PUBG Mobile Duo Mode Beginner’s Guide

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Squad-based battle royale games such as PUBG Mobile have multiple types of modes, most of the time you are given a choice to play solo, duo or in a 4-man team. Playing solo is the easiest considering you are one against everyone, while a duo or a 4-man team needs a little more communication and tactics to win chicken dinners.

Duo is exactly in the middle of the pack in terms of difficulty as there will be less communication needed compared to a full squad but you still need to be tactical enough compared to solo mode so you can win games. 

Here are some tips and tricks if you are playing on Duo.


Play with Someone You Know

First and foremost, there is just something vastly different from playing with friends instead of strangers. It is much easier to communicate, and you know your friend’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Maybe they are better at doing run n’ gun, and thus, you can back him up easily from afar, or vice versa. Basically, you are 100% sure you got each other’s back, and you will help each other out when either of you gets in a pinch or downed by an enemy. Of course, the loot will be shared as well.

However, there are times you cannot play with your friends, and you may need to queue with a stranger.


Communicate and Ping Items/Enemies

There are plenty of ways to communicate on PUBG Mobile. One of those is talking to your teammate. You can easily tell them about the gun you found or enemies you saw running in the field. 

If you are uncomfortable talking in-game, then pinging or using the quick chat feature of PUBG Mobile is still an efficient way to communicate. It is a button on the top right between the emoji button and the eye button. 

Although, if possible, combining talking to your teammates and utilising quick chats will make your teamwork much better and more efficient.


Play All the Maps

PUBG Mobile has plenty of maps that vary in size. Each has its own strategy, and it is actually better to familiarize yourself by playing a lot of these different maps. 

For example, Erangel is a great beginner’s map. It is large, full of houses and open spaces. It is the best map for the overall experience. On the other hand, Sanhok is small, cramped, and has more encounters with the enemy.

As you play each map, you will find your favourite spots and which part of the map is always a hot zone for duo or squad, and of course, you can easily navigate without looking at the map consistently. Additionally, there are unique guns for each map, which is always nice to try.


Know Where to Land and Where to Go

A critical aspect of winning in PUBG Mobile is knowing where to land or where your team is going for loot. There are two choices, drop on locations that the plane passes by, or farther drops where you can secure better loot with less engagement.

Each map has its own hot zone locations where most players drop because it can put their team at an advantage in the early stage of the game if they manage to survive the chaos. If you are comfortable with your skills and want to engage as much as you can, then dropping into these hot zones is a great idea. Mainly because surviving will be a very challenging task. It is also a good way to get better at your skills.

Otherwise, you can drop to the farther side of the map where there are fewer players. Engagement is less, and you will probably sprint from point A to point B more often than not. However, this gives you a better chance to loot better guns for the mid-game or end-game. This is the best strategy if you are planning to win a chicken dinner.

After looting, plan your routes or next move. Utilize your map by labelling or pointing out where to go. It is better to be deep in the circle, rather than chasing it, so you can get better positioning in the late game.


Share the Loot

Be generous! As a duo, it is supposed to be a give-and-take type of teamwork. If you find good loot and are already stacked, then tell your teammate as it will give you more chances at winning.

As for looting the enemies you’ve defeated, let your teammate loot first if they are the one who finishes your enemies off and vice versa. It is a simple etiquette that must be followed. However, simply ask if you want to loot it first if you have a gap in weapons such as having UZI in the mid or late game.

If you have too many health items, offer them to your teammate, same with bullets, and attachments. There should always be enough for both of you in terms of healing and ammo, so you do not depend too much on one another.


Take Cover, Smokes, and Reviving

In PUBG Mobile, you do not exactly die when you get downed by an enemy. There is a chance for your teammate to revive you, but it can be quite tricky.

Never rush to revive someone as enemies might still be lurking or rushing for a kill. The best way to prevent or mitigate this is to throw a smoke grenade before reviving your teammate. We recommend two smoke grenades, so the smoke is thicker. 

In this way, your enemies will not be able to see you, and once you manage to get revived, you can sneak away so you can be healed.

Always take cover behind rocks, trees or buildings. It is best to be sneaky in PUBG Mobile as the element of surprise is usually fatal.


Focus Fire and Positional Shooting

As a duo, it is highly encouraged to simply focus fire on one target. Why? A downed target will not be able to shoot you back. This also pressures the enemy’s teammate as time is ticking before you get eliminated.

You can also use a downed teammate as bait. If the enemy tries to revive someone, it is the best time to shoot them, and it is actually very successful most of the time. Plus, they will get eliminated immediately.

On the other hand, you can complement this with positional shooting. Basically, you will shoot from a different angle so your enemies will get confused, and you have a much easier time hitting them.



PUBG Mobile remains a great game whether you play solo, duo, or squad. We always recommend you play with your friends as much as possible or at least try to add good teammates in the game so you can add them up if they are looking for teammates as well.

Although this does not guarantee that you will win chicken dinner every time, we do hope it will help you achieve that goal with higher chances in the future. Anyway, if you’re ever in need of some PUBG Mobile UC, grab some from OffGamers here today!

If you have other tips and tricks, then let us know in the comment section below.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.