Top 5 Popular iPhone Cases Revealed 2020!

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Suppose you want to get any of the two new iPhones, whether the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it is evident you will need to put the phone into a case. Apple claims that the new Ceramic Shield embedded in ceramic crystals make it more robust and durable. The problem is that the screen is still glass. The phone is an investment, and it should be protected. Take a look at some of the top famous cases you need to use.

1. The Totalle Case

It is arguably the thinnest case for iPhone 12 you can find around. When you shop around the stores, including phone cases afterpay online, you would not despise the case. However, the disclaimer is that the case will not protect your phone if it falls from an almost seven fits drop. It will only eliminate the daily scuff marks that get to your phone. Two forms comprise the matte and the transparent form, with the former made of flexible plastic and a thinner version. In contrast, the transparent is made of thermoplastic and is more durable when the phone falls.

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2. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

The Apple Silicon with MagSafe case is at its best. The phone’s bottom edge is covered thoroughly and has small cutouts for the speakers and the charging ports. Your whole phone becomes wonderfully soft. The inner lining of the case ensures the back of your iPhone is safe from any scratches. Furthermore, the front side edges are raised to provide additional protection to the screen if it falls face down. Being a MagSafe case, it contains a ring of magnets at the center that attach to other MagSafe accessories securely.

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3. Nomad Rugged Case

If you are a person with a deep interest in simple leather, the nomad is definitely up for grabs. It is specially made of thermoplastic bumpers with microfiber inside lining to offer protection to your iPhone. The case has the feel of supple, and the bottom spot has a place you can attach a lanyard, which can be somewhat a great thing.

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4. Lifeproof Wake Case

Lifeproof Wake Case is a sustainable case that comprises 85 percent of recycled plastic obtained from the ocean. It is the case to go for if you are an environmentalist. In case you are not comfortable with the flat-edge design on the new iPhones, it is a case that will do as its edges are tough and rounded. Its buttons are easy to click, and the mute switch can be easily accessed.

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5. The Mujjo Leather Full Case

It comes in the form of a soft-feeling case just like the nomad type, but it is slim and shines from the looks. The only setback is that the button needs one to exert slightly more pressure for it to grip. However, it is an excellent solution to offer protection to your brand-new iPhone 12 since it has more excellent resistance. The phone stands to survive great knocks and bumps.

Be a stylish and modest person when seeking to buy one among the above stated iPhone 12 cases online in stores such as phone cases afterpay today!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.