A Guide to Shopping for a Radar Detector 

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If you think the battle against surprise police speed traps is won once you have decided to get yourself a radar detector, then think again. Choosing the right detector will be your next big challenge. Modern drivers might have at their disposal more options as they shop for these gadgets, but that also translates into a more overwhelming evaluation process. But here is a guide to help you make the right call as you buy a radar detector.

Firs of all, you have to be very careful about what some websites endorse as the best radar detectors. Some will simply promote the most expensive model on the market based on the premise that the more you pay the better the product quality. Others are simply promoting certain brands, while others simply recommend the brands and models that seem to sell the most. But a smart buyer knows better than this – there is more to getting a good radar detector than ordering the most expensive or the best-selling variant in the market.

Get one thing clear – the best radar detector 2018 is that which best addresses your needs. Each driver is unique, and that means each driver requires a particular type of radar detector. And to help you find the best radar detector for you, here are some things you should consider.

1. Price

Top-range radar detectors may have all the bells and whistles; and most people would appreciate owning them, but not everyone would be willing to pay their premium price. Fortunately, there are reliable detectors that offer premium level performance a fraction of the cost. While you might have to accept a slight trade off with regards to performance, the fairly priced detectors may have all the features you need as you shop for this handy driving aid.

2. Your Driving Environment

Some radar detectors will do a better job on the highways, while others will do their best work in the city. For instance, there are detectors that will be affected by hilly landscapes, and these are often found when driving on the open road. Others will keep going off when used in the city due to the many signals present in such environments. So, if you drive mostly in the city, you should opt for models that can filter signals more intelligently. But if you are driving on the highways most of the time, then you can go for models with extras like GPS capabilities so that they can inform you of any dangers speed cameras and red light cameras might pose.

3. Priority Features

A feature that might be cherished by one driver may hold no significance for you. For this reason, you should always pick a radar detector that has specific the features you need. For instance, if you feel like a voice alert feature is an absolute necessity so that you are better focused on the road as you drive, then consider radar detectors that come with this feature; and a good one at that.

4. The Radar Detector’s Age

The age of the detector matters, mainly because of the price. Generally, even if you are getting a good detector from several years ago, odds are that you can get a modern alternative just as potent for a much lower price. The technology in these gadgets keeps improving, and as time goes by, premium features are becoming more affordable. Also avoid second hand radar detectors. For one thing, there is no guarantee that they will deliver their expected performance. Additionally, you will have no warranty to fall back on in case of failure.


With this guideline, you should know how to pick a good radar detector. Just because someone recommends a certain model as the best radar detector drivers have at their disposal, there is no guarantee that it will offer you the best use experience. The important thing is to do a bit of research on the models that meet your particular needs with regard to price, features and the like.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.