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Just How Good is the iPhone 11 for Gaming?

There were all the usual fanfares when Apple unveiled the latest in the iPhone range in a spectacular event held at the Steve Jobs Theater in September. Anticipation was high to see if the tech giants could possibly improve on the insanely popular tenth-anniversary edition of the phone, the iPhone XR. The launch was of [...]

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Get to Know OLED technology

Back in the days of the old arc, when televisions looked like boxes full of surprises, TVs were essentially built on the same technology: CRT. These were rudimentary times, when much was still analog, but it was certainly an important step to get to where we are today. It was not until the turn of [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

To say that "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" is one of the must-see movie events of the year is an understatement of epic proportions. It has been two years since the last film and audiences and die-hard fans couldn't be more excited to see what the latest installment has in store for everyone. But [...]

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Instagram – new phishing attack bait

Instagram is one of the major social media channels out there. On an everyday basis, you will come across a variety of developments. However, you also need to beware of the potential hazards on this social media channel. Recently, the active users on this social media channels are being targeted by a new phishing campaign. [...]

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What Were The Best Smartphones Of IFA 2019?

Gadget geeks and smartphone fanatics are always engaging in debates about technological devices of some sort. This makes sense when you consider that new models come out every few months, so there’s always something to talk about. IFA presents a unique opportunity to explore the latest developments in mobile phones and gadgets, and below we’re [...]

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What Gaming Trends to Watch Over the Next Few Years

The video game industry is something that is pretty huge. It has also changed quite drastically over the past decade or so, but according to reports, it is set to change even more over the next decade. It can seem like we have reached the high with something, but really, there is more and more [...]

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Top 5 Gadgets for Pet Training

Any person who had or has a pet knows that a home pet is always a hurricane of emotions, energy, fun, and love. Cats and especially dogs are very direct in the manifestation of their emotions. They react explosively to everything, and sometimes such excessive behavior can harm themselves and other living beings or things. [...]

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How to Download Twitter Videos for Free?

Videos and GIFs are in a surge in Twitter. You might feel like sharing it with your friends and family for fun but unfortunately, the official Twitter does not have a video download option. However, this increase in interest for downloading Twitter videos for free resulted in the birth of many third-party tools allowing you [...]

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4 Keys to Waterproofing Electronic Enclosures

Many electronic items require waterproofing, from smart speakers for swimming pools to drones that need protection from the elements. Effectively protecting electronics equipment from moisture depends heavily on the design of a product’s waterproofing enclosure. Here are four keys to designing an electronics enclosure so that it stays waterproof under wet conditions. 1. Use IP [...]

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Stakelogic Enters the Ancient Egypt Fray with Valley of Secrets 

There’s something about Ancient Egypt that makes it a firm favorite among both developers and players in the slots gaming world. Whether it’s the strong links with symbolism, the distinctive imagery or the association with fabulous riches is open to debate. But games like Book of Dead, Eye of Horus and Cleopatra are among the [...]

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Roborock S6 Vs Roborock S5: Performance And Hardware Updates

Roborock is known for its technological advancements to home vacuum cleaners and navigation precision. However, the brand keeps on bringing such evolutionary changes in its new versions of home vacuum cleaners that they are worth comparing to figure out which one is for you. In this article, we are going to differentiate Roborock S5 with [...]

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How To “Get Good” At Gaming

For those of us who love gaming, “getting good” is pretty important. There is nothing worse than settling down with a good game of DOTA2 or a first person shooter, and being taken out in the first four seconds with the accompanying cry of “N00b”! How To “Get Good” At Gaming So how do you [...]

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Developer 101 How to Earn Money From Android Apps

If you’re developing an app, you know that the key to sustainability is cash flow. Earning money from Android apps can be easy if you put a bit of effort into coding and marketing. For instance, developers can offer an app for free and monetize it using ads. You can leverage the freemium model or [...]

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Broadband Technology in 2020 – What Can We Expect?

Internet access is slowly becoming a necessity to modern life. Some countries are considering measures to label high-speed internet access as a human right, simply because of how important it’s become to everyday life. With the internet becoming more and more necessary, we can expect to see infrastructure updates and advances scale up steadily. 2020 [...]

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You Can Now Play Your Favourite PlayStation 4 Games On Your Linux Desktop

Those who have a PS4 and their desire is to play from the GNU / Linux desktop, you have to know that it can be done thanks to the Chiaki software. This is possible thanks to the function called Remote Play that includes the device of the Japanese firm. Until now, Remote Play has allowed [...]

2019-10-02T07:59:23-07:00October 2nd, 2019|Categories: Gaming, Technology|Tags: , , , , |
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