Solar Powered Equipment that requires no Panels

Today, most people prefer solar panels to save their electricity bills. Solar energy is being consumed in many buildings as well as for running many devices. Solar with no panels means you do not have to install panels to get solar energy. You can get solar energy to enlighten your house from a solar farm that will transmit energy to the local grid to your home and bills will be added to your utility bills. Some people are on a low budget, that’s you do not need to install solar panels. Some roofs are not constructed in a way that we can install the panels. The people living on rent may also not install the panels to get the solar energy.

Here are some ways through which you can get solar power without installing the panels:

Use of Solar Power Adapter

You can use solar power adapters to get solar energy without installing panels. The adapter can be used for measuring the average use of energy in a day and purchases energy from the solar farm. A smart outlet adapter is used by it that helps in measuring the energy you have taken from your wall outlet. This method is considered the easiest and cheapest method to get solar energy without the need of installing panels.

Solar Sharing

Solar with no panels allows you to get solar energy by sharing methods. You can get the solar connection from your neighbors who own a solar farm. You can also own a solar farm if you can afford it and can provide the connection to others who can not install panels in their house.

Solar sharing can also be done when a group of people invests money in making a solar farm. All of them can get electricity without installing panels in their houses. You can sell electricity in this way and can earn money.  

Solar-Powered Bike

The solar-powered bike is also an example of solar without panels. You do not need to install a panel to run this bike. You need to install a battery with the solar-powered bike to charge it when it is standing still. The solar cells play a vital role in providing energy to the bike’s motor when it is moving.

Some solar-powered bikes do not need pedaling to move because they run on solar power and move on the energy which has been absorbed in them. You can drive the solar-powered bikes when they are fully charged and the energy has been stored in their battery. You can also use this stored energy to charge your smart devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Solar Lights

Solar lights have been designed in such a way that you do not need to install the panel in your house. You do not need to connect these lights with the solar panels as these are chargeable lights. It is common in many developing countries. The people who cannot afford solar panels or the areas where electricity does not reach use the solar lights to illuminate their houses. You can charge these lights in the daylight and use them at night.

Role of Community Solar

Community Solar plays a vital role in providing you with all the possible environmental benefits regarding solar so that your energy bill could be reduced. It also helps in saving the cost by reducing the need of installing solar panels. Community solar helps you in getting solar energy from the solar farm.

Solar Powered Backpacks

The solar-powered backpack is a technological advancement that has been done to solar devices and reduction of the need for panels. The panels of very small size have been installed on the front of this bag which is exposed to the sun. The solar energy is stored by this backpack which is water-resistant.

You can use these backpacks in any season or weather. These bags are best for traveling purposes. You can charge your cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc. from this backpack. A battery is present in this bag which stores the solar energy in it so you can use it at night.

Peer-to-Peer Solar Sharing Networks

You can get solar energy without the installation of panels on your rooftop with the help of a peer-to-peer network of solar sharing. You do not need to own it; you have to borrow it. You can get a solar connection from a neighbor or any other host who has installed panels on his roof. It is considered an easy way of getting solar energy for your house without spending money on the installation of panels on your roof. The latest technology also allows you to connect your wifi with a solar system. Indeed an advanced form of home automation system with more savings. If you cant get how to connect your solar system with wifi ask your Internet services provider company to help you in accomplishing this task. For sure you will see good results and ease with time. 

Solar Charged Devices

The solar-charged devices are also an example of solar without panels. Usually, you need a socket to charge your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc. Moreover, you need a solar panel and its battery to charge your smart devices.

But technological advancements have reduced the need for panels to charge these smart devices. You just have to take your smart device out in the sunlight. It gets charged automatically without the need for a panel. The battery life of these devices is about twelve hours. It means you can use it from the time of sundown till the time of sunrise.

Solar Generator

You can install solar generators instead of installing panels to get solar energy. These are the generators that play a vital role in converting solar energy into electrical energy. Another benefit of this generator is that it is portable. It means you can take it with you wherever you go. The important factors of these generators include size, time of charging its battery, and the capacity of the battery to store energy.


Solar without panels means you do not have to install panels on your roof to get solar energy. There are many other ways through which you can get this energy for your house or any other solar-powered device. This guide provides you with detailed information regarding the devices and ways which shows how you can get solar energy without installing panels. 

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