App Store Promotion with Keyword Installs

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

App Store promotion can include various strategies and methods. The one that has proven its efficiency is keyword promotion. It helps you to improve your rank and get more organic traffic. To get a picture of it, read this article.

Promotion by search ads or keywords

You may ask what is the difference between search ads and promotion by keywords. Both of these methods aim to improve your position. But what happens when you’re using search and display ads? As soon as you launch your campaign with installs, you start getting impressions. You target your audience by the region and demographics. That is useful if you want to index a new app or use it as an addition to motivated downloads. In turn, when you order incentive installs, you target your audience by a region as well, but more important – by their search intention. It improves your position, and after a well-planned promotion, you get an organic traffic flow.

Keywords promotion in a nutshell

When you start a campaign by keywords, users get a concrete task. They enter a keyword, which you buy installs for, in the search field, find your app, and install it. Then, they make some in-app actions and can keep it on their phones for 3 to 14 days. You can also ask them to repeat this incentive behavior after some time to get better results. Note that incentive users don’t use your app consequently or make purchases – they only get money for an install. Promotion by keywords can also have two types depending on who performs a task. You can order motivated traffic either by bots or real people. If you need a small number of installs per day and want to personalize a task, you should turn to real people. But for a large number of downloads, it’s reasonable to use bots. They ensure accuracy and don’t make mistakes as it may happen with people.

App Store promotion of a new app

If you’re just starting, the key thing for you is to choose relevant keywords and get to the index. Firstly, you can use search ads to become visible in the search results at all and slightly improve your position. But to get a top rank, keywords are more appropriate. Consider the main idea of your app and write down words and phrases that describe it. Try to formulate search inputs that users may enter to search for apps like yours. Analyze your competitors and find keywords in their titles and descriptions. If you’re using, try a smart campaign tool to expand your keyword cloud. Choose less competitive keywords for the first campaign. The thing is that if you don’t have a top position yet, it’s useless to promote the most popular search requests. You’ll waste your money and won’t get results as the competition is too intense. It’s reasonable to start with long-tail keywords, which consist of 4 or more words. They describe your app precisely and will help with the promotion of other search inputs with the same core (the most meaningful word). Buy 10-15 installs per day until you get a top 20 position. After that, you can gradually increase the volumes of promotion.

Tips for experienced users

The first step for marketing specialists, who had experience with keywords promotion, is to look into analytical tools. There, you can find keywords that already bring you traffic and analyze them. Choose the most popular and relevant ones and launch a campaign for them. To estimate the needed number of installs, make a screening first. That will help you understand which keywords are moving fast and which need more installs. You’ll see the first results of App Store promotion within one or two days in the console. Here, you can check how many installs you get for a particular keyword. Don’t use several analytical tools simultaneously not to be mixed-up. The console represents the most reliable data. You should increase your keyword cloud regularly to improve your positions. If you need professional consultation, address ASO manager of


As you’ve understood, the main idea of keyword promotion is to bring you a top rank. Consequently, you’ll get more traffic and won’t lose your position after the end of the campaign. For that, keep in mind:

  • Choose relevant, less competitive keywords for the first campaign.
  • Launch a screening to understand how many installs you’ll need.
  • Use bots if you need a large number of downloads.
  • Combine keyword installs with search ads.

Use keyword installs for an effective App Store promotion!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.