4 Good Smartphone Apps To Use During A Trade Show

If you’re planning on attending a trade show anytime soon, you’re probably thinking of the many ways to make the most of the event. Fact is, most trade shows are an awesome opportunity to net many benefits including; client leads, new employees, product sales and more. image via (iContact) We happen to think and believe that trade shows are an excellent way to drum up new business and or make good contacts for growing your … Read more

Dragoncast Episode 15 Talking About The Walking Dead and The Latest Smartphones

It’s been awhile but Victor Salazar and myself are back for yet another amazing episode of Dragoncast. This time around we discuss the return of one of the most watched television shows, AMC’s The Walking Dead (just want to let our listeners know there are spoilers about episode 1) in which Victor and myself let everyone know just how excited we are about the return of our favorite zombie survivalists.    We also cover Grand … Read more

RAVPower 14000mAh External Battery Pack Review

When it comes to mobile devices these days people want to have a device that they can rely on that will give them the longest battery life possible. Nothing can be more frustrating than when we receive an important call, email or text and notice that our phone has only about  3-5% left on it making that important response back seem like a game of “Beat the Clock” However I was given the opportunity to … Read more

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner: Super or Superfluous?

Apple’s latest announcements regarding the iPhone 5S have been met with mostly mixed results. Despite the hardware tweaks and improvements, critics note that the innovations on the upcoming model seem few and far between. One innovation Apple is hoping will attract buyers is the addition of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The scanner in question is intended to act as an alternative to securing your iPhone with a password and attempt to further protect your … Read more

Limeade High Capacity Battery Review

Disclaimer: Limeade provided Dragonblogger.com with a Limeade Blast Ultra-High Capacity Battery for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. Is it just me or do smart electronics seem to be getting thirstier and thirstier for battery juice these days? With countless social apps running in the background, and ongoing pinging for a 3G or wireless signal, your smart device will quickly find itself dehydrated. Not to worry! Now such a problem … Read more

Leather Case from Rocketcases Review

Disclaimer: Rocketcases has provided Dragonblogger.com with a Leather Case for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. The bland smooth finish of the back of the iPhone can lack personality for most people. Purchasing an iPhone case is one such way that Apple fans attempt to solve this problem. Lately the repertoire offered up by Rocketcases.com has caught my interest. While disguising your phone with one of their Retro cases is … Read more

Texting Conversation

5 Text Messaging Apps That Use WiFi

I’ve been on vacation in rural Pennsylvania with my family this week and although my phone says “searching for signal” 75% of the day, I’m still able to connect with my friends and colleagues in Florida because I have a WiFi connection. As long as the person I’m contacting uses one of the free text messaging services that works over WiFi, we can still communicate even though there’s not a Verizon tower within 20 miles … Read more

Review of the Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I get a lot of products to test and review from various companies including Anker which is one of my favorites and I was excited for the chance to test out a new kind of product from them rather than the compact external batteries.  This product was the Anker Mini Bluetooth Speaker 4.0 which is a portable speaker that connects to your devices via Bluetooth.  This speaker is ideal for letting you listen to your … Read more

Review: Otterbox Defender Series Case with iON Intelligence for iPhone 4 and 4S

  Otterbox has proven time and time again that their products are not only built to last but also built to make certain that your device is protected. The Otterbox Defender Series of cases are built with three layers of protection in order to ensure you that your device is guaranteed to have some of the best protection for your money. This is the newest case from Otterbox in their Defender line of products and … Read more

Bluetooth Bulb Review: Fun and Energy Saving

Disclaimer: BlueBulb provided Dragonblogger.com with a Bluetooth Bulb for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. It seems just about everything is getting the Bluetooth treatment these days and the humble light bulb is no exception. The Bluetooth Bulb is an early contender stepping into the ring hoping to prove that it is not only original but one of the best. As dazzled as I was by the thought of being … Read more

Gameboy Retro Case by Rocketcases Review

Disclaimer: Rocketcases has provided Dragonblogger.com with a Gameboy Retro Case for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. Novelty cases are such a great way to solve the “which iPhone is yours” problem. Rocketcases has come up with a solution that reaches out to your inner gamer with their Gameboy Retro Case. The Gameboy Retro Case is a truly ingenious way to camouflage your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5. … Read more