WMLife Pink Girl Metal Texture Gaming Mouse Review

Having trouble finding the perfect, pink, retro, and stylish mouse for you? One that is smooth to the touch, with a comfortable grip, and with an adjustable DPI? Look no further than the WMLife’s new ergonomic pastel pink wired mouse.

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Not only is this mouse stylish for the aesthetics of the everyday gamer but, it has all the buttons a computer user needs in a mouse. It comes with a DPI Loop, Rubber Scrolling Button, forward/backward button on the sides, and of course the typical left and right button on the average mouse. It even has cute little gears on the side for that retro technological vibe. The mice inscribed Love gives me strength with a little heart, adds a little flare to it.

I’d recommend this mouse for people with larger hands. I have very big hands for a young woman and this grip suits me perfectly. It feels natural when I move it and it lets my fingers have enough wiggle room to improve my muscle memory for video games. Another note to mention with this product is that the material is a very smooth metal. Meaning that people with more sensitive skin, like me will have no sensory issues with this product. It won’t feel rough or coarse. It just has that silky and smooth texture and it is very cooling for my hands. It is ergonomic meaning it will keep your body in its natural position and help prevent conditions like carpal tunnel.

Overall, my experience streaming with this mouse has been very satisfying. I enjoy streaming with this mouse, using it for looking up things on a regular basis and switching tabs faster. Note it is a wired and not a wireless mouse, so it requires to be plugged in your computer’s USB port. This mouse all in all is an ideal fit for anyone looking for a good quality, ergonomic, stylish wired mouse. To buy click here!!


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