PUBG Lingo Beginner’s Guide: Lingos and Terms That Come in Handy

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In shooter games such as PUBG, communication is key when we are playing in a Duo or Squad match. This helps the whole team know where the enemies are, or if there are valuable items that you can pick up such as medkits or ammo.

However, if you are new to PUBG whether it is on PUBG Mobile or the recent update that makes PUBG free-to-play for all platforms, there are lingos or terms that you may not be familiar with, and that is what we are focusing on in this article.

Some of the terms here can be used in-game or just general terms players use to explain some of the features in the game. Plus, if you’re in need of some PUBG Mobile UC, get some from OffGamers here!


Bullet Drop and Zeroing

PUBG features a pretty realistic physics on its bullet ballistics. The maps are huge, and you cannot just simply aim from 300 meters or so without seeing your shots falling short of your target; hence it is called Bullet Drop.

To fix or at least alleviate the bullet drop, we have something we call Zeroing distance in PUBG, which can be found at the bottom of your scope when you are aiming down sight (ADS). You can adjust it to make your shots more accurate. Take note that only PUBG on PC and consoles have zeroing features, and PUBG Mobile does not.



Loot is the term used to pick up items in the game. You can simply communicate with your teammates that you are looting a location for medkits or ammo. It has been one of the most used terms since PUBG first went early access years ago.



Another commonly used term in PUBG is Clear. It is saying that an area has no enemies in sight. You can even say it after a firefight and you manage to kill the whole squad, or when checking an area before killing a downed enemy.


Scope or Holo

Scope is a term used when you ask for a scope or a red dot attachment in the game. People usually say this term when there is a scarcity of this type of attachment in the area, so they will settle on whatever extra attachments are available. Although, if the loots are good, they can specify what scopes they like depending on their weapon.


“Do you have an extra scope?”

“Do you have a 2x/4x/8x?”


Holo is basically the short term for Holographic Sight attachment in the game.


ADS and Hipfire

ADS is an abbreviation for Aim Down Sight. It is when you use your scope before firing. This helps tremendously with the recoil and accuracy of the gun. Adjusting its sensitivity will also help you control it.

The opposite of ADS is hipfire, this is when you shoot without using your scope. The only times you have to use it is if you are in a close-up battle with an enemy since shooting by Hipfire is simply not accurate.


High Ground and Lower Ground

The maps in PUBG have different terrains, you can go up to mountains to have a better vantage view. Thus, if you are travelling with a squad and you manage to see a person scoping out from a mountain, the best term to use is High Ground like “Someone’s on high ground at 125 NE”. This means that someone is on higher terrain than you and there may be a chance that they may see you.

On the other hand, lower ground means that if you are on high ground, and you see someone below you.


Knock Down and Instakill

If you play on Squad or Duo in PUBG, you can only down an enemy unless you manage to kill his teammates too. This gives players a chance to revive their teammates. Communicating if you only knockdown someone is essential to avoid getting flanked by his teammates.

Instakill means that he instantly died and that he is the only remaining one in his squad.


Flanking or Baiting

As mentioned earlier, flanking is a term that players use if they want to ambush enemies. Baiting is used when one of your teammates shows himself to distract the opponents while you flank them behind.

It is a very dangerous tactic as you may lose one of your teammates in exchange for a clearer shot at your enemies.


Rushing and Pushing

Rushing and Pushing may sound and mean the same, but they kind of have different meanings. Rush/Rushing is going straight to a location where you know the enemies are hiding and you are confident that you will win. A good example would probably be if you have a shotgun, and you need to rush someone hiding in the house for a quick clearing of the area.

Pushing is more of a tactical term since most players use this term alongside Flanking to push the enemies if they are being suppressed.


Camping & Open Field

I think camping is a very common term in all games, it means that you will stay in one location until an enemy goes closer to your location and kill them off.

Open field is a term used by players when there is an area where there are no houses nearby. You mostly hear it when the circle closes in on an open area. If the circle does end up in an open field, you need to find a good place to stay put or edge out the circle while it is getting smaller.


Other Lingos & Abbreviations.

TPP – Third-Person Perspective

FPP – First-Person Perspective

GG – Good Game

AFK – Away From Keyboard

DC – Disconnected

NT – Nice Try

OP – Overpowered; pertains to a player or a weapon in the game

Clutch – if you manage to win an enemy engagement when you are outnumbered

Carry – if you get many kills compared to the rest of your squad



PUBG is definitely one of the most popular battle royale games on any platform, considering they pioneered the genre. Additionally, they are for sure getting more players as they went free-to-play already.

If you have not played PUBG, this is a very good time to try them out with yourself or with your friends. Let us know if you have your own terms and lingos on PUBG!


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.