Among Us Alternatives: 7 Best Games like Among Us to Play w/ Friends

Looking for some of the best games like Among Us? If yes, then we’ve curated this list especially for you. Because Among Us is no doubt has become a big deal nowadays. As a result, it has become the most downloaded game on the Play Store as well as on the App Store. That also makes it the most playable games on various charts. But there are plenty of games on different platforms like PC, … Read more

Top 7 Smartphones for Blogging in 2020

It is the apparent fact that it is best to type texts on a fully functional laptop keyboard. Still, another obvious point is that in today’s circumstances, people often are living on the go and need to accomplish their tasks on the go too. Blogging is commonly considered one of such dynamic activities, thus to get the best content for your audience, a blogger needs to get equipped with one of the best smartphones in … Read more

best Indie Games for Android

6 Best Indie Games for Android to Blow your Mind

Google Play is a messed up place, where games and apps are stuffed like a girl’s almirah. Hence, searching for the right indie game, that suits your preference and matches your desire could be a hard task. Therefore, we’ve done some dirty work for you and curated the list of 10 best Indie games for android owners, who love new but small games. Because Google Play has a plethora of editors choice games and apps, … Read more

9 Best Free Games on Steam

Steam is a colossal website that provides premium as well as paid games to its users. Although the website was started in 2003 to provide automatic updates to their own games. But later, they expanded and started selling third-party publishers’ games as well. That allows gamers to purchase their favorite game digitally without getting a physical copy. Although, steam is known for its high-quality premium games. But there are some free to play games on … Read more

No Man’s Sky Desolation Patch Notes Overview

From disappointment to awe, No Man’s Sky is slowly delivering some of its promises to the gaming community. Rarely do we witness a video game redeem itself after heavy criticisms and disappointments from fans and critics. In relation to that, Hello Games recently unveiled another update for the game called “desolation,” and for the most part, this new update brings takes the game into a whole new level. For starters, the Desolation update brings a … Read more

Is Playing Online Multiplayer Mobile Games on PC Worth It?

Multiplayer games have evolved to become one of the most played genres in the video games industry. Although the genre has been around since the invention of video games. Multiplayer games, for the most part, rose from the non-networked two-player games like Tennis for Two in the past to the single-system gaming we use today. One of the biggest factors that led to the surge of online multiplayer game popularity is internet connectivity. As our … Read more

8 Things You Should Know If You Are Planning To Make A Podcast On YouTube

YouTube has been ranked as the most popular way of listening to podcasts, as per a study conducted by The University of Florida in partnership with Futuri Media (Source). Since you are uploading your podcast on YouTube, it is called a video podcast. Video podcasts feature footage of your show, or to put it simply; it is a podcast with both video and audio content. YouTube podcasts need to have video content to gain success. A video … Read more

Matt’s Top Ten Favorite Games

The following are the top ten best games of all time according to Matt from The Streamer Guide.  As an avid video gamer i have seen the best in all games. These are just my favorites of all time. 10. Rocket League (2015) Source : Rocket League Rocket League is undeniably simple at its core; just two goals, six cars, an arena, and the rest is up to the players. Yet it manages to overcome … Read more


5 Common Marketing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

No matter what industry you have, your business in marketing is crucial to every business. It has the capability of making or breaking a business. Hence, it is vital to develop a marketing plan that is efficient enough and delivers enormous results. Successful marketing requires smart planning, and the right set of choices will help you rank high. In-depth knowledge of marketing strategies is crucial to attaining success. Moreover, it is also essential to know … Read more

Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Esports

Although esports has been with us for less than two decades, the competitive gaming phenomenon has shown that it is continually changing in a variety of ways. For a long time, it was classic battle arena games like League of Legends and first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive that ruled the roost. But it looks like several noticeable trends are affecting the way that we enjoy watching and playing esports. So, here’s a quick … Read more

Alien & Predator: The Good and The Bad

The Alien franchise has been the cause of many a sleepless night since the first Alien film released back in 1979. In the four decades since, Alien — and its spin-off franchise, Predator — has become one of the most recognizable names in sci-fi horror, its influence extending outside of film into other realms of media. It should come as no surprise then that a brand as big as Alien would spawn video games. In … Read more

Location-Based AR Apps: Features, Benefits, and Challenges

In many people’s minds, the Augmented Reality technology is associated with Pokémon Go. This is due to the whooping success of this revolutionary game in 2016. However, much water has flown under the bridge since that time. Nowadays, AR is a powerful tool that offers a pool of benefits in many spheres of business. In our guide, we are going to have a closer look at one of AR types known as location-based or markerless … Read more

Your Best Antivirus Software for 2020

The world is on the verge of techno-economy era. With nearly 200 billion connected devices in the world today, cybersecurity is a predominant concern. The ever-increasing digitalization of business engagement have made the integrated systems of global corporations vulnerable to cyberattacks leading to the enormous data breach that is estimated to reach $150 million in 2020. A robust and compatible antivirus software effectively protects computers and smartphones by detecting and preventing number of digital threats … Read more

7 Terrifying Creatures That Aren’t in Horror Games but Still Gives You Nightmares

What’s better than a good monster? Here’s a list of 7 of the scariest villains in gaming!   Who doesn’t love a good monster? Series like Silent Hill and Resident Evil have been delivering horrors at us for years, and newer series like Amnesia and Dead Space have capitalized and profited on that design. The noises they make, the hatchets they wield, and their seemingly infinite sprint meters are what make us shake. Put something … Read more

7 strategy games that will improve your planning and analytical skills

Your next move could be your last move, so think carefully. You are cornered in an enemy base, and time is running out, be ready to respond any second. There is a high chance of failing in a game, causing your emotional tension to soar. But, you can save yourself by making quick decisions within a few seconds. When you do that, not only your emotions trigger, but you also develop planning and analytical skills. … Read more

Here Is Why Android is Now Harder to Crack than iOS

Criminals and government agencies are now looking to break into smartphones to steal valuable data or investigate criminal activities. Governments, in particular, are pushing for more regulation on encryption to make it easier for them to break into mobile devices. However, most tech firms are against this move. In fact, Google has made it even harder to crack into its Android platform. Some forensic detectives believe that Android is now harder to crack than the … Read more

The Specifics of Android Mobile App Development

The Android operating system was created by Google in 2005. The corporation bought the startup Android Inc. and engaged in this development. Since then, Android has developed rapidly and is now installed on more than 83% of all mobile devices in the world. Android Mobile Application Specifics Highly varied devices This is great for users: you can choose a phone for every taste and for any technical requirements. But it is very difficult for developers, … Read more

6 Amazing Scrabble Hacks

One of the most amazing and known board games all over the world is Scrabble, combining the most excellent and effective strategies. However, this is not just an easy game this game can make you think twice as you attempt to form words that give you the highest score to win this game. Fortunately, there’s a lot of action you can use to help you win with this board game. Just like the other board … Read more