How to Recover Deleted Screen Recording?

Screen recording is important for various reasons. It allows business people, gamers, educators, and others to create tutorials and instructional videos, capture gameplay, troubleshoot technical issues, and demonstrate software processes more effectively by visually sharing the information. This is a versatile tool for both personal and professional use that helps in visual content creation, communication, and step-by-step instructions across various industries. Various free and paid tools can be used to record screens easily on your … Read more

Best Ways to Reset iPhone Without Password

In case you have forgotten your iPhone passcode, it is important to note that the conventional methods of resetting might not work anymore. Due to Apple’s extensive security measures, resetting an iPhone without a password can be challenging. However, there are options to reset your iPhone without a password using other methods. In this article, we will walk you through a detailed, step-by-step guide on resetting your iPhone without a password. Generally, resetting an iPhone … Read more

My Time Machine Restore Button Greyed Out. How to Recover Data?

Time Machine is a useful backup and restoration application that is provided in your macOS. You can set up a Time Machine backup drive, keep it connected to your Mac, and let the application perform your start-up disk backup at the scheduled time. And, in case of any data loss, you can access your Time Machine backup to restore your lost, deleted, inaccessible, or corrupt files. However, sometimes, your Time Machine’s Restore button is greyed … Read more

3 Steps to Wipe Files from PC Hard Drive

Are you one of those who wants to donate or recycle your old computer? Then read this blog as I am going to tell you something very important which you need to know before sending away your computer system or a hard drive. The first thing you have to do is wipe your hard drive. That means wiping out all your personal files which holds information that can be misused. You might think that there … Read more

How to Successfully Wipe Data from a Hard Drive with BitRaser File Eraser

‘I had been using this Sony 1TB slim external hard drive for the past few years. A few days back, I realized it was not performing very effectively. After being fed up of frequent crashes and the degrading file transfer speed, I decided to sell the hard drive to a reseller. But I was a bit worried about data privacy. Although I formatted the drive before selling it, I knew that the deleted files could … Read more

How to Use System Recovery Disk in Windows 10?

Almost all modern laptops are shipped with a recovery partition (aka System Recovery disk partition) that helps you reset or refresh your PC. System Recovery Drive enables you to troubleshoot problems with your PC when your system fails to boot. The disk gives you access to advanced startup options that can be used to restore PC and helps you fix the issue with Windows OS that fails to start correctly. Additionally, it helps you reinstall … Read more

Why Shift + Delete Files Can Be Recovered, and How You Can Prevent It

When you delete files, or a record or a document, it isn’t generally deleted – it keeps existing in your hard drive, even after you erase it from the Recycle Bin. This permits you (and other individuals) to recover the documents you have erased. In case you are not cautious, this will likewise enable other individuals to recover your private records, regardless of whether you think you have erased them. This is of especially critical concern … Read more

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How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Removable Disk?

It is fair to say that in the present digitized environment everybody uses removable disks and most users would agree, isn’t it? These disks are a great option to save as well as access data quickly and effortlessly. But sometimes these devices gets corrupt and you lose your data forever. In this blog, you will know about the ways to retrieve deleted files from removable disk Despite the success, these portable storage media devices are questioned … Read more

Possible Ways to Undelete Files from Windows OS

At some point of time, we end up deleting a file from our system either intentionally or absentmindedly. There arises a situation when we need that particular File. In such scenarios, when we simply delete by pressing the Delete option, we can easily recover it by using the Restore button. The reason being these Files are in the Recycle Bin. However, there are certain scenarios where we delete it using Shift + Delete option, or … Read more

When You Encounter Hard Disk Drive Failure

Drives normally fail over a period of time; you just need to know and keep a watch on the warning signs and you can save yourself from losing all your important files. There are various kinds of disk failures; the first thing you need to identify is what exactly caused the drive to fail and what steps can be performed for recovery. Reasons for Hard disk drive failure Manufacturer Faults– This normally occurs with new … Read more