Better shaving experience with ATEEN’s electric razor

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About a decade ago, one-time use shaver was very popular. It was so cheap and convenient for people to use. However, it introduces a lot of plastic waste. Imagine how much plastic we are dumping into the environment for each time we shave. Typical adults usually shave 2,3 times per week. That is a lot of harm to the environment. Fortunately, with the rise of technology, people finally invent an alternative: electric razor. And in this article, we will showcase you the razor from ATEEN.

One of the main concerns when people switch from the traditional one to the electric one is the cost. Rest aside, we guarantee you are getting the big bang for the buck. This is the 5 in 1 shaver and it packs with a lot of functionalities.

The ATEEN’s advantages

The first feature that stands out the most is the floating shaver heads. This device equips 6D flexible blades. This structure has a better coverage comparing to the 5D one. The extra blade will save you some time since you don’t have to go back and forth to cover an edge area. Moreover, this extra blade can handle the contour of your head, face, and chin. Even some areas that your traditional blade fails to reach. As a result, the 6D structure floating heads will provide you a close and faster shave.


The 6D floating heads also come with the Double-Ring structure on every single blade. In my opinion, this is the main feature making ATEEN’s electric razor stands out from the rest. In this structure, there will be an internal sharp blade in the inside ring. This innovation increases the contact area by 50%. At the same time, the outer ring will protect your skins from these sharp blades. It won’t leave any nicks, cuts, or any irritation marks on your skin. Hence, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable shaving.

Concern about usage ?

The good news is this ATEEN’s electric shaver is fully waterproof. You can carry out your shaving routine regardless of wet or dry use. If your preference is a dry shave, you can just turn the little device on and start shaving. Otherwise, don’t forget to use some foam or gels to shave with water. In addition to the waterproof feature, the device’s head is also detachable and washable. This is a very important feature in my opinion. Since it will make your life easier whenever you clean the heads. With the traditional one, it can get tricky to get the sticky hair out of the blades. It even becomes more challenging when they are wet. You might have to keep tapping the blades for the hair to come out. That is not the case with our ATEEN’s razor blade.


Finally, the ATEEN’s electric razor provides supreme usage. With one single charge, the razor can function for 90 minutes straight. The better part is it only takes 90 minutes for one charge. So mathematically, you will get one minute of shaving for one charging minute. That is efficient. Moreover, the device also comes with an informative LED display. The display will show the remaining power, the low battery reminder, as well as the cleaning reminder. This is a user-friendly feature, that helps you to stay on top of your device status.

The ATEEN’s electric razor is available on Amazon at this link

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.