iPhone 14 Pro Vs Samsung Z Fold 4: Comparing Top 6 Features + Which One to Buy? (2023)

Image credit: Unsplash Apple and Samsung are two of the giants in the mobile phone industry. Both companies are responsible for some of the best smartphones we have seen. While the devices differ massively in looks and performances, they are similar in one thing – reliability. Also, with the launch of the new iPhone 14 Pro from Apple and the Z Fold 4 from Samsung, we now have two premium mobile phones that are changing … Read more

Review of Rodecaster Pro 2

You will have 9 connections which you can assign to the 6 physical faders and 3 virtual ones.  With Neutrik combo connectors, you will be able to hook up XLR or line/instrument cables. 4 1/4″ headphones outputs that come with their volume controls for you and guests. 2 monitor output is also an option to connect speakers for a live audience broadcast. You are also able to pull sound sources from both USB-C and Bluetooth. … Read more

5 Things Gamers Expect out of a Great Gaming Experience

Just like with any other experience, whether you’re watching a movie or a sporting event, you can have a gaming experience that is hit or miss. Just because it’s an activity you like, it doesn’t mean that it will always be the best experience possible. But knowing what constitutes a great gaming experience will help you in your ability to create more of them. However, most gamers would agree that a great gaming experience can … Read more

Relive the Renaissance: A Beginner’s Guide to Convincing Cosplay

Do you sometimes feel as though you were born in the wrong era? Or do you just want to escape the dreariness of modern life for a little while? Then Renaissance faires are the perfect events for you. They’re a great way to travel back in time and immerse yourself in a completely different world. And if you are planning to attend one anytime soon, you also have to dress the part! Renaissance faires originated … Read more

What is Led Light Phone Case and How Does It Work?

LED phone cases were designed for fulfilling their two main purposes: protecting the surface of the case of your smartphone from damage and dirt, and to complement the appearance of the device with its remarkable design. These light up led phone case are made up of materials that are resistant to heat, moisture, scratch and dust hence help in giving a longer life to your mobile phones. LED phone case is powered from your phone … Read more

AI-Generative Art & NFT Trends in 2022

No doubt, 2021 has been a year of surging in the popularity of NFT. It’s not only developers who know about this digital tool but also thousands of artists, musicians, and other enthusiasts. While the initial NFT hype people associate with a lot of speculative chains, impulses related to self-expression are the more fundamental drivers. This is very important for the identity of art collecting. Many enthusiasts use NFT as a tool to make money … Read more

How to Develop a Successful YouTube Influencer Marketing Strategy

Marketers should think about putting together a YouTube influencer marketing strategy and cooperating with YouTube influencers. The rationale is obvious. YouTube is a powerful tool for marketers to achieve their objectives. They can identify a new target market, impact product advertising, and increase sales. You can now take a closer look at how to use YouTube influencer marketing to your advantage. Decide on your goals. There is no point in developing a plan if there … Read more

How to Improve Digital Marketing Campaign using Data Visualization

Data is the new oil, they say. The more data you have about your customers’ behavior and preferences. Also, the better able you are to target them with content relevant to their needs and interests. This knowledge can make all the difference in today’s digital marketing landscape. A successful digital marketing campaign can utilize data visualization. Why Data Visualization in Marketing? Data visualizations present information that is easier to comprehend and help marketers make better … Read more

6 Useful Features of Illustrator You Could Never Hear of

Cover photo by Iyus Sugiharto/Unsplash Whether you only start your career in design or are an experienced Adobe Illustrator user, you surely understand that it is a dense program. There are a lot of different features, and you might not know about some of them. So, if you want to get the most out of this software and save days of wasted time, read on to find out amazing tips for drawing in Illustrator. The … Read more

7 Innovative and Useful EdTech Startup Ideas in 2021 and How It Can Improve the Education

Education keeps developing along with all the technologies. More and more universities use futuristic hardware and software to improve the learning process. All of these induced us to discover EdTech startups. What are they and how do they improve our life? Education improvements are in the air People keep wondering nowadays what is EdTech. Let’s mention several associations for the word “education”. We think of school, college, diploma, department, certificate, graduate, and other common words. … Read more

WMLife Pink Girl Metal Texture Gaming Mouse Review

Having trouble finding the perfect, pink, retro, and stylish mouse for you? One that is smooth to the touch, with a comfortable grip, and with an adjustable DPI? Look no further than the WMLife’s new ergonomic pastel pink wired mouse. Click here to get your mouse! Not only is this mouse stylish for the aesthetics of the everyday gamer but, it has all the buttons a computer user needs in a mouse. It comes with … Read more

3 Budget Friendly Backpacks Suitable for Techie Traveler from Mobile Edge

In the midst of unwavering highs and lows of this pandemic, we can’t seem to stop thinking when will this end? But we all know that the sun will soon shine and we will be able to feel the Summer Breeze. So now, I have a few questions for you. Are you excited to Travel? Are you a Techie that likes to Travel? Or, are you a Traveler that likes Tech? Either way, this Backpacks … Read more

Top 5 RPG Mobile Games in 2021

Image Source With the progress of custom app development, it’s not surprising that RPG games would eventually find its way to Android. Nowadays, the Google Play Store is littered with different RPG titles claiming to be the most popular and most played RPG of all time. With countless RPGs entering the Play Store every year, it’s a challenge to find out which of them is really the best of the best. But for this article, … Read more

5 Steps to Create Effective and Catchy Headlines

If you are a beginner in writing art, you may don’t understand the role of good titles. Well, people need only the content, you may think. But statistics show that every detail matters. So let’s find out the main facts and tips in making great titles. The power of a great headline You lose approximately 80% of readers because of wrong headlines. This is a huge influence of one short sentence that you can’t underrate … Read more

7 Advantages of Correctly Selected Smart Technologies at Home

Have you ever thought about turning your place into a super-efficient home? If yes, your timing is perfect as we now live in the age of smart technologies. Perhaps it sounds like a futuristic sci-fi phenomenon, but it’s not that complicated. I am not talking about fancy technologies such as virtual reality, but rather about a whole range of smart devices that have the potential to enrich your and your family’s life if selected properly. … Read more

Zoom Alternatives: 6 Best Alternatives to Zoom You Never knew Existed

Due to unprecedented hacks, lags, & sometimes low customer support. Zoom has already lost its charm and people who love their privacy a lot, looking for the best & secure Zoom alternatives. Moreover, I’ve listed some out-of-the-box alternatives to Zoom that you never knew existed. After all, Covid-19 was a setback to humanity that made us realize how we go to work & how our work can be done. Therefore, in the Covid-19, big tech … Read more

How to Protect Your Gadgets from Data Loss in 2020?

If the data is the gold of our time, then any information is subject to sale. Social platforms disclose your patterns of behavior for advertising campaigns, however, we may never know how this information will be used further. On the black market, attackers sell and buy digital personalities, that is, people’s accounts. But the most dangerous is the leak of your financial and business information. How to secure your data in 2020? Read more about … Read more

How To Write Meta Tags Correctly: Manual and Automatic Ways for WordPress

Google or Bing’s search results are curated from relevant keywords users input in their search tab. These search engines possess internet crawlers that scan through the entire content of multiple internet pages to provide the best results for a user’s query. Web crawlers realize a web site’s content through the meta tags on the page’s source code. They rank sites by comparing the words within the title, headings, content, and meta tags to see how well the information within … Read more

Among Us! – How To Stay Safe Whilst Playing The Latest Online Game Craze

In 2018, a small indie games company released an online, cartoon multiplayer game called Among Us. Whilst the launch didn’t initially attract much attention, the game has since become a worldwide sensation thanks to the attention of many well known Twitch streamers and YouTubers. The rise in popularity of Among Us can also be attributed to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. With millions of us trapped inside with little to do, many people turned … Read more