrete and nothing is going to happen. But after one month, he decided to look into his cell and see what Thomas is doing with those walls.

When he torched at the right corner of the wall, he found that there was something written deep into the wall, and that was, “I do not want to be alone.”It was new and heartening for the cell in-charge. He put Thomas from dark cells to normal ones because he was afraid of loneliness.

Critical would be the situation for us when the government would ban internet services. But it was never going to have happened. Thus Twitch streamers are there to entertain by streaming games, including adventure, role-playing, clan war, and download Twitch clips to know much more.

They are gathering an enormous amount of people on a single platform and entertaining them all at a single fraction of time. They are building a happy atmosphere which helps people to come out of their stress and enjoy themselves.


  • Teaching


A school teacher asks one of the students what you are doing nowadays. He expressly replied that Sir, indeed, if I say, then I am streaming my favorite game on my laptop. This line created a spark in the brain of the teacher that what my students are enjoying no, it should not be. He then put the notice in the school group that from now, we will study on live classes that will stream on TWITCH.

It is not a funny story for those guys whose teacher is taking live classes. But for us, it’s a funny one. These days everything is dropping down from its actual potential due to COVID-19, and that’s not a joke for the government because if it stays like that for longer, then an economic crisis will take place, and everything pulled back 10 to 20 years.

In this crisis, streamers are helping a lot. I talk about the teachers, and they are also helping a lot. Students not liking that much, but because they are assuming these shutdowns as holidays and want to enjoy themself, but they are not aware of their education. If they not study, then they directly affect the economic and world growth and cause a lot of problems in future inventions; thus, the study is essential. Teachers are pushing there limit best for teaching their students on live streaming and by other sources.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.