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Dragon Blogger Review of Star Control: Origins from Stardock Entertainment

I was very excited about Star Control: Origins and had pre-ordered the game when it first became available for pre-order.  I was a huge fan of the series and played Star Control 1 back on the Commodore Amiga computer and Star Control 2 back on the Pentium 286 PC days.  I played but didn't like [...]

Sniper Strike: Special Ops Surpasses 10M Downloads in 10 Months

Milestone reflects focused investment in EightPixelsSquare’s latest IP Follows the launch of Sniper Strike on PC in September Ahead of a month-long events series ‘Horror HunterZ’ - celebrating Halloween [12th October 2018 - Dundee, Scotland]: Outplay Entertainment and EightPixelsSquare have announced that Sniper Strike: Special Ops has surpassed 10m downloads, reaching the milestone in only 10 [...]

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Indie Horror Games to Look Out For this Coming Halloween Steam Sale

Halloween is the best time to indulge yourself in a good horror game or two. While Steam is filled to the brim with horror games, you can’t expect each one to give you a good scare. It’s not always easy to find titles that are worth the splurge. For me, jump scares simply don’t cut [...]

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To Leave is a Video Game that Deals with Depression and Self-Harm

Games themselves continue to evolve into storytelling and influential mediums where various subject matter that used to be very rare in gaming is becoming more mainstream. Games can be a powerful way to help people connect, identify and even deal with these situations as well if done right. An example of a game dealing with [...]

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Top Games that Teach You Real-Life Skills

Video games, whether online, for mobile or on console, are appealing for a number of reasons. They entertain us, stimulate us as works of art, test our abilities and pass the time. One area of the gaming industry that is often overlooked in the reviews are those that teach the players valuable real-life skills. Whether [...]

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An NBA Game without the Grind: A Review of NBA Live ’19

In the past decade, EA has tried so hard to make a successful NBA game and it seems that every single year the Live franchise gets a bit better and then it gets worse again. However, EA gets it right, almost, with NBA Live '19, the latest iteration of their NBA Live series. Let's take [...]

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Alternative Ways to Play Online Poker

Poker isn’t exactly a new game. Originating on the American frontier in the mid-1800s, poker is popular because of not only its simplicity, but also the ability to wager on the outcome of each game. Over the years, poker has developed massively. From the simple game that quite literally anyone could pick up in a [...]

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Microtransaction 2K19: A Review of NBA 2K19

Over the years the NBA 2K franchise has been the premier NBA video game experience that millions of players across the world have had the opportunity to experience and enjoy. NBA 2K19 continues that yearly tradition by providing players with various ways to enjoy the game of basketball across a variety of different modes and [...]

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Antank Portable Switch Backup Battery Case

If you have a Nintendo Switch and you want to greatly extend it's play time while out and on the go, then the Antank Portable Switch Backup Battery Case is a decent option.  The good news too is that the Switch treats it like a portable battery, so it doesn't risk issues with your Firmware [...]

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The 5 Best Video Games for Homeschoolers

Not long ago, video games were seen as a brain rotting activity that makes children inactive and unable to think of their feet. This perception is continually changing as schools adopt video games into their curriculum. Educational video games can be a great alternative to educational toys and teach children different skills such as cognitive [...]

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Can Too Much Gaming Cause Health Problems?

Video games are fun. They offer you a perfect distraction from normal life’s issues and monotonies. Even so, health issues are likely to arise when you become obsessed with the activity and if you spend too long engaging in gaming sessions without taking breaks and taking more of a "moderation" style of approach. Take note [...]

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