What are Good Electronics Cleaning Wipes?

There is a lot of technology in this house with 5 people which includes 5 mice, 6 laptops, 3 Fire Tablets, 5 smartphones, 3 TV’s, 4 keyboards and countless other tech in between.  We go through a near plethora of cleansing cloths from lint free cloths to electronics wipes and I have purchased so many different brands before I am familiar with nearly all of them.  That is until iCloth contacted me and asked me to take a try at their electronics cleaning wipes and tell me what I thought compared to the other ones I have reviewed.  I was more than happy to receive a few samples and I was more than willing to call them out if they didn’t hold up to the other wipes, especially since they were relatively inexpensive compared to some of the phone cleaning wipes I had used previously.  Their main business website is iCloth.io and they give a 10% discount for first time orders on their website directly.

I couldn’t have been more impressed by these cleaning cloths which seemed to be the Goldilocks of moisture and size.  Normally cleaning cloths are either too dry not removing debris or sticky residue on a screen well enough without adding more friction and pressure, or too wet and leaving streaks and won’t dry fast enough.  iCloth was exactly in the middle where they needed to be in terms of moisture and they boast that you will have a 5 star experience or you will get your money back. iCloth had sent me a few different packages so I could test out their Extra Large cloths and the smaller pocket travel cloths to compare both. Their wipes contain 70% isopropyl alcohol.

I had the perfect amount of accessories including 2 Fire Tablets, an 11″ Chromebook and my phone for starters.

Each pouch was individually sealed with very easy to tear corners at the top, getting the cloths out was no fuss at all.

You can see the whole real time action on how I used them on my electronics with commentary the entire time below.

All in all, my son really took a liking to these cleaning cloths from iCloth and would hoard boxes in my room, in fact I had already bought another round of boxes out of pocket after finishing up the review units.  The Large 5in x 7in cloths worked so well for cleaning laptops and the smaller ones were ideal for smart phones and smaller tablets.  I was very impressed and can say with certainty that I recommend iCloth monitor cleaning wipes or phone cleaning wipes without hesitation.

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