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Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter is the most powerful social website today. Business, celebrities, and just about everyone else are using Twitter. What makes Twitter so great is the ability to notify your followers with 160 characters or less. Promoting products and services is quick and simple. If you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog, [...]

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10 Ways to Maximize the Use of Your Smartphone

Your phone has the processing power and access to hundreds of apps that can put a mainframe from years ago to shame. But the question is, are you making the most out of it? The smartphone is the best thing that ever happened to the telecommunications industry. With hundreds of phone specifications, it can be [...]

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How Are Social Media Trends Influencing The Business Marketing Landscape in 2018? 

In the past years, the media moguls and the behemoths of commerce had an inherent advantage in marketing and promotions. Back in the day, marketing was more about funds and finance. Expectedly, the more massive corporations had enough resources to fund campaigns, while the SMEs often lived in their shadows. Things began to change with [...]

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Limit Access and Printing When Selling PDFs to Clients

Millions of businesses and corporations from various fields of expertise churn out financially viable content that is readily available all across the world on the Internet. The problem with such content is that it can be quickly replicated by printing copies and then used for individual monetary benefits. So, how can you put an end [...]

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Creating Apps & Games? Learn from PAC-MAN

If you are into games, you are probably familiar with all the success Nintendo has been having lately with their releases of mini retro consoles SNES and NES Classic. Well, there is more good news, because the legendary Commodore 64 is about to get its miniature version as well. It will arrive will plenty of [...]

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The Best Games of the Past Year

1) Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Billy Lerke, the main character, has her own abilities that differ from the ones of Corvo or Emily: instead of teleportation, she creates her own copies, transforms into other people, talks with rats and explores location being a ghost. Moreover, the developers removed the scale of chaos, and mana [...]

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How to Write Captivating Content That’s Perfect for People & Optimised for Google

Whether you’re new to the world of SEO content or you’ve been in the industry for years, writing content that’s balance for both your readers and for a high ranking in the Google search engine is a difficult business. No matter how difficult, and competitive, the industry is, it’s an essential part of business nowadays [...]

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5 Things That You Need to Do to Get Facebook Advertising Right

While Google’s search ad control the biggest share in Digital Ad Marketing industry, Facebook is not very far behind. This year, Facebook’s share is growing more than 15%. Accept it or not, but social media is now an integral part of society and it is going to get advanced with each passing day. Out of [...]

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How to Spot a High-Value E-commerce Site from Where You Can Buy Hidden Voice Recorders?

Thanks to the e-commerce and technological boom, you effectively can shop online for anything you want. Besides clothes, groceries, electronic devices and more, you now can also buy hidden spying devices like a covert listening product from a single source from the comforts of any place freely. These websites have been designed in such a [...]

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Top 10 Horror Games on Playstation 4 in VR

  https://www.finance-monthly.com/2017/06/videogames-vr-online-movies-and-music-to-drive-media-growth-to-759bn-by-2021/ We’ve curated the top horror games on Playstation 4, not only just games, but games that place you in the middle of the action thanks to the capabilities of VR. Are you ready to second guess your choices by picking up these games to play, because you’ll be having nightmares for a week. [...]

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Some Aspects of Web Design for  Shopping Online Portals in 2018

2017 is arriving at an end and there are heaps of issues that should be examined with respect to website composition and its advancement in this year. While there were no achievement plans that stood out as truly newsworthy, there were many elements that picked up unmistakable quality and end up noticeably critical for web [...]

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How are Drones Impacting the Oil and Gas Industry?

Image: Techcrunch A fast evolving number of nations have passed regulations allowing energy organizations to station inspection drones for their maintenance needs. By this, they are saving man hours and money, as well as circumventing most of the potentially unsafe work. Drone inspection involves analysis of large volume of data(videos, IR thermal images, high resolution [...]

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Top 5 iPhone X Games

The thing that has cover whole Apple market is no one else than iPhone X. A huge achievement of Apple that launches lots of amazing feature with it. iPhone X is one of the greatest technology of Apple. People were desperate for this phone. People like to spend their time and make their self-feel relax [...]

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5 Sneaky Ways to Spy on Competitor SEO

Stalking is a term that we’re used to using in negative connotation. It sounds creepy, right? Not when it comes to marketing. In the world of SEO, stalking competitors is a must. You’re not actually stalking them wherever they go. That is creepy. However, you’re observing every move they make within their SEO campaign. According [...]

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Increase The Conversion Rates of Your Business As an Online Entrepreneur

As a business owner, it is important for you to focus on profit drivers for your company. If you take a look at the buyer approach and psychology today, you will find there is a very high level of skepticism in the market. It means that as a business entrepreneur, you need to use all [...]

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How AI concepts like FSM, MCST and AR are used in gaming?

The original half life game was among the most talked about news in the gaming world because of its unique AI (artificial intelligence) with exceptional squad behavior. Gamers were quite taken with the way how the SWAT teams used to speak with one another in the game. Therefore you find AI being implemented in whichever [...]

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Understanding Natural Language: How to Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

If you pay attention to the marketplace’s dance, you’ll surely notice rising popularity of AI digital assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Assistant. The digital giants are in a continuous competition, each trying to deliver the best voice search experience for its users. Along with the intelligent digital assistants that can understand you [...]

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How to Fix Video error: Invalid public movie atom?

Recently, I got a message from Marvel Brown asking, what is the “Invalid Public Movie Atom was found in the Movie” error? Why is it happening whenever he attempts to play or view a video? Adding more information, he also expressed me that he has visited several forums or tech hint sites and though, he [...]

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Top 3 iOS Mobile Apps That Help You Bid Goodbye to Business Debts

Thanks to the Internet and technology, you no longer have to worry about debt management even as a business owner. You will find that you can now use your smartphones and iPad for debt management wherever you go. When it comes to mobile apps for debt management and reduction, you will find that they use [...]

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How To Add Motion Effects To Boost Mobile App Usability

Motion graphics add an appealing flare within the interface and outlook of any mobile app. It never fails to amuse viewers. Don't you like to see little figures moving across the screen like live creatures guiding and instructing you about the procedures and process involved in the app? From their colors to their smooth transition, [...]

2017-10-31T09:49:58+00:00 November 1st, 2017|Categories: Android, Mobile Posts|

Putting Your WordPress Database on a Diet: Cut Out The Junk and Increase Your Speed!

WordPress installations have two components of importance – the WP files on your server and the WP database. The database can be a bit cumbersome with multiple tables and components. Each table stores 11 components including user data, post information, post meta information, post tags, categories, comments, taxonomy description and the links between the posts, [...]

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