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Which Apps Can Make Me More Productive?

From the thousands of apps available, you might be wondering how to select apps that would help you get through the day, still feeling refreshed and productive, and probably ready to dive into the movies at the end of the day, your favorite book, or hang out with friends at the club, signaling a successful [...]

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5 Important Ways that you can Optimize your Business Website for Lead Generation

Everyone that owns a website will wish to have more visitors. Whether you are a business owner, Agency owner, CEO, or marketing professional, your business is powered by leads. Most business encounters the challenge of finding the leads that they require to grow their business. By following the guidelines mentioned below, you will be able [...]

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Tech Makes Driverless Cars Safer, But Will It Also Make Them Too Expensive?

LiDAR (Light imaging, Detection And Ranging) sensors are seen by most as an essential component of self-driving cars. These sensors use multiple lasers to bounce light off nearby objects, creating highly accurate 3D maps of the immediate environment. This is done in a similar way to that of a radar system. The technology enables the [...]

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How Your SEO Efforts Can Benefit From Call Tracking

One thing that has become a trend in the marketing industry nowadays is call tracking. It’s a valuable marketing tool that any business needs because it permits you to follow the source of phone calls for clients, customers, and leads. In most cases, companies can rely on the benefits brought about by call tracking. To [...]

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10 Wireless Doorbells that Modern Houses Need

Modern houses need advanced installations. You cannot simply stick to traditional installations and this is especially true with the door bell. We came out of the Technological Dark Age, which means that gone are the days when you would knock on a door until your knuckles become sore because the homeowner cannot hear you or [...]

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HyperX Releases Gun Metal Revolver Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Revolvers has a wider audio range that creates depth and width for improved audio precision. Get the competitive edge by hearing your opponents' location more accurately, even when they're further away. Re-engineered audio profiles create a larger sound stage that's ideal for FPS and open environment gameplay and for a concert hall-like experience…

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Telegram vs Snapchat and their features

The public is now getting used to appearance of new social media platforms. Many applications are downloaded, used for a month or two and then forgotten soon. However, some of them like Twitter and Facebook have made a place in our hearts. Applications like these have been catering to our most basic need: communication. Social [...]

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The Successful Secret of Using Google AdWords

The secret behind the most successful companies that use online platform to advertise their products is now evident to many, the secret can only be shared as we go on but to cut this short we all know what is AdWords, but if not Google AdWords it is Google’s own advertising service which enables you [...]

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Instagram Automation: Should you use Instagram bots?

Building engaged followers on Instagram isn’t just easy as it used to be. However, as the trend in technology continues to grow and introduces new advances every minute, automation tools could be a one way to go. One of these automation tools is Instagram bots like rapidbot– should you use it to grow your likes [...]

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Say “No” to Cheap Programs: You Need Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives

Needless to say that it's a rare case when you find some cool cheap program on the Internet. We have a few Adobe Illustrator alternatives here for you. No Need to Buy Cheap Programs: Free Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for You How do I put this? You know, there are those situations when you have absolutely [...]

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Bad Backlinks Can Be Detrimental to Your Business Website, and You Must Block Them

A lot of business owners, in their urgency, can often resort to using various backlinks from untrusted sources in their posts and their business websites. They think that the quantity of the links they have is more important than the quality of these links. Well, you cannot be more misguided. While backlinks are essential to [...]

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The Effect of Technology on Students

The Samsung Galaxy S9 debuts on the technology platforms worldwide, and we look at how it's arrival is going to cause ripples in the technological horizon. Advancement in technology has led to the acceleration of pace in different industries i.e. manufacturing, retail, communications, transportation etc. The domino effect reflects a trickling down to individual personal [...]

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A Guide to Shopping for a Radar Detector 

If you think the battle against surprise police speed traps is won once you have decided to get yourself a radar detector, then think again. Choosing the right detector will be your next big challenge. Modern drivers might have at their disposal more options as they shop for these gadgets, but that also translates into [...]

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What is Project Linda?

Project Linda is the Frankenstein’s monster of mobile devices. It may look as an average laptop, but when combined with Razer Phone, Project Linda becomes a powerful Android-powered laptop, where the phone is serving as a processor, provides the brain and the operating system. No Intel or AMD, just powerful Razer Phone for playing cool [...]

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An Expert Guide: Mastering Social Media Marketing Skills

Social media is still a fun way to pass the time during daily commutes and between chores. College students and professionals enjoy spending time on social media alike, thanks to its multi-faceted nature. Be it checking out home decor ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, or making weekend plans with friends over Facebook. We love being [...]

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How to Setup a WordPress Blog and Must Have Plugins

Make Your New WordPress Site Stand Out with These Must-Have Plugins WordPress is truly a game-changer for companies, organizations, individuals and other entities looking to create their own websites. Thanks to its unique content-management system, users have access to a huge range of themes, widgets and plugins that allow you to create virtually any type [...]

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Modern Teaching – Using Blogs In The Classroom

The classrooms of today are much different than the classes of our parents days. The law says that all children are to have equal educational opportunities. Teachers know that all children do not learn in the same way or at the same level. Some students find reading and writing easy. Others find them a challenge. [...]

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