Blitzwolf BM-CW2 Condenser Mic Kit Review

Blitzwolf who partners with Dragon Blogger from time to time sent us a studio microphone kit to review and share what we thought of it with our readers.  This is a USB mic kit so it is 100% plug N play with no software needed, it also includes everything you see in the unboxing and review video below.

Inside the box you will receive the Blitzwolf Mic, USB Cable, Boom Arm, Wind sock, Shock Mount and Wind Shield.  Assembling the Blitzwolf mic kit is fairly simple, you just screw in all the various parts that join and slide the mic into the Boom arm after you have the arm clamped onto your desk or surface nearby.

One thing to note is this Blitzwolf mic is a cardoid pattern condenser mic and only picks up mic from a single direction, and this is the direction of the Blitzwolf logo on the mic itself.  You will see a little blue light indicating it is powered and picking up sound.  The ideal location to place the mic is slightly underneath your mouth so you are talking into the tip of the side where the brand logo is.  The mic has an ideal pick up distance of 9″ of closer and does dramatically drop off it’s pick up quality when you exceed 12″ distance from the mic.  Overall however it is a fantastic budget mic and ideal if you get up close and personal with your mic, it is better if you do podcasting or recording work where you are not animated and moving around a lot so you can be still and speak into the mic at an even distance without potential variance in mic pick up volume due to shifting the position of your head and mouth.

Right now you can get this Blitzwolf Mic kit for under $40 by combining our coupon with the $7 coupon clip on Amazon which make it a fantastic deal.  Overall I found the mic to be better than even the Neewer XLR Mic kit, and a tad better sound at close range than the TONOR mic though the TONOR mic has a little better pickup at more distance.

Blitzwolf BM-CW2 Condenser Microphone Kit Unboxing and Video Review

If you have a tight budget but are tired of the sound of your gaming headset, this mic does a fantastic job and when close the mic sound is near the quality of my $150 Logitech G Pro X headset with Blue! Voice tech which is nearly 4x the cost.

Buy the BlitzWolf USB Condenser Microphone Kit and use the 20% Off coupon code DRAGONBW combine this with the $7 off coupon at checkout and save 35% total which is a fantastic deal.


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