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Find Ben 10 Games Online

Ben Tennyson is a brave youngster who takes you on a quest to defeat space pirates, formidable robots and dangerous villains. Here, at skywardgames.com, we feature a complete collection of Ben 10 games. All games are educational, completely safe and with no prior installation or donation required. Enjoy! Ben was your typical ten-year-old until, one [...]

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The Best Casino Android/iOS Games Coming in 2019

The online casino business enjoys clients in the millions from all across the globe, and this number has been growing steadily since its establishment in 1994. The rising number leads to a demand for new products, which necessitates the release of new games from time to time, some of which can be explored in Arabian [...]

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Is iKeyMonitor the Best Android Spy App to Protect Children Online?

Children nowadays are more tech-savvy than their parents. With smartphones in hand, they can access games, social networks, various videos, which may also bring about some health problems for young children. To protect children’s safety, parents may need to try some tool to track what children are doing online. How Can iKeyMonitor Help Its Users? [...]

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The Next Level AR and VR Implications Beyond Gaming UX

‘Technology,’ a common word showcases different evolutions daily, expanding its boundaries at an exponential pace. The good news for us is every day it can do something new, so the limit to what’s possible does not exist. Image Source pixabay.com Presently, we all know the benefits of VR and AR, allowing people to work through [...]

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Online Gambling: What are the Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies?

More and more online casinos embrace the use of cryptocurrencies on their platforms. As they present various benefits, they also have their share of drawbacks. Focus on the use of cryptocurrencies in online gambling. Online casinos embrace cryptocurrencies From year to year, online casinos innovate to offer gamblers a better gambling experience, including safer and [...]

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7 Video Games Like NHL 18 For PC and PS4

If you live and breathe hockey, you wouldn’t want to stop even if you are not on the ice. When you’re die hard hockey fans like the team at Hockey Pursuits, you want to be as involved with the NHL, even if it is not hockey season. How to immerse yourself in the hockey world [...]

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First Year of Fortnite

Most recently, Epic Game developer celebrated their one year anniversary by launching Fortnite, a multiplayer survival game that has apparently taken the world by storm. This brought about the introduction of new features to the Battle Royale game. Some of these new features include hidden birthday cakes that challengers must unlock by finding them on [...]

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Fixing Data Failures in Windows without Losing Important Files

Despite being one of the most popular computer operating systems, Microsoft Windows is prone to system errors and cyber attacks. In fact, the latest Windows 10 update brought about an unwelcome revelation for many of its users - it deleted a whole host of their files. It became such a massive ordeal that Microsoft resorted [...]

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Wearable Pet Tech: 5 Small Pet Devices That Make a Big Difference

Image Credit: Pexels.com   Every pet parent wants to see their fur babies happy, healthy, and safe. That’s why they take care to choose the best food, toys, and items for their animal companions and schedule vet visits regularly.  But no matter how meticulous you are, accidents and unforeseen circumstances can happen. As such, [...]

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Xiaomi Mi 9: The Very First Smartphone to Use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 SoC

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which is a recently launched smartphone, is absolutely a groundbreaking device since it’s the first phone that features 10 gigabytes of RAM. Either way, according to Xiaomi, they will bring lots of innovations to their upcoming flagship phones.  Expected in 2019, the flagship from Xiaomi which will be the Xiaomi [...]

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Sneak into any Smartphone Remotely: Xnspy Spying app Review

Mobile monitoring, in other words, spying has become increasingly popular now. Because of that, lots of vendors are selling spying apps with different features. One of these apps is Xnspy. It has become a market leader with over 100,000 active paid users worldwide. Spying on another phone was extremely difficult but Xnspy has made it [...]

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Travel Gadgets You Shouldn’t Live Without On Vacation

Travelling can be a nightmare if you are unprepared. In this age of connectivity and constant communication, we expect to be able to access information and get in touch with other people in seconds and that technological need does not go away when you go on vacation. Travel smart with these gadgets you shouldn't live [...]

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The 6 Best Tech Subscription Boxes of 2018

Calling all technology lovers! We’ve all noticed a trend in the past few years that there has been a substantial increase in the number of monthly subscription boxes. Receiving the box every month is like giving a gift to yourself, but even better than online shopping because you never know exactly you’re going to receive! [...]

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Top 5 Games For Your PC In VR

Virtual reality is an innovative technology which completely changed the gameplay and gaming experience. All you need to teleport in another reality is a VR headset and controllers. Here are top 5 games on PC in VR you will definitely enjoy to play. Amazing Frog? Amazing Frog is an amazing open world VR game compatible [...]

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How Does a GPS Tracking System Work in Mobile Phones?

We all benefit from mobile GPS tracking technology. Today there’s no need to pull out a map book or guide when you’re on the way to an appointment. All you need to do to reach your destination successfully is use a tracking app. Open Google Maps or your third-party tracking mobile handy app and enter [...]

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