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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Move into Online Casinos

Software developers are always keen to take advantage of new advances and of course once something proves popular with the general public it makes good business sense to incorporate it if you can. NetEnt is one of the largest software houses in the world of online casinos and as www.potsofgold.com explains they are leading the [...]

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6 Advantages Of Continuous Light In Photography  

For many years now, the digital age has reached the world of photography and revolutionized it to such an extent that nowadays, thanks to advances in technology, more and more spectacular photographs are obtained. The main working tool of the photographer is above all light. When it comes to artificial light, there are two schools: [...]

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What To Consider In Choosing The Right Programming Language For Your Game Development

It’s safe to say that most millennials grew up playing video games, and lots even dreamt about the day they could create and develop their own games. One of the most crippling choices, when one is getting interested in this field of work, would be the language that should be used. While most people think [...]

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Some Unbelievable Developments in Gaming Technology

This is the age of modern technology and internet networking. Casino games have also come across a long way since the time they had first hit the mainstream. Now there are several online casinos ruling the Internet market and they have also gained much more popularity than real land casinos. Some amazing technological advancements have [...]

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What are the Best Mobile VR Headsets?

The world of technology is increasingly advancing with every tick of the clock. Today, for instance, more than a third of the world’s population owns or uses smartphones according to reliable statistics. But it doesn’t stop there. Today, there are dozens of tech gadgets and tools that look as if they’re from the future in [...]

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Some Technology Trends that Have Enhanced the Online Market

In 2012, the mobile gaming market had witnessed an amazing increase with 75% growth. In 2014, the mobile betting market itself experienced double revenue gains. In 2017, the online gambling industry held a value of overwhelming $100 billion. The growing mobile apps have grabbed the main focus of gamers as they’re easy to avail in [...]

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How to Build Reliable Mobile Apps

A mobile app is an important element that you can use to complement your digital marketing efforts. To leverage this significant tool, you need to develop a reliable app that fulfills its objectives. To create good mobile apps, you need to have a concrete plan. We have come up with a plan that has proven [...]

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Understanding the Effect of HTML5 Technology on Gaming

Since the official adoption of HTML5 technology in the fall of 2014, HTML5 technology has been revolutionizing software development for online and mobile gaming. Historically, browser-based and mobile gaming was powered by rich internet technologies like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. However, once the late Steve Jobs denounced that HTML5 technology would be the death [...]

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How To Use Kodi To Organize Watchlist

With the advent of streaming television there’s dozens of different companies all offering a way to bring on-demand TV into your living room at the touch of a button. One of these new services is none other than Kodi. The way the program works is essentially by serving as an entire operating system for your [...]

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Are You A Geek? Here’s Some Career Advice For 2019

Being a geek doesn't mean you need to struggle to find a career or suffer in one you don't want. Here's some solid career advice for geeks going into 2019. Learn To Code Image credit: pexels Many geeks are interested in computer-centric careers. This includes software development, network architecture, cloud computing, cybersecurity, programming [...]

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Top 3 Mobile Board Games for Three Players

Remember playing board games in childhood and spending hours playing monopoly, carom, Ludo etc. We find ourselves lost now finding no chance to reunite with the friends and get a chance to play those board games again. Fortunately we’ve got lucky enough to experience the latest technology and now our childhood games have been revived. [...]

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Self-Driving Ships Coming in 2025: Ship Intelligence Brought To Reality

Source: Rolls-Royce Yes, Technology is the reason! If you see smart wearables, there’s IoT behind it. If you see self-driving cars, it’s Artificial Intelligence making it possible. If you hear about emotion-recognition, its deep learning analyzing your neural networks. So why not thank the ever-growing technology that made the world digital in all respects and [...]

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10 Mobile-Friendly WordPress Web Designs That You Need to Know

Honestly speaking, ensuring that your website is mobile friendly has never been more important than it is in this evolving age of information. The truth is, for the first ever since the dawn of the World Wide Web, internet traffic from mobile devices has significantly surpassed that from personal computers. And this can only imply [...]

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7 Best Offline Racing Games For Android

If you are a true gamer then it is evident that you fathom an adrenaline rush while playing video games. Don’t you? When it comes to online games then internet connectivity plays a very crucial role. Howbeit, it turns out to be an obstacle for the players too. If the internet connection is poor then [...]

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Cheapest Budget Gaming Graphics Cards Worth Getting

Thе latest аnd grеаtеѕt gаmеѕ аrе dеmаndіng both to уоur pocket аnd уоur ѕуѕtеm. Aѕ games requirements increase іt іѕ difficult fоr рlауеrѕ оn a budgеt tо kеер uр tо dаtе. Hоwеvеr, budgеt gaming GPUѕ dо nоt have to force уоu tо a low-resolution, blurrу ріxеl раѕt. Fаr frоm іt, асtuаllу. It hаѕ bееn a [...]

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5 of the Best TV Shows to Binge-Stream in 2019

It is often said that we are living in the golden age of television. Having broken the traditional conventions of scheduled television, it seems that anything goes. Entire series released on a single day, standalone miniseries and budgets to rival Hollywood’s most extravagant films have made sure that there is something for everyone. When most [...]

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3 Gambling Moments In Film That Are Totally Unrealistic

Credit: Wikimedia Whether it’s a 1/158,000,000 scenario or betting in a way that wouldn’t happen in real life, gambling moments in film are frequently inaccurate. Below I’ve explained how gambling scenes from three great films are totally unrealistic. Recommended reading: Five Greatest Casino Movies of All Time Casino Royale: The crazy odds all [...]

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