Create Better Phone Photography

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With the growing popularity of mobile phones, many gave up cameras, especially compact ones, and decided to use their mobile phone as their primary device for taking pictures. However, unfortunately, taking quality photos with your mobile phone is not always a simple thing, and in part, this is due to the technology of these devices which, for obvious reasons (first of all, their extremely compact size), is smaller than many digital cameras.

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However, taking good photos with a smartphone is not impossible: you just need to pay attention when shooting, avoid making some mistakes that would be fatal to the final quality of the photos, and, of course, do not ask the moon to the device at your disposal. Among the various precautions to be paid attention to, for example, is the choice of the correct lighting and the correct composition, as well as the use of the correct shooting technique. Then of course you have to use a smartphone with a good photo section. You may also need to look at some technology to assist along the way; especially for iphone live photos.

Cleaning the camera lens

Cleaning the camera lens is one of the first tricks that you are invited to adopt to take good photos with your mobile phone. If you did not pay attention to this advice, as banal and obvious as it may seem. A clean lens, free of smudges and halos, is the fundamental prerequisite for taking quality photos.

Use the right light

Light is the best ally of any photographer: If you are passionate about photography, you have already heard this one a million and one times. Therefore, try to use the correct light when you are about to take a photo. Without proper lighting, you would start on the wrong foot, threatening to thwart all other efforts you will make to get a good shot.

Choose the correct composition

Choosing the correct composition for a photo is always important, whether you are shooting with a DSLR or a mobile phone camera. In the latter case, however, the choice of composition becomes even more important, given that, for obvious reasons, a smartphone camera cannot focus on very distant subjects and, in most cases, cannot blur. You could opt for certain apps to help you.

Don’t use digital zoom

The digital zoom is one of the main enemies of the photos taken with your smartphone (and, of course, also with the “traditional” cameras) and, therefore, it is best to never use this. But why, you may ask? Because digital zoom unlike optical (which is very difficult to find on mobile phones, although some models, like newer iPhones, can be obtained by exploiting a set of rear camera lenses), it is nothing more than a simple Digital enlargement of the photo, something that shows, and not a little, the immortalized subjects.

Using manual shooting settings can be another useful trick to increase the quality of photos taken via smartphone, as this allows you to act directly on some specific settings, such as ISO sensitivity and shutter speed.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.