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Top 10 Golf Video Games

Golf simulators are an excellent way to work on your golfing skills and improve your overall game, but sometimes you want to be able to have a little bit of fun without the effort. We asked the team at Golf Simulator Buddy what their top 10 golf video games were. Here’s what they said. Tiger [...]

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How to Prepare a Game for Localization

Games are meant to be enjoyed. Developers, especially Indie developers, will often create the game in their native language and forget one important thing: others will want to play the game, too. If you want to reach a wide audience, you need to consider localization. What is Game Localization? Games have files that, when organized [...]

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5 Things To Consider Before Buying An Alarm Wrist Watch

A vibrating alarm wrist watch, also referred to as an alarm watch only, is usually used by people who have impaired hearing or have to wake up early, without disturbing their partner. These watches are not confined till the aim of waking you up; they come with different features will allow you to be productive [...]

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Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Esports

Although esports has been with us for less than two decades, the competitive gaming phenomenon has shown that it is continually changing in a variety of ways. For a long time, it was classic battle arena games like League of Legends and first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive that ruled the roost. But it [...]

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The top 5 video players on the market in 2020

Let’s be honest and say that even with the built-in video players that come with PCs and Macs it doesn’t excel in meeting the demands of the viewing public. Default programs aren’t bad but they aren’t always user friendly and have limitations and restrictions in features that allow users to be able to achieve the [...]

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This File Appears To Use A New Format That This Version of Acrobat Does Not Support

PDF files are very popular due to their compatibility, and there are many users around the world who work with PDF files on a daily basis. Whether they are personal users, students, or enterprise users, PDF documents are used in every sector. Some key features of the PDF files are The files can be encrypted [...]

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Ever wondered why when you have even the best of the internet data packages its strength and signal quality somewhat deteriorates in your home.? When you’re busy watching your favorite Avengers movie or playing COD in a high pursuit battle with the enemy and the signal suddenly drops. Damn an awful feeling, instead right? The [...]

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3 New Games We’ll (Hopefully) Play This Year

If there is something we can say about this year is that “it doesn’t go as planned”. This year, we’ve seen the E3 - perhaps the biggest gaming and digital entertainment event of the year - no longer take place, and Computex Taipei, originally scheduled for June, rescheduled for September. Games, movies, and TV series [...]

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How Long-form Content Can Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

Customers are looking for reassurance from your brand and when they visit your website they are seeking valid and authentic information to help solve a problem they face or a need to be satisfied. It is here that long-form content can interest your customers because you have more opportunity to address their concerns and suggest [...]

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6 Movies with Asian Lead Actors

Many upcoming actors and actresses look forward to the time they join Hollywood and become international stars. Unfortunately, getting into Hollywood isn’t that easy, which is why there aren’t numerous Asians on the screens. Thankfully, over time we have experienced a sharp increase of Asian actors in American movies. That is why Asian entertainment websites [...]

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Most Useful Recognition Apps Today

With the advent of biometric, face recognition apps, and other technologies, the digital world has witnessed a tremendous improvement in recognition technology. Today, your computer or phone can use the assistance of different programs to recognize human motion, speech, audio, and visual cues.  You’ve probably heard about the efforts of speech recognition programs like Dragon [...]

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