Valorant Pearl Map Guide

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valorant pearl map guide

VALORANT’s maps usually have unique features like the Teleporters on Bind and the Ropeways on Split. For Pearl, Riot Games did away with all of them. Instead, the developers went with a simple and minimalist approach for VALORANT’s eighth map. The result is the most strategic map in VALORANT where every site is as difficult to breach as they are to retake.

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The Best VALORANT Agents for The Pearl Map

  • Breach – This agent was built for Pearl. Breach’s stuns and flashes can go around corners, which is perfect for all the key areas of Pearl. Breach can also stop rushes in case the opposing team makes a full-team run on the A site or the B site.
  • Brimstone – This handy agent is especially useful in Pearl as he can cover all the angles on the B site.
  • Viper – Going back to the topic of the B site, Viper and her signature ability, Toxic Screen, is a huge plus. Using this wall, you can minimize the angles you need to check to enter and protect the site. You’ll need a competent Viper on your squad if you want to control the angles and push deep into the enemy side of the map in Pearl with minimal casualties. 
  • Raze – Raze is another excellent alternative in Pearl. You can use the Boombot and the Paint Shells to clear corners in Pearl and cover all your angles. 
  • Sage – Similar to Viper, Sage can wall flank and give you fewer angles to worry about in Pearl. 
  • Fade – Fade came to VALORANT at the same time as Pearl, so it’s not surprising that the map feels like it was built for the new agent. With plenty of open rooftops and corners, as well as a potential deterrent in Prowler, Fade can succeed in Pearl even when she’s not in an optimized lineup.
  • Cypher – This tricky Sentinel is perfect for the tight spaces on Pearl. You can use Cypher to cover wide areas and keep tabs on the opposing team. Cypher is especially useful for Defenders because he can detect enemies and make it easier to anticipate their next move. 
  • Neon – If Cypher can keep a close eye on enemies, Neon can chase them down. Her fast-paced gameplay gives her the advantage in tight corners for easy ambushes. Just make sure that you familiarize yourself with the map if you play Neon on Pearl. 


How to Attack the A and B Sites on Pearl in VALORANT

If you have to choose which site to attack on Pearl, your best bet is the A Site. 

The best way to secure the A Site on Pearl is to smoke off the “Flowers” and “Secret” corners to limit the peeking options of the Defenders. This will make it easier for your squad to enter the A Site and clear just one corner either by brute-forcing your way or flashing upcoming corners. You can also use walls to block off an entire opening to minimize the angles.

Just be careful about campers that will definitely be preparing for your arrival on A Site. 

On the other hand, the B Site is a different story in Pearl. This side of the map heavily favours the Defender. The good news is that most tend to focus their attention on the A Site, so the place might be a little lax if you pull off the good ol’ switcheroo successfully. Even so, entering the B Site is a risky endeavour. You’ll need plenty of Utility for a proper attempt and this will not guarantee that you won’t lose at least one teammate.

If it’s any consolation, taking the B Site means that the Defenders will have to retake it. They’ll be on the opposite end after you put the Spike down, which, as you might know already, is much easier said than done.

Speaking of, make sure that you spread your entire team as wide as possible after planting the Spike to maximize your chances of winning. 


Tips for Defending on Pearl in VALORANT

We might have said that the B Site on Pearl favours Defenders, but the overall layout of the map is still best suited for the Attackers. The main reason for this is the Mid. For Defenders, Mid-Control is crucial to winning on Pearl.

The standard strategy for Defenders in Pearl is to place one Sentinel on Mid while the team divvies up responsibilities for each site. However, the person tasked to defend Mid will want to learn more about the A site. This is because the A Site is more convenient for Attackers. Also, since Pearl has a lot of corners, you’ll have to use plenty of utility to block off angles by smoking them off.

The best agents for Defenders on Pearl are Breach and Chamber.


Additional Tips to Win on Pearl in VALORANT

  • Mid-control is crucial. Don’t be surprised if your teammates call for a 4-5-man rush down Mid on Pearl. As a Defender, you should always expect this to happen. Now, if you have pushed Mid as the Attackers, don’t push your luck. You’re still at the mercy of the Defenders, so proceed to the A site or B site with caution. 
  • The B Site isn’t ideal for planting the Spike if you don’t have a plan.
  • Don’t even bother getting into the enemy’s spawn area. Pearl has tons of corners and tight angles. You’re better off sealing entry points.
  • Learn the callouts. The most common are “sewers” or “tunnels” and “ramp”.



At first glance, Pearl might look like a straightforward two-site, three-lane VALORANT map, but that’s where you’re wrong. Just like the common phrase, “simplicity is beauty,” Pearl’s simplicity belies the possibility of multitudes of complex strategies. Pearl has a lot of angles that you need to cover, regardless of whether you’re the Attacker or the Defender. 

Mid Plaza control is crucial in Pearl. At the same time, it’s not the end-all and be-all of winning on this map.

Ultimately, the key to winning in Pearl is knowing which angles to cover, when, and how. 

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.