Review of Stardock Start 11

Hello, this is TheTechBoy with a review of Start 11.

Some people dislike the new Windows 11 Start menu. Start11 is a company that made new start menus that model the Windows 7, 10, and more start menu.  The computer used is a Galaxy Book Flex Alpha with a core i-17 10th gen processor and 12 GB of RAM.

Windows 7

 The Start menu looks like Windows 7, with the exception of your Microsoft account in the top right. The text on the side is extremely useful as it takes you directly to those locations. Start 11 has different versions of the Start menu that basically

changes the aesthetic of the start menu. The search is good when looking for applications and files.  If you move the taskbar to left, Start 11 allows you to customize the Start button with a custom image, or one of their images. There are also different layouts such as compact, grid, and compact grid. Shortly before writing this section, Start 11 crashed while there were no applications open.

Start 10

Start 10 looks like Windows 10, but it does not feature live tiles. Also search is done by just typing. The tiles are able to be moved and by dragging and dropping applications into the tile menu you can pin them. You can also change the color of the tiles and choose a custom icon for the

tile.  You can even change the size of the tiles. The start menu has a wide array of settings, including making the start menu fullscreen. Start also recognizes the new Windows 11 “tablet mode” with a setting that allows the Windows  11 start to work in tablet mode.


Modern looks like a cross between Windows 7 and Windows 11. Modern looks more modernized but that is the only difference to the Windows 7 Start screen in my opinion. There are also different layouts such as compact, grid, and compact grid.

Windows 11 Mode

Start also has a Windows 11 mode that is more customizable than the standard Start screen. It allows for applications to have custom icons and for the start screen to be full screen among other options.


Taskbar fans rejoice!! In Start, you may move the taskbar to the left, center, and the top of the screen. You can also choose how the taskbar works on an external monitor, (untested by TheTechBoy) and can change the size and transparency of the taskbar.


Stardock has done a good job with this application that allows you to customize the aesthetic of your computer. It does have a few minor issues with starting when you click on it, as it sometimes lags and you have to click on it twice. 

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