6 Amazing Scrabble Hacks

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One of the most amazing and known board games all over the world is Scrabble, combining the most excellent and effective strategies. However, this is not just an easy game this game can make you think twice as you attempt to form words that give you the highest score to win this game.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of action you can use to help you win with this board game. Just like the other board games, scrabble can also be your pastime. It will give you much pride, especially if you win against your family and friends. Therefore, with these hacks, there are so many more chances to help you overcome this game.

Use Bonus Spaces For Letter With High Scores

You need to utilize the room for double, triple letters, and with the words that can assist you to win the game. The spots will give you a high score. But if ever you do not regulate better words. That is the time you should use the spaces so your opponent will stop using them. For that reason, it will limit the score of your opponent and probably this is one of the most effective ways and will be your biggest chance to win the game.

Using ‘Q’ and ‘S’ At The Starting Phase Of The Game

If you use the letter ‘Q’ sooner it will give you more score. The letter ‘Q’ has a high-value point, but it is very hard to use it because the letter ‘Q’ has a lack of words when using it. When the letter ‘Q’ shows on your deck do not hesitate to make it first in the line when it comes to building your words. It will give your opponent a hard time to take over when you put the letter ‘Q’ in an open spot.

On the other hand, adding the letter ‘S’ will allow you to generate two words at the same time. To pluralized the existing word to create a new word. There are only four tiles for ‘S’ so use it wisely to help you have an additional score.

You Must Know The Suffixes And Prefixes

Your knowledge about suffixes and prefixes is a good help to outscore your opponent and gain more points. You can always use some suffixes such as -ED, -NESS, -ING, and -ITY among the others. Similarly, you can also use prefixes like NON-, TRI-, MIS-, and PRE-. With the use of the suffixes and prefixes, it will give you more points than your opponent’s words. Other than that, you can construct an unexpected positive outcome with the suffixes and the prefixes for bonuses.

Remembering Scrabble’s High Scoring Words

Scrabble has not so many words that will give you a high score. Look after tiles such as J, Q, X, and Z. Usually, OXO, AJI, JEU, and QAT is the most common high scoring words that can extremely give you a big chance to win the game. Also, always remember some of the two-letter words that can ensure you a high score are QI, JO, and ZA. It can be a great hack for scrabble players even if they are short words.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while trying to remember the highest scoring  words is efficient productivity. A great way to help you quickly identify certain words which can potentially score high is by reading articles online and remembering them, by using a character counter you can easily identify the number of characters that a word has hence helping you identify the number of blocks you need to use the word on a game.

Use The Parallels and Hook Words

Parallels may help you if you’re bothered with vowels that are useless. Using parallels in this game will give you more score than you think. It also helps you to maximize your score in the game. If you want to complement your letters, consider the spots like bonus squares or high-value letters.

When the time comes if you’re out of words to fit perfectly in the dock, One of the best ideal options is the hook words. It concerns the letters that you connect to the word that already exists. Apart from using the letter ‘S’ in the last part of the word, you can place it or you can attach it on the front hook. Such a word like ratify, just add ‘g’ on it so it will become ‘gratify’.

Make Use of Blank Tiles For A Bingo

You need to master the BINGO words if you really want to be the best player in this game. It will give you 50 points in every single move if you play BINGO on seven tiles. Also, memorizing seven to eight-letter words will give you higher chances to find bingos.

Suffixes and prefixes can be your helping hand on getting a magic word. Your opponent will be amazed if you create a bingo with high score words. Also, a constant practice and playing can help you find possible combinations to win the game.


So to have a great score and to win every single game in scrabble, you should always use these hacks to win against the opponent. Remember always put the high scoring letters on the bonus spaces, Using ‘Q’ and ‘S’ at the initial part of the game, you should always know the suffixes and prefixes, memorized the high score words, using parallels and hook words, and last use the blank tiles for a bingo.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.