Best Maps for Beginners in PUBGM

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PUBG Mobile features a large number of maps, and it is one of the battle royale games that offer multiple maps that you may play and dominate. However, if you are new to the game, there are maps that are unquestionably better for novices than others.

Each map is designed differently; for example, some maps are better for long-range battles, while others are better for close-combat clashes, and these differences influence the weapons you should learn for each map.

If you are new to PUBG Mobile, these are the maps you should try out because they’re ideal for beginners. And if you’re in need of some PUBG Mobile UC, you can grab some at OffGamers here. Now, let’s get into the article!



Nusa is the newest map in PUBG Mobile, and it is also the smallest map in the game, measuring 1×1.

If you are a beginner, this map is ideal because it allows you to practice your aggressive play style. In this map, you are likely to encounter enemies every minute, so you must move quickly and be prepared quickly, especially if you are playing solo. It also allows you to practice your burst and auto-fire because you will most likely be in close quarters with opposing teams. It also includes an exclusive perk in which if you die within the first four minutes of the game, you will be resurrected once to try again.

On the other hand, this map would be better with more people in a single match, and 40 players would be optimal. Aside from that, the game is well-designed for its size, and having a cave location for a possible final standoff is rather epic.



Sanhok is a 4×4 sized map, making it smaller than the first two original maps in PUBG Mobile. Because of the abundance of trees and houses, this map is ideal for sneak attacks and ambushes.

If you want to work on your lean and peek shots, Sanhok is a great place to do it. It includes a lot of covers, which allows you to practice your angled shots effortlessly. You do not have to worry much about snipers on this map due to the abundance of cover, therefore you will likely engage in battles at close to medium range. Ambushes are common on this map since the trees and large boulders can readily conceal a team. Furthermore, while being a smaller map than Miramar, Vikendo, and Erangel, it will still have 100 players every match.

The bad thing about Sanhok is that if you are still learning the basics of how to play PUBG Mobile, you may find it hard to win on this map because it can sometimes be very chaotic. If you want to practice lean and peek shots, play this map, but if you’re new to battle royale, play Erangel first.



Miramar is the second map in PUBG Mobile, and it includes primarily open spaces in a desert region.

Its 8×8 size makes it ideal for practising your aim with 6x and 8x scopes. There are a few spots in the game where a close-medium range battle will be favourable, but most of the time, you must position yourself in a good position before the circle shrinks and shrinks. Most of the time, the circle will end up in an open area with little cover, thus placement is critical, and perfecting your long-range strikes can be crucial in finishing out opposing teams.

However, the way the map is designed is also a downside because it forces you to play one strategy, especially at the end of the game. The strategy is to wait patiently till people approach you, which can be boring at times.

Overall, Miramar is still a great map for beginners, and if you prefer to play sniper, it is the best map available.



In PUBG Mobile, Erangel is still the best map for newbies. It is an 8×8 size that is ideally balanced with huge cities, tiny towns, and enough cover to get you from one place to another.

This is where you can choose to play aggressively, passively, or with your picks as needed. Be aware of good players if you play in a huge city like Pochinki or the military, as they are two of the hottest spots in the game. The loot is excellent, and it will teach you how to play in close to mid-range encounters. It is preferable to stay at the edge and mountains if you intend to play passively or practice your aiming with long-range scopes. Basically, whatever you can learn in the game can be learned in Erangel.

The only drawback to Erangel is that because it is the first map in the game, so practically everyone is already completely aware of any strategy that may be used in this map. However, it is the perfect map for both novices and veterans.



These are the finest maps to play in PUBG Mobile if you want to learn the ropes, play a specific strategy, or master specific firearms. Nusa is presently the best map for aggressive playstyles, as it is a 32-player map with a 1×1 map size, which means you will confront people fast, and it is a wonderful map with great world design. 

Sanhok, on the other hand, is an excellent map to consider if you want an aggressive technique that has a lot of cover; since it can enhance your lean and peek mastery.

As for long-range, Miramar provides an advantage for players who want to use sniper rifles because it is predominantly open space with a few structures here and there. Of course, Erangel will always be the best map in PUBG Mobile because it is the first map and is appropriately scaled for a battle royale game.

There are several maps available in PUBG Mobile; if you have a recommendation for a better map, please leave it in the comments area below and tell us which map you believe will be the most accessible to new players.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.