7 Things That Pros Do That Beginners Don’t in PUBGM

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) remains the benchmark for mobile battle royale games. And with PUBG Mobile’s popularity, the number of players who want to play it professionally has also gone up.

Getting into the game is simple, but mastering it takes skill and sense. It’s easy to find out which guns and gear professional PUBGM players use. Learning the game sense could be difficult for beginners.

That’s why we are listing 7 things that pros do that beginners don’t in PUBGM. With our guide, you can learn the tips and tricks that will help develop your game.


Getting to The Ground

The flight path is available to you during the spawning phase, which means you can chart your path and mark your drop location. After marking your intended drop location, you need to time your jump. This part comes with experience. If you’re playing the Erangel map, try to jump when you’re 750m away from your location. If it’s Livik, jump 450m out. You’ll get the timing down with experience.

Pressing forward during the dive will take you free-falling straight down to the ground quickly (your parachute opens automatically. But PUBGM pros are always ready to adapt. And if you feel that a bunch of people are below you, you can manually open the chute to glide across the map. You will lose time but will get away from the early firefights.

Some cheeky pros also like to stay on the plane until the game automatically throws you out at the edge of the map. You will go down along with anyone who has disconnected, giving you a chance to farm easy kills.


Staying on The Move

More than killing, surviving is the key in PUBGM. And movement is key to survival. To be a tough target to hit, you need to stay on the move when looting drops, picking up items, or sorting your backpack. 

You will move across the map, and you can hit the running icon to lock into sprinting mode. You can then look at the map, scan around for enemies, or have a drink while running.

If you’re trying to get out of a skirmish or get to the safe zone, you might have to run faster. Tap the weapon icon to holster your weapon to move quicker. You should also use the Energy Drink cans for a speed boost.

Of course, vehicles can get you out of trouble and into the safe zone the quickest. But crashing the vehicle or jumping out of a moving one will damage you. Many beginners also step out and use the vehicle as cover if they are under fire. Don’t do that! Vehicles — even boats, and armoured cars — will explode if damaged enough.


Changing Perspectives

You can play PUBGM in a First Person Perspective (FPP) or Third Person Perspective (TPP) and switch between the two with a single click. But when to use which perspective?

Pros use TPP to their advantage by checking out the area over and around their character without exposing themselves. This comes in handy when you’re trying to look over walls, slopes, or hills without letting the enemies see you. You can check around corners and doorways with TPP.

But you should switch over to FPP if you’re holding a corner in a room. In such close quarters, staying on TPP can lead to the character blocking your view. Switch to FPP to have a wider view and cover more directions for enemies. Playing in FPP also helps some players aim, but that totally depends on your play style.   


Confirming The Kill

Killing is a rush for both pros and beginners. But players who are new to the game can get overeager and finish an enemy as soon as they have downed them. Pros, meanwhile, might wait before killing an enemy for good.

When you knock down a player, they might start crawling to any squadmates nearby. While they move to their allies in desperation, you can find out the direction they’re heading to know where the teammates are.

Similarly, if you knock an enemy down while rushing buildings, do not confirm the kill by chucking in a grenade. In such situations, pros will wait a little longer so that a team member begins to revive his friend. Rushing in then could get you multiple kills instead of one.


Healing Efficiently

It’s easy to panic and spam healing items when you’re damaged. But choosing which item to use and when to use it can be beneficial. 

Use the extra bandages you have picked up to heal if you’re not in immediate danger. Medkits and first aid kits heal better and faster. Using several bandages to heal can be slower, doing so when not in a firefight will help you save‌ the important meds for later. 

And if you’re cornered inside a building, throw a Molotov down the doorway before healing. The Molotov will burn for about 9 seconds, which is enough time for you to bandage up. If foes try to push you, the fire will damage them and they’ll be easier to kill.

Another healing pro tip for when you’re driving a car. Do not stop the vehicle. Instead, just change your seats and use the kits.


Controlling The Game

A crucial difference between a beginner and a pro PUBGM player can be their control schemes.

After you’ve played a few games, it is important to experiment with the settings and button layout to suit your style. You can change the size, transparency, and location of the buttons. Switch things around for a layout that gives you screen real estate while being easy to use. 

For example, instead of having the map on the extreme right, reduce the transparency and place it on your in-game character for quicker access. You can also set overlapping buttons, especially those that aren’t used together. Like scoping and grenade cancel button.

PUBG pros tweak settings to their liking. They customise the sensitivity of the camera, ADS (Aim Down Sight), and a potential gyroscope for a better feel. Play around with the controls and layout. And once you’ve found your groove, upload the settings to the cloud to transfer them to any new device easily.


Studying Before Dinner

Sure, the proverbial ‘chicken dinner’ sounds nice, but it’s not all about winning every game. Especially if you’re trying to do this professionally.

PUBGM pros spend a lot of time going over the detailed stats after each game. These stats tell them how much damage they dealt with which guns, their accuracy, and body parts hit, the distance they travelled, and the health they restored.

You might be tempted to rush to the next game after a win, but go through these numbers for all your recent matches. You will also be able to compare your stats with that of others on the same tier. This is the perfect way to know which gun works out for you, or how to change your game to play better.



Practice makes perfect. You’ll need to repeat some PUBGM skills and tips listed above for them to become habits. Others, however, can be pulled off from the get-go. Remember, every pro was once a beginner. By learning what to do and what not to do, you can take the first step towards beginning life as a professional PUBGM player.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.