What is Led Light Phone Case and How Does It Work?

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LED phone cases were designed for fulfilling their two main purposes: protecting the surface of the case of your smartphone from damage and dirt, and to complement the appearance of the device with its remarkable design. These light up led phone case are made up of materials that are resistant to heat, moisture, scratch and dust hence help in giving a longer life to your mobile phones. LED phone case is powered from your phone using a plug connector, so there’s no need to charge it separately. It is also completely compatible with a wireless charger.

Package and Delivery

The case comes in a standard plastic package of good quality, on which you will find the name of the model and information about the manufacturer. Inside the package is the LED phone case lined with polyethylene foam for better protection against damage during transportation.

Package includes:

  • LED Cover;
  • Instructions with guide how to use.

Features and Appearance

In the off state case has a stylish custom design, but when the LED backlight surface is turned on – the phone looks like magic. The surface of the case is nice, it shimmers and clearly visible in the daylight. But the cons are, it instantly gets smudged with fingerprints, as well as it stays greasy stains. To quickly get rid of them, it is enough to clear the surface with a cloth or wipe. However, such a disadvantage is inherent in any other case with a glossy surface.

The main features of the led phone case are:

  • 9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU bumper
  • Fullscreen luminous
  • Automatically sync up to your iPhone’s speaker and play a unique light show
  • Thin and light
  • Works with wireless charger

The case is made of soft TPU plastic, so it has a low weight and compact size. Case has a cutout for a volume buttons on the side, a microphone on top, at the bottom for a charging port & mini jack, as well as a cutout for the camera. Depending on the model of your phone, overall forms and cutouts on case might be different. When case is attached to smartphone, it forms a rim around the screen and camera, perfectly fits the phone without any gaps and backlashes.

LED Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S10+

The variety of designs offered by the manufacturer includes many different colors and styles for different models of iPhone and Samsung phones. Everyone can find the case design that will fit your personal style, you can even order a case with a custom print.

LED light case, as mentioned before, has a lot of built-in LEDs. Some models of led cases has additional features, for example, more expensive models can automatically sync up to your iPhone’s speaker and play a unique light show.

The backlighting of case is really easy to set up and looks awesome, especially in the dark. In the settings, you can set the options to turn off the LED backlighting after 10 seconds or 10 minutes after power on, or set auto turn-off when you pick up the phone. To save battery power, the manufacturer recommends setting the automatic shutdown 10 seconds after turning on the LED backlight.

The LED phone case uses 2% of the battery for working 24 hours straight with the light turned on the back panel. It not need to be charged, it is powered by the phone.

LED Phone Case for iPhone 13 Max

LED phone cases left a positive impression. Overall it is a great accessory that not only protects your phone from all types of damage, but also gives you a new experience with the LED lights esthetics look. Yes, it has disadvantages, such as high cost or glossy surface, which leaves fingerprints. However, this original accessory looks quite interesting because of its unique design and good quality of materials. This case can be a good gift for any holiday and will definitely surprise your friends.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.