How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Removable Disk?

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It is fair to say that in the present digitized environment everybody uses removable disks and most users would agree, isn’t it? These disks are a great option to save as well as access data quickly and effortlessly. But sometimes these devices gets corrupt and you lose your data forever. In this blog, you will know about the ways to retrieve deleted files from removable disk

Despite the success, these portable storage media devices are questioned on data security, similar to other disks. In these numerous questions, a query-how to Retrieve Deleted Files from Removable Disk is a big concern. Reason being, lost or deleted files not only causes inaccessibility to data but also halts the business continuity. Then, what’s the solution?

Are you thinking of Recycle Bin? If yes, then I must say, please sideline it as removable disk does not stores deleted files there. Oh no, then what’s the viable solution. How to execute deleted file retrieval from removable disk? No need to worry! The following post is an answer to your query.

Before delving into deleted file retrieval from a removable disk, let’s have a brief understanding of possible reasons for data loss from removable disks and precautionary tricks to avoid the same.

Understanding the Basics

Is it Possible to Recover the Data from Removable Disk?

Yes, data recovery from the removable drive is possible.

Recovery Is Possible.jpg

Wondering, how? Here is an answer.

A removable drive is just like a hard disk. In this, you have sectors to store the data. When you delete or lost a file/folder, its pre-occupied space becomes free and available. Adding more, there is no modification to the deleted file’s content unless you overwrite. Thus, there are equal chances of data recovery from removable disk. You just have to employ an effective solution to bring back inaccessible files.

Potential Reasons for Data Loss from Removable Disk


  • Accidental Deletion: One of the most common reason. There is a possible chance that you end up deleting some important files while clearing out unwanted files
  • Virus attack: It might be possible that you have added any virus-infected file to your external drive and that as a consequence has infected other files also.
  • Incorrect Removal: Removing removable media abruptly without using proper eject technique— Safely Remove Hardware, due to laziness or in a hurry is another potential reason.
  • Interruption during File Transfer: The occurrence of actions like sudden system shutdown or power fluctuations during the file transfer program can also result in data loss.
  • Anti-virus program: There are equal chances of wanted files removal during anti-virus scanning due to infection.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Data Loss from Removable Disk


  • Backup your data at regular intervals

Data Backup is a perfect approach to bid goodbye to the inevitable situation—data loss. Reason being, if you have a backup, you can quickly restore your data and resume your business which in otherwise condition could result in a massive loss. So, a backup is a key to keep data safe in all unforeseen actions. To back up your data, count on the best backup approach is 3-2-1 rule.

  • Think twice prior to file or folder deletion

We all delete unrequired files time-to-time to free up space. But, there are scenarios where we end up deleting some necessary files by mistake while clearing out the unwanted files. So, it is always advisable to think twice before deletion.

  • Say No to improper file ejection technique

The computer provides a Safe Eject feature to remove the removable drive from the system. One should always use it to take away disk as sometimes this little mistake can drop you in a fatal situation like data inaccessibility.

  • Don’t connect your removable disk to system having public access

We all at times connect our removable disk with public access like Cafes, Public Wi-Fi because it has potential to infect your system as well as a data store on it.

Actions to Take Into Account after Data Loss

  • Stop using removable drive immediately
  • Look for a right data recovery solution
  • Say No to formatting or re-formatting of removable disk from which you have lost data

Deleted File Retrieval from Removable Disk


The best and sure-shot solution to recover data from any storage media; be it internal or external is Backup. But, if in case if you don’t have a backup, you can try professional data recovery software. A software-directed approach to recover data with great ease and data integrity assurance.

Does Windows data recovery software work?

Yes, it is possible to restore data using top-rated data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Professional. This software works in-sync with all types of storage devices including removable disks and promises to restore data within the short time frame. The easy-to-use interface and data confidentiality assurance are the USPs of this tool. If you want to evaluate its functionality, operations, features, and capabilities, download its free-of-cost Trail version. Try it; you have nothing to lose!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.