Best Ways to Reset iPhone Without Password

In case you have forgotten your iPhone passcode, it is important to note that the conventional methods of resetting might not work anymore. Due to Apple’s extensive security measures, resetting an iPhone without a password can be challenging. However, there are options to reset your iPhone without a password using other methods. In this article, we will walk you through a detailed, step-by-step guide on resetting your iPhone without a password. Generally, resetting an iPhone … Read more

What is Led Light Phone Case and How Does It Work?

LED phone cases were designed for fulfilling their two main purposes: protecting the surface of the case of your smartphone from damage and dirt, and to complement the appearance of the device with its remarkable design. These light up led phone case are made up of materials that are resistant to heat, moisture, scratch and dust hence help in giving a longer life to your mobile phones. LED phone case is powered from your phone … Read more

How iPhone 13 is different from the existing iPhone versions

Here is the answer to all your doubts about iPhone 13 series, such as features, models, colors, price, and many more. Apple’s new iPhone 13 series debuted on September 15 during an event in Additional York City, including optimized and various new capabilities for customers upgrading from prior iPhone models. There are four new iPhones in the line up: the iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. The new phones will run … Read more

Featuring Trendyzx Camera Lens Protection Phone Case

So recently was invited to take a look at these Trendyzx Camera Lens protection cases and I must say I was impressed by one specifically unique feature you don’t see in most phone cases.  First know that these phone cases from Trendyzx have a matte and transparent design, they are dirt resistant, anti-knock and absorb shock and impact. They are rear only cases that extend a little past the screen part of the phone to … Read more

AnyTrans vs iMazing: Which iPhone File Manager Is The Right Choice For You?

With the release of macOS Catalina, Apple officially killed off iTunes. I expected this to happen one day since iTunes just felt “old”, and I never enjoyed using it. While iTunes is still available for Windows users, with the discontinuation of iTunes on Mac, Apple users are left with no proper file manager to manage their iOS device on their Mac. This has led Apple users on the hunt for the best third party file … Read more

PhoneRescue Review : Recover Deleted Files From Your iPhone Easily

iMobie is one of the most trusted third-party companies for any software related issues regarding the iPhone or iPad. They provide a wide variety of maintenance utility software such as a file manager, cloud drive manager, data recovery, device unlocking and repair solutions and much more. In the past, I have reviewed a couple of software by iMobie such as AnyTrans, which is an excellent file manager for iOS devices. This time, we will be … Read more

App Store Promotion with Keyword Installs

App Store promotion can include various strategies and methods. The one that has proven its efficiency is keyword promotion. It helps you to improve your rank and get more organic traffic. To get a picture of it, read this article. Promotion by search ads or keywords You may ask what is the difference between search ads and promotion by keywords. Both of these methods aim to improve your position. But what happens when you’re using … Read more

Create Better Phone Photography

With the growing popularity of mobile phones, many gave up cameras, especially compact ones, and decided to use their mobile phone as their primary device for taking pictures. However, unfortunately, taking quality photos with your mobile phone is not always a simple thing, and in part, this is due to the technology of these devices which, for obvious reasons (first of all, their extremely compact size), is smaller than many digital cameras. Photo: Unsplash However, … Read more

Top 5 Popular iPhone Cases Revealed 2020!

Suppose you want to get any of the two new iPhones, whether the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it is evident you will need to put the phone into a case. Apple claims that the new Ceramic Shield embedded in ceramic crystals make it more robust and durable. The problem is that the screen is still glass. The phone is an investment, and it should be protected. Take a look at … Read more

AnyUnlock – iCloud Activation Unlocker Review: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Easily

The iCloud Activation Lock is designed to keep your device and your information safe in case your iOS device is ever lost or stolen. If you have enabled Activation Lock and have somehow forgotten your Apple ID or password, or if you have purchased a second-hand phone with Activation Lock enabled, then you are completely locked out of your phone. So what do you do in this situation? Well, thanks to third-party applications, you can … Read more

One Stop Solution For All iOS Problems [AnyFix Review]

Having software related troubles with your iOS device? Apple charging too much to fix a simple bug? What if I tell you that you can probably fix your problems at home with the help of just one software? Well, in this article, we will be introducing you to a tiny but powerful software called AnyFix that will help you fix your iOS device in minutes. AnyFix is a one-stop solution for fixing tons of iOS/iPadOS/tvOS/iTunes … Read more

Featuring Ghostek Covert iPhone 11 Case

We have covered a few different Ghostek cases previously but today we are featuring the COVERT case line from Ghostek as we received one in our review box but we didn’t have a compatible phone model, as our reviewer only has an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the case we received was for an iPhone 11 Pro so we are offering a feature of the COVERT model case instead since we weren’t actually able to … Read more

Featuring Ghostek Atomic Slim iPhone 11 Case

Here to showcase another Ghostek case that we received but were unable to do a formal review on due to not having a compatible phone, we had an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the case we got was for the iPhone 11 Pro which didn’t fit, so as a result we can only feature and showcase this really cool case from Ghostek called the Atomic Slim 3 but we aren’t actually able to show you … Read more

Featuring Ghostek Exec 4 iPhone Case with Wallet

We managed to get our hands on some Ghostek cases for an iPhone 11 Pro but were not able to do a hands on review of them due to having no reviewer with the exact phone model that matches this case design.  So I wanted to show readers what the Ghostek cases look like and let everyone know that they make some quality cases for just about every phone model but make sure you know … Read more

5 Best Spy Apps for iPhone Keylogger in 2020

If you are looking for a reliable way to monitor an iPhone in 2020 then there is no other way better than using a keylogger. It helps the user to get to know about the target device completely. There is nothing that a trusted keylogger doesn’t expose on the user because it has everything that one needs. If we just browse then we would be able to find so much variety to pick from but … Read more

Unlock your iPhone and iPad easily with AnyUnlock [Review]

If you have stumbled upon this article, then there’s a high chance that you have either forgotten your Apple ID, locked out of your iOS device, forgotten your iTunes encryption password or if you don’t remember your Screen Time passcode. Worry not as this article will help you with all of either of these issues. In this article, we will be reviewing AnyUnlock software for Windows and Mac. What is AnyUnlock? AnyUnlock is a software … Read more

How to Check Someone’s Call History for Free 2020

Spying over your child or partner’s virtual activities isn’t just important to ensure their safety, but also to keep your anxiety and stress level down. In terms of spying over smartphones, tracking call history can be really useful. Call history will help you extract loads of information that will enable you to check who your children or dear ones are keeping in touch with. Not just that, but you can also see who is trying … Read more

Top Apps to Help You Invest in 2020

Investments in good things will always be a good idea of spending money. Your investments are like a child. You have to be patient with them and take care of every single term related to that. In this time of 2020, the whole world is struggling with the problems, and you cannot get many usual services that you use to get. At this time, you need to use every single resource you can get, and … Read more

Here’s How to Keep Your iPhone Safe in Every Situation

Your iPhone is one of your most expensive possessions, and unfortunately, it’s also one of your most delicate. While Apple claims that their screen glass is the toughest ever glass on a smart phone, it’s still going to break if you drop it on a hard surface — and since you take your phone everywhere, that’s super easy to do. With new iPhones costing several hundred dollars or more, you need to be proactive about … Read more

Product Showcase: Dikaou LED Flame Table Lamp Torch Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for that unique gift for someone that really loves music and wants to enjoy it in a rather soothing way, then look no further. The Dikaou LED Flame Table Lamp Torch Bluetooth Speaker is a product for exactly that kind of person. This speaker will connect to any Android or iOS device and features a very warm yellow glow that flickers as music is being produced via the huge speaker that makes … Read more