Easy-to-use Pro Tips for Beginners on Tribes of Midgard’s Inferno Saga

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Gear up and be the legendary Einherjar to save Midgard from the doom of Ragnarok! Tribes of Midgard’s Inferno Saga is now available on all Xbox Series and Nintendo switch for players across the globe. Explore scary dungeons, stand up to gigantic Helthings, and form a formidable bond with your tribesmen to protect your village and the Seed of Yggdrasil within from beastly brutes who have vowed to bring Midgard to its ruin.

The new survival-based season from Norsfell is such a masterpiece, and players who have gone through the quests in this gameplay will tell you it was a very hard nut to crack while starting. So here are some beginner’s walkthroughs to help you get prepared, find your way around your quests, survive, and stake your name in color gold in the pages of Midgard’s history and feast in Valhalla.

  1. Keep a close watch on your souls. For every player, this is one of the most important and delicate resources you must keep a close watch on at all times as you proceed in this game as they ultimately stand as Seeds of Yggdrasil’s lifeblood. You can use your souls to regenerate the health of trees for them to keep growing and blossoming. You can use your souls to do a lot of reinforcement in numerous parts of the village and outside like upgrades on armorsmith, gates, bridges, archery towers, trapper, quarry, blacksmith, farm, tinker, and many more.
  2. Get resources at every opportunity. Don’t sleep on yourself! Going forward in Tribes of Midgard will require more than enough resources than you know. Always make sure you are not low on them, and if low, be quick and fast when gathering your resources to you won’t b caught off guard.

You will need your resources in both the short and long-run through every phase of the game to craft recipes, integrate upgrades within and outside the village, as stated above, secure weapons, and more.

  1. Scaling through saga modes depends solely on your upgrades. Conducting upgrades in and outside the village such as the blacksmith and the tinker are so mandatory for triumph in this mode that the two are considered the most important of all others. Upgrades on the aspect of the village like the farm give you access to leather and meat which you can’t easily get during winter.

Others that should be upgraded include the villagers, the quarry, and the lumber yard. Upgrades on quarry and lumberyard will automatically provide you with iron, stone, and wood for building.

  1. Consistent shrines activation is vital. As you proceed from quest to quest, shrines will be available for you in every world scattered on the ground. You will need these shrines to move from one area to another, travel back and forth to the village, and discover some areas in the game that you haven’t been to or explored fully. Your shrines are great tools as well against giants; it gives you the ability to travel faster and closer to the giant to carry out sudden attacks. Shrines are the small gold stars you might have seen some of the players use when activated but naturally in the game are grey if checked on your map.
  2. Make use of your horns judiciously. Players have access to horns whenever Jotunns are defeated. These resources can be scarce sometimes because there are limits to how many will be available for each quest, so be sure to use them wisely whenever you are opportune to get one.
  3. Refill your NPCs always. If there is one thing that will sustain you through the saga, this is it. Don’t ever let your guards down or get carried away by the numerous action-induced battles or your class abilities to not remember you are already on your low. Be it on armor, weapons, or portions, always check your NPC to see areas that need to be leveled up, search for souls and scale up as fast as you can. This is the commonest of all pitfalls between success and mastery for most beginners.
  4. Never allow any opportunity for you to leverage the war chest eludes you. If on multiplayer or single, war chest allows you to store items and share amongst yourselves. There is no need for you to transfer all your items into your inventory unless you are conducting one or two upgrades in the village, you can still make use of all your items while in storage.
  5. Approach the enemies tactically. There are different and numerous forms of attacks you can perform while battling, but one thing you should avoid is rolling into the water, being thrown or shoved into it. If you do, you may definitely still survive. This is not the same for your enemies. So it’s advisable you take advantage of the terrains, shove and attack strong enemies like giants hard till they fall into the water to secure your ultimate victory instead of exhausting your life bar by facing them head-on. More so, you get to add their loots to your collections as they are seen scattered on the ground.
  6. Don’t waste both of your Eir Eiffigies. Be it blue or red, develop the attitude to save for the last. These particular resources might be your point of call in dire situations especially when you are on your low. i.e when you need mana or health in tight spots or tough battles.
  7. Endeavor to see all your quests through. This will avail you of loads of rewards and excess resources to conduct massive upgrades in the village and as well help sustain you as continue your adventure.

To know the next quest on your radar, you can check the Quest’s board placed somewhere close to the center of your village.

  1. Take advantage of enemies’ loot as they come. One of the easiest ways to do this is by kiting the brutes, making them glide over to cut down trees. This technique will help you defeat the invaders quickly, and grant you access to their loot easily such as wood for building as they appeared scattered on the ground each time the enemies are defeated.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your class. Tribes of Midgard have a total number of eight classes; the Seer, Ranger, the Warden, Warrior, Sentinel, Hunter, and the Berserker. Each of these classes is made up of different unique abilities that players can use. Be sure to go over each of these characters in the menu to understand which is best suitable for your type of person and adventure.
  3. Any day after the blood moon is another opportunity for you to explore. The blood moon comes in every two, three to four days thereby, which means more battles for you with far cruel enemies. The Helthings you will face during this period of the invasion of the village will be as twice monstrous more the any you have ever faced before. So, if there are places you wish to venture into, it is expedient that players take caution, and wait to explore on days after the blood moon passes especially if they are low on resources.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.