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I started blogging a little over 8 years ago back in August 2008 and am a part time blogger currently.  I still this many years later spend an average of 15-20 hours per week on blogging related activities and can tell you that I made over $1200 my first year blogging, $2500 my second year blogging and I made more than $6000 in my 3rd year blogging, for years 4 and 5 I average about $10k gross per year but net a much smaller amount and it fluxes quite a bit month to month.  My earnings are still around the $10-12k mark 8 years later, but I didn’t diversify, expand or really put a lot of extra energy into my blogging, in fact I wound up working with other freelancers and help outsource content creation to help keep my time management under control but it also kept my net profits lower.

My goals were to have a fun hobby that not only showcased my love of gadgets, games and movies but also brought in a little bit of side income to help justify the time spent.  A hobby that earned money instead of one I sunk money into and DragonBlogger particularly has grown into an online news publication where I have a team of writers who help do product reviews for us. Because I am a part time blogger, I don’t make nearly as much blogging as someone who can invest more time.  I can tell you that there is money to be made in online ventures and blogging especially combined with affiliate marketing and this page will help show you the programs I have become familiar with and what worked best for me over the years and may work for you depending on your goals and blogging model.

Nothing recommended on this page will cost you a dime to sign up for, these are all free programs to join and try that you earn from.  This is not a sales page, I HAVE NO INTEREST in SELLING YOU a PRODUCT or service and making money from it here, my only benefit in doing all this effort is some of these programs like IZEA Marketplace have referral programs where if you sign up for them, I get some commission for referring you which comes out of IZEA’s share and not your earnings.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Sales are one of the easiest ways to get a larger share of income with a smaller amount of traffic.  You basically find products you really like and help resell them to others and keep a % of the sale.  Some programs on Clickbank, CommissionJunction, ShareASale can earn as much as $25-40 per sale, while other affiliate sales like earn you 4% at first up to 6.5% if you sell enough items in a month.  Affiliate sales work differently and you can affiliate sell on Social Media or your website/blog.  Even forums can be a good place to affiliate sell products.  Successful affiliate marketers can make tens of thousands of dollars, but I can tell you that I only made < $900 in affiliate sales in 2013 because I don’t heavily push specific products too often.  ClickBank is probably more targeted toward bloggers who are in the SEO/Blogging/Niche Marketing arena. has thousands of stores like NewEgg and other brands and is better for tech, software bloggers, as is ShareASale.

I can also include mentioning the Gearbest Affiliate Program directly, which can net you better payouts than using the ShareASale Gearbest partnership if you want to market and sell products from this online retailer which has great prices on smartphones, gadgets and has free worldwide shipping and is a better option for some than Amazon if they are International.  Of course becoming an Amazon Affiliate should be standard, and become an affiliate of all the International Amazon Affiliate sites and leverage either ProURLS or GeniusLink to create a single share link that automatically redirects user to International Amazon stores boosts your earnings considerably.


Advertising can mean anything from banner ads, to paid links.  Advertising is basically leasing or selling a portion of your site for money.  This can be in a set interval like per month, week, or even day.  Or it can be a permanent ad inside a post or page.  Advertising makes up most banner advertising networks including AdSense, Kontera, Chitika, Infolinks, BuySellAds, AdvertiseSpace, OIO Publisher, Cash Donator and more.  I honestly make more banner ad sales by selling them directly on the site, but I do make a fair amount of banner ad sales with BuySellAds, I also earn about 10%-15% of my site income from AdSense which is very much related to traffic.  Note, with the adblockers and such in place I am selling more static image banner ads lately which circumvent ad blockers which target blocking the scripts that serve rotating ads.  So I would recommend always offering a place where you can sell static image ads if you need to.

Sponsored Reviews and Opportunities

Sponsored Reviews are programs where you are paid to blog about a product or service and you are compensated for such work.  This can include even being shipped products or services to test to write an actual review from a client perspective, or just a promotion for a product or service.  It generally takes either blogs with a high volume of traffic or a higher PageRank to make great earnings but by leveraging several programs at the same time you can make several hundred per month from doing sponsored reviews on one or more blogs.  Note, more and more programs are now monetizing your entire suite of online social media properties and you can earn money from more than just a blog including a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and other accounts.  I will say in 2016 that there are far fewer sponsored opportunities coming my way from 3rd party brand partners than there used to be, this could be that there is just simply so many more bloggers that the amount of opps is spread thin, or that brands are working more directly with the bloggers and not using the intermediary companies as much.  I still recommend signing up for them, but they seem to better serve mommy bloggers, personal bloggers, vloggers and those in non-technology/video game niche.

What to Choose?

Keep this in mind, you can’t get rich by any single one of these programs but by leveraging and combining several or all of them and with a successful blogging site or three and a popular Twitter/Facebook/Google+ account(s) you can make enough money to actually reward yourself online and in some people’s cases make a full time living from it and quit your day job.

Again, as mentioned: These programs will all earn you money and it costs you nothing to sign up for any of these programs and give them a try for yourself.

Here is a quick list of the top companies that pay you to blog by promoting products/services on Twitter or via your website/blog, that I use and recommend. You can read more details on each service below:

Get ChitikaaltBlog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.comAffiliate Lights Referral Images

The above 6 are my top recommended and can help bloggers to earn a few hundred per month if you use them all and have a popular Twitter account, I do however earn with all the following and do full reviews after listing them here:

Full Influence Immersion (Social Media, Blog and YouTube Options)

IZEA Marketplace

 By far my favorite earning program overall, IZEA finally decided to make a single platform front and center for all your brand partnerships and campaigns.  IZEA marketplace replaces SocialSpark, SponsoredTweets, PayPerPost and every other platform they had run and lets you list multiple profiles for the same social media profile.  I get hundreds of brand opp leads across every category of online property from them, and get some of my highest quality and best paying clients from IZEA Marketplace in most cases.  You can even make money from the system by referring others and you get a small commission on everyone you refer into the platform that is not taken out of their shares.  Monetize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Flickr and YouTube all with IZEA Marketplace.

The IZEA Marketplace is the only one that allows you to monetize almost every online property you own all in one place from a single account and is highly recommended if you want to get quality brands and like doing fully compliant opps that are always NoFollow and have full legal disclosures.  You won’t find any shady DoFollow backlink schemes here.


TapInfluence / Formerly The Blog Frog


TapInfluence is one of the newest programs I started using to earn money from writing what they call Sponsored Conversations.  Unlike other programs which are strictly about the reviews, these encourage conversations and require that you use a custom commenting widget inside your post so the comments/conversation for sponsored conversations appear in their platform.  TapInfluence works more to build a campaign with you and the brand and will often involve both a written blog post and several social media promotions which are tracked in the system.

Right now the system has more opportunities for personal bloggers and mommy bloggers and but I can tell you I get 2-3 opportunities in 2014 from them, which is more than previous years.  They are growing and they care about the brand and the blogger, give great support and I can tell you the offers pay very well compared to other networks and the quality of the advertisers is very sound.  There is a lot of manual and direct communication with The TapInfluence team and they are very responsive and eager to help and foster communication with their bloggers in their network.  This is a social network and encourages socializing and communities. TapInfluence finally offers to pay bloggers via PayPal and is not just check payment system anymore as well.  Tap Influence and IZEA Marketplace collect the most and have the most established profile setups of any platform, but TapInfluence takes it one step further in building a full profile that brands will see and it is best you take advantage of it to stand out.

Update I have taken numerous Tap Influence offers and this has led to partnerships with some great brands that have come back to me even after working on the Tap Influence campaign.  This is one of the most recommended programs if you are in the Technology Blog related niche so far for me.


Valued Voice (Formerly Link Vehicle)

Link Vehicle has now become Valued Voice, and expanded from doing only Blog Post links to social media promotions and more which brings them more in line with being a partner with influencers rather than those that just do sponsored blog posts and backlinks.  I haven’t any opportunities yet since they converted to Valued Voice but looking forward to see how they stack up to TapInfluence which right now remains the most active of the brand/influencer partnership programs that I am a part of.



Earn By Writing Sponsored Posts/Reviews:


Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with SponsoredReviews.comSponsoredReviews is one of the most popular and well known programs on the web that connects advertisers with bloggers. You sign up for the program and register your blogs and once approved you can browse advertisers and bid for any opps that your blog qualifies for. You also are in the system and advertisers can hire a paid review directly from you which is how I make most of my earnings from SponsoredReviews. On this site your PageRank of your blog determines how likely you are to get the opportunity, and high PR rules here in earnings. As a PR3 blog my earnings are between $50 – $100 on a good month from SponsoredReviews, I imagine you can make 2-3x that easily with a PR4 blog or higher.


altBlogsVertise was always hit or miss for me and I made as much as $30 some months but lately that has dropped to between $9 – $12 per month. You will definitely get more offers if your blog has a high PageRank than if you have a PR2 or lower blog. They claim to have a grab bag which I haven’t ever seen for myself, but this is a tried and true program that does pay bloggers, it just isn’t one of my most profitable ones.  BlogsVertise recently starting sending more paid offers and there are more opportunities in the Grab Bag which include the pay per click or pay per action type of programs.  The higher your blog PageRank the more opportunities you will see from BlogsVertise.  They also have new opportunities and are linking to social media profiles to get you more attention and showcase the more prominent bloggers to brands.

SeedingUp / Teliad

teliad - the marketplace for text linksSeedingUp  used to be known as Teliad and is a program where you can sign up as a publisher and sell links on your site or sell entire blog post reviews. The site will let you list your homepage or each individual page you want to put into the system to sell links on. Teliad will calculate the annual value of your page that you list and will allow you to choose the low/medium or high end of that price. Once your price is set you can request Teliad to adjust it by contacting their support directly if you feel it is not accurate. You are paid out in monthly installments for sponsored reviews, and even if you sell 1 blog post for $120, you are paid in 12 $10 installments every month as they do this to ensure an advertisers post stays up for at least 12 months. Other than that the program still has potential to make bloggers money. Just remember that you have to list every page in your site separately that you want to potentially sell links on, this is a manual process and involves using your sitemap to get all site URL’s however.  You can also offer Infographic spots and other text link opportunities, you can choose to only accept NoFollow sponsored opps for those who wish to remain fully Google ToS compliant.

SeedingUp will generally net you more offers for blogs with a higher PageRank like several other services.


LinkWorthLinkWorth is a service that offers bloggers the ability to sell reviews, links, ads, banners, muras or other types of advertiser requests. So far I have done a few LinkPost and LinkAds and the payouts are pretty good if you have a blog with a decent Google Pagerank. They have a recurring billing and payment system so an advertiser can purchase a LinkAd and keep renewing it monthly while the publisher’s account balance keeps earning and collecting. LinkWorth pays out when balance reaches $25 and I earned enough in the few months I was with them to recommend them. I personally know a few bloggers who make hundreds per month with LinkWorth too, but here your blog needs to be a PR5 or higher to really earn more.


altReviewMe is a popular service that connects advertisers with bloggers. It isn’t easy to get your blog approved in the system sometimes (you have to contact support if your blog is first rejected). This site also has you list your blog and set some categories, they set a default price if someone hires you directly, but you can manually adjust this. Advertisers will then come to you with offers and you will get better offers depending on your PageRank, Alexa Rank and estimated RSS subscribers. Again here, PageRank seems to be the winner in the # of opps you get. I personally know a few bloggers who make over $200 per month with ReviewMe, but since I only have a PageRank 2 blog approved in the system, I get about $40 in offers, but only usually do $20 per month at this time. ReviewMe is highly valuable if you have a blog with a good PageRank though and don’t count the service out.

Selling Backlinks:

Warning, every single one of these programs is a violation of Google Terms of Service and backlinks are being detected more and more with site penalties being handed out..  If you put paid links inside your articles or homepage, Google will eventually find out and you could have your PageRank stripped.  I lost my PageRank from 4 to 0 back in 2011 because I tested Teliad and Intellilinks.  That being said, I earned hundreds while testing these services and if you are more interested in the earnings and willing to take the risk then these programs may be something you want to consider.



Intellilinks is a program which allows you to lease out links on your website for a recurring payment every month.  Like most programs which pay you to sell a link these are frowned upon by Google and could get your PageRank penalized but there is also some good money to be made here if you have a blog with a higher PageRank.  I have about 3 blogs listed in Intellilinks and get a recurring $40-$60 per month on average just from having a few links in a sidebar or footer on my sites.  The amount you make depends on the PageRank of the page the link is being requested on.  You can lease links on your homepage or specific sub pages on your blog.

make money with your web site is another way to earn money automatically from posts on your website.  You simply manually enter each and every subpage on your site that has a PageRank of 1 or higher and will host it in their system and offer it out to advertisers. You can filter out what categories of advertising you will accept, but you don’t get to set your payrate it is a set payment schedule based on the homepage PR of your site and the sub page PR. I think the payments are pretty low overall but you do get paid monthly and the advertiser has to renew, so you aren’t selling permanent backlinks here. An example is if you have a PR4 site, then a backlink page that is PR2 will earn you $2.00 per month for the backlink. If you had a PR8 site the homepage backlink would earn you $85 per month (for example). I myself have only been testing the system for a while and it has some promise though finding all of your sub pages PageRank can be a challenge in itself, each page must be listed manually and you can only list PR1 or higher sub pages so some blogs may only have 3-5 pages to list while others can have dozens. Think about this though, if you had 10 pages listed and selling this could be an easy source of $20-30 per month automated without having to do anything but the initial page listing. If you are interested in getting into the selling of backlinks without having to spend time digging through forums or waiting for advertisers to contact you, consider testing for yourself.  You can also sell multiple links on the same page and potentially earn quite a bit if you have a lot of posts with high PageRank.

Teliad mentioned above also does link sales/leases on sites in addition to sponsored posts and is another great option to look at for both reasons.

LinkWorth mentioned above also does link sales/leases on blogs including sub pages and sidebars and can earn you money every month like Intellilinks or Teliad.

LinkVehicle mentioned above also does link sales/leases on blog posts, homepage…etc.  Like any link program, they care about blogs/posts with higher PR value to gain better offers.  Link Vehicle also expanded into YouTube content with you being able to set your rate for either doing fully sponsored YouTube content or simply mentioning a sponsor in an existing video.

Video Content Creation Only Programs:

Image result for gen.videoRecently I was invited to join which is a program that brings creators and brands together where you create videos on either the platform or your YouTube channel for brands.  With this program you can set your video rate for a or for a video you post on YouTube.  You get paid a set amount for video content creation but the tradeoff is you appear to use Amazon affiliate link instead of your own for the videos you create which should be fine if you are being compensated for the video.  I only recently joined the program and can say there is a marketplace where you can apply for current products that need review and some want unboxing videos, others want how-to or video reviews.  So far I haven’t had any campaigns come through so I will keep you updated on this service.

Advertisement Programs:


altGoogle Adsense is the most popular and widely known advertisement company in the world. You can embed AdSens units in your blog and start earning per click, but some key things have to be considered such as “ad unit placement”, “ad unit size”, “number of ad units”, “ad unit colors”…etc. I wrote a blog post dedicated to Optimizing AdSense for Earnings and I encourage you to read that post. With my blog getting about 16,000 unique visits per month I average now about $35-$40 per month in AdSense earnings, and I was only at about $20 per month before I optimized my ad blocks, so I wrote the post as it increased my earnings by nearly 80% by doing some simple tips. I actually optimized further and with my site traffic growth I was able to hit my all time highest $95 earnings in a single month of AdSense in November 2010.  Since 2010, my AdSense earnings have averaged over $200 per month and have even hit as much as $300 in a single month.

One note, don’t neglect YouTube, if you run a YouTube Channel and get enough views you will qualify for AdSense for video’s which can bring in some extra AdSense income.  I make about $20 per month average just from AdSense enabled on my YouTube videos.


Get ChitikaChitika is a way to display contextual ads on your blog to search engine visitors without displaying ads to your regular direct visitors, it is a very creative way to specifically target ads not only to the keywords that were searched to arrive on your site, but also will display local ads as well. Because of the specific targeting you have the potential to earn more per click than a broad program like AdSense but the earnings are only from visits originating in the U.S. and North America, but I don’t know if this has yet expanded. This is a good option if your site gets its primary traffic from the U.S. (use your Google Analytics to determine your traffic origins). Chitika also offers mobile ad units optimized for your site when it runs on a mobile platform like an Android or iPhone browser.



Luminate is a program that basically turns your own blog images into advertisements.  Banners appear on the bottom part of your images and expand when they are hovered over.  This allows you to earn from impressions as well as clicks and is a great option for photography blogs or blogs that are very image heavy where the images would distract from traditional banner advertisements.

In my first few months testing Luminate I made about $35 which isn’t bad considering all I did was enable the WordPress plugin and it automatically put a banner at the bottom of my images.  This program can be combined with other programs but I will warn you that if you use Amazon affiliate links in your post like EasyAzon images, then the Luminate ad will insert itself over your affiliate images which could take away a sale.  So use it cautiously if you combine with other attempts to monetize your images.



I love the automation in selling ad slots with BuySellAds and how you can have your open creative slots listed in the MarketPlace, but they only accept sites with like 25,000+ pageviews per month or else it isn’t worth listing in the system.


Decommissioned Online Programs

This is a summary list of the programs I actively use now or have experimented with that no longer exist or have gone stale for me, this is used for archive purposes just to show you what I have tried in the past.

  • Smorty
  • PayPerPost
  • WeRewards
  • Blog2Profit
  • BloggerWave
  • LinkFromBlog
  • LoudLaunch
  • PostLinks
  • PayingPost
  • Sponzai
  • PostLinks
  • Adly
  • BuyBlogReviews
  • InPostLinks
  • SponsoredTweets
  • SocialSpark


If you notice most of these services will give much more opps and higher earning potential for blogs with a higher PageRank regardless of site traffic. This is because the Google PR juice they get from your blog is worth more than the number of impressions and visits to the advertisers, the more PR they have linking to their sites the better their sites list on Google Search and other search engine listings which is why so many advertisers care more about PageRank than Alexa Rank or other statistics on your blog. The exception is sites like SocialSpark where advertisers want reviews and those reviews to be read by people, since all opps are nofollow you won’t get all the advertisers who just want PR juice on that service like you do on the other services.

So far the clear winners for me are IZEA MarketPlace, LinkVehicle or TapInfluence for sponsored blog reviews and Intellilinks for selling/leasing links on sites.  Also if you are a blogger specifically focusing on helping other bloggers get traffic and awareness, Affiliate Lights is something you want to consider joining and becoming an affiliate for Blog Engage.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


Technology, Gaming and Wordpress blogger who runs gadget giveaways, helps others with blogging tips, monetization, earning and more!
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Justin Germino
  • When using Review Me it seems like I only ever get offers for reviews of casino sites, which google really frowns upon. In fact, I don’t think I’ve gotten one offer from them that wasn’t an online casino site.

    InPostLinks has actually improved their system. They removed the 50 dollar cash out and now payout each post automatically after 30 days to your paypal. You can only accept 4 links a day, but recently there have been more variety of links and higher paying ones also. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, you might want to reconsider.

    • With ReviewMe I find the open Campaigns for me are almost always as you say “casino, gambling” or other sites that aren’t quality. However, just leaving my blog listed I occasionally get an advertiser requesting direct review and these are usually fair quality and pay out no less than $25 – $50 for a single review when I get them. This is usually only one every two or three months though. I think ReviewMe like many other systems will give better offers for blogs with higher PageRank.

      I haven’t used InPostLinks in quite a while, do they still require the ITK Toolkit to be installed for your blog to be listed? I also don’t like that they don’t show you keywords until you take the opp, knowing what keywords are assigned would be a deciding factor for me.

  • They streamlined InPostLinks pretty well. You don’t need the ITK Toolkit installed. They still don’t reveal the keywords until you accept, but nothing happens if you accept a link than decide not to do the post with it. I’ve gotten some really strange keywords in the past, but instead of ditching them I was inspired to come up with a way to write a post around them. Most links still have a pretty low payout (mostly between 1.50 and 4.50), but recently I got a few 9 dollar links. It is a good go to site if you find yourself with a day or two with no offers elsewhere.

    • Thanks for the info, I used to use them when they were PayPerPost V3 for the longest time and earned actually over $253 from that system in a year. Do you know if they reject posts that have AdSense in them, this used to be the case when it was PayPerPost v3.

      • Not sure about AdSense because I don’t use it with that particular blog, but they don’t allow other links in the article so I doubt they’d allow AdSense.

  • Great (permapost page) post. It would be interesting to know how you went about this. How you started off, how much work you put in and if it is still paying off.

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    Thanks DragonBlogger! This is a very nice list for beginner like me. I’ve tried Adsense on my initial blog but unfortunately got suspended due to I didn’t know I couldn’t do any traffic exchange site on that one. A mistake from a noob who doesn’t read! *sad.

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    wow the list is huge and all of the program seems good to earn money at home, thanks for posting this Justin.

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    • Good luck, how many Twitter followers do you have? Are you actively engaged in two way conversation?

      • i have 150+ followers.. i know it too less but signed up working on increasing followers… as i am a student i am not able to be active on social networks much.. i dedicate my most out in blogging and tweeting…

  • Sabrina

    I love the fact that you revealed that you are not one of those mega bloggers, but that you’ve made a decent amount of extra spending money. I am hoping to do the same.

    I do not feel as though I have to make thousands of dollars each month from blogging. I would be content with a few extra bucks a month. I am new to blogging and affiliate marketing. I really appreciate how you have everything broken down here.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, but I had to modify it because I felt it your username was abusing KeywordLuv for my article.

  • Tricia Meyer

    My favorite part of this article is that you state upfront that this is not a way to get rich quick. So many people end up disappointed because they think that it is and then do not see results quickly. You’ve reviewed some great option for people who are starting out or looking for something new to try.

    • Thanks I have been blogging for just over two and a half years and am still only making about $250 – 300 per month from my 3 primary blogs using the networks listed.

  • As what I observed that some of few bloggers are mommies.Most stay at home, mommies try too hard to balance the family life with their small business,and is only thinking of the monetary aspect rather than organizing a plan right from the start.

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    And this post realize how easy to make money online,if you have dedication to earn.So thanks a lot!

  • i tried some of them. it’s not possible to get Adsense before 6 month of the blog. so, i will try some other PPC from the list.

  • I never knew there were so many different ways to make money online!

    I currently use AdSense, but PayPerPost sounds like a great idea to me! I am going to check it out, so thanks for that one 🙂

    Which is the most successful for you – baring in mind the time it takes to implement each method?

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    Yo man! You have given good collection of resources. I think hubpages may fall in this category.

    • Yes, Hubpages and Squidoo are two sites you can make money from pageviews for your lenses or hubs, I akin them a little to how you can earn with Helium and AssociatedContent except you can Amazon affiliate hubpages and such. I will probably include them in the list at some point, I just didn’t have much luck earning from those 2 sites.

  • Thanks for the great resources. I am a freelance writer and I have been making a good living working on ELance, but I didn’t realize I could build a passive income from my articles by using “associatedcontent”.

    I guess you really have to engage in thorough keyword research to ensure you earn a good living from sites like associatedcontent.

    But I think I will give it a go!

    • Since A/C pays up front for articles, and they pay between $1 and $3 average, just writing 10 articles per day and submitting for up front payment could yield between $10 and $30 per day, this could be $300 – $900 per month in extra income just by writing up front articles, and if you did 10 articles per day (300) in one month, you probably would get no less than another $10 – $50 in pageview earnings.

  • Wow, that was a quick reply. I’m impressed – thanks!

    I currently get paid $15-$20 per an article I write. So the $1-$3 per an article isn’t that appealing. I’ve been thinking of using hubpages to submit my content – they have an adsense sharing program, and I think if I do some thorough keyword research and target high CPC keywords, I could build up an excellent revenue stream.

    Thanks again for your reply.

    • Again, the payout is fairly low at like $1.00 per thousand impressions, you would need hundreds of articles all getting thousands and thousands of pageviews to make hundreds per month. In truth, if you had all that time to write articles and you just wrote them on your own WordPress blog and kept 100% of the AdSense you would make far more than earning on hubpages, A/C or any of these other sites.

  • I agree with what you are saying, but I find that these authority sites ranks better and faster for any given keyword. I actually was going to take the route of building many sites targeting high CPC keywords but the sheer workload and maintenance and constant SEO work put off.

    I think I will take your advice and focus on my wordpress blog.

    Thanks Justin!

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    Great, thorough rundown of sources. We pretty much agree on pros and cons.

  • Thanks for the speedy reply for all of the services. I’m using several of those listed and primarily rely on contextuals as well.

  • There are a lot of great new ways to earn cash here that I never knew about, and then I thought I knew it all. The buy blog reviews seems like it would work in my favor, I have several page rank 4 blogs that don’t make me a dime so maybe I can use them for that.

    One thing about Chitika, I used to make a couple hundred a month off of them, then all the sudden they made a change and that dropped to about 10 bucks a month, not sure if anyone else is having any luck with them but I would steer clear of them.

  • Has anyone seen any changes since Google implemented the “Farmer” update? I’ve heard mixed things.

    • I haven’t noticed any negative impact but I have read that content farms are negatively affected.

  • Update, I have completely removed myself from the entire IZEA network of services. And since doing so, i have received a small flood of offers from companies. It seems as though there was a bit of “low-balling” going on…

  • Thanks for putting this together, I’ve bookmarked your post to check some of the options later.
    PS Is this review a sponsored one?;)

    • The review is not sponsored, but some of the links are for my referral sign up’s so in some cases I may get a small % of what bloggers earn if they use the programs.

  • As we all know, twitter is one of the most popular social media sites of today. Most popular especially to well-known individuals. No wonder why there are so many sites who offer paid tweets. Another great way of earning online.

  • See? I knew you had the secrets 🙂 And thank you for sharing them. Do you know if these sites require you to pay a fee? I use Twitter almost everyday and why not make some extra cash..?

    • None of these sites require you to pay to join them, you just sign up and list your blogs and offers come to you.

  • Hi Justin!

    It’s nice to see one popular tech blog where Make Money Online topics are taken this seriously. Given the fact that you’ve tried each one of these programs and techniques, I’m confident that each of them is worth a try, if not all!

    • I am completely transparent as to what programs I use and how I earn money with my technology blog and other blogs, I share this information to educate and help others monetize their own blogging ventures.

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    • Wow, 50 sites to earn $250 per month, how often were you producing content for these sites?

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    • @Zaarly Business I update this page periodically, I plan on refreshing it soon.

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    • [email protected]_lankford Thank you, I keep wanting to add more information but am worried it would be so weighted down with information people wouldn’t read the whole thing or it would look too unprofessional.  Any suggestions on how I should lay out another 4-5 programs, should I just add them to the sections or simplify by adding very brief summaries and links that open up reviews of each program on separate pages?

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    • Thank you, let me know if you have any questions on any of the programs.

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    • [email protected] don’t know about rich, but make at least some money which is better than no money.

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  • palla2009

    Do all these methods work out after the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Regarding Twitter, I have earned about 1300+ followers (out of which many are fake). Will that make any impact using “SponsoredTweets”. I also have 2 Facebook pages with each having about 500+ likes. How should I utilize them to earn money? How about Google+ followers. Can we earn any money from them.

    • [email protected] 2013 The short answer is yes, most of the updates are around multiple links from same sites over and over, and sites that have nothing to do with your content/niche.  So it just refocuses the types of blogs accepted to make sure their niche matches better.  SocialSpark which was always nofollow does not get affected by Google updates for SEO since their posts are actually about the reviews, the advertisers never got any PageRank from the links since all links were nofollow with SocialSpark which is why they are my favorite.As far as SponsoredTweets, keep your tweets low at around $1 per tweet or less, I see others have as low as .20 or .50 per tweet, and I just recently did a campaign myself where I hired about 50 people to promote some stuff on SponsoredTweets.  What I look for is price, # of followers and CPC.  Make sure you put the top 10 keywords for your account you want advertisers to look for.  Example, I searched for all under “wordpress” so know what you are willing to promote and put the right tags to make sure you show up for an advertiser.

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  • Hi Justin,
    I trust you since I’ve worked with you previously.  I really thank you for this post, which I will bookmark when I’m able to do more in the line of monetizing my site. I do use Sponsored Tweets & I need to add their info on my page.  I’m signed up for ‘sparks’ but never learned exactly how it works. I will spend some more time with these and the others since you have given this info.  I only have two ‘affiliate links’ on my page which have brought only small amt of income.  However, I am not promoting them too much either.  Thanks for the article. Sally

  • marilyn cada

    wow. your my idol. you have earned at least thousand dollars but in my first year i only earned a few dollars 🙂 i’ll keep checking your blog so that i could earn the same amount of money 🙂

    • In my first year I heavily relied on sponsored review programs like SocialSpark, PayU2Blog, and even now there is BlogDistributor you can look into to help start with some earning options, always keep your blog writing, posting at least one to two new articles per week and once your blog is 90 days old with 30+ original articles on them you can apply for all of these programs and start earning.

      • Abdul Wahab

        Great information. keep it up

    • In my first year I heavily relied on sponsored review programs like SocialSpark, PayU2Blog, and even now there is BlogDistributor you can look into to help start with some earning options, always keep your blog writing, posting at least one to two new articles per week and once your blog is 90 days old with 30+ original articles on them you can apply for all of these programs and start earning.

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    • Yeah this is pretty much my living article adding new programs I test as I test them.

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    This is a very comprehensive post on making money online. It’s
    much better than most complete books I have read!

    Kudos again! 🙂

    • Thank you, this is a living page which is why it isn’t a post. I add to it every few months as I try new programs to help raise awareness. Many have asked why I don’t turn this into an eBook at some point and I may consider doing that as well, since this will be probably 8,000 words in just a few months.

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    Oops, I was not done. I thought of paying for twitter followers, but have read a lot of negative comments. My main site is: It is a little different in that it has several topics on it. The articles are from a feed, and I have just started commenting on some of them to add some text. I would appreciate people taking a look, and becoming a follower on Twitter. Thanks!

  • I really don’t recommend buying Twitter followers, you tend to get generic and poor quality followers. TweetAdder which is software that costs a little bit can help you organically grow, it works by you setting people you want to follow based on keywords, your account auto follows them, some follow you back, and it does a cleanup removing and unfollowing non-reciprocal follows over time you specify. It isn’t bad for initial growth but you need to be fluid, organic and engage with your readers. Start by joining Twitter chats, look for popular #hashtags in your niche and join in the conversations, find Twitter chats, be social, share advice and if you have an advertising budget sponsoring some giveaways can have huge follower growth for example. Triberr is also a good place to start for free, join some tribes, share their info grow and start your own tribes, I have over 20,000,000 reach on social media thanks to my Triberr networking.

  • AdSense was wonderful for me, until another blogger who didn’t like my blog waged a false click campaign that got me banned from Google, even though I presented my case to them. Big system flaw there. If you don’t like a blog, kill click on its AdSense.

    • You are not the first I have heard who said this happened to them, it is a shame and Google should really do a better job showing analytics and proof why an account was banned, and provide a legit and client oriented process for dispute and resolution. I mean it doesn’t take much detective work to identify click fraud and rule out where it comes from.

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    • I agree, I love Social Spark and is one of my favorite programs.

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    I did`nt got much success from Sponsored Tweets. I am having only 2,000 Twitter followers. Anyways, thanks for the other sponsored review programs, will join from your referral links. Kudos! 🙂

    • In the last several months I only make about $5 or less from Sponsored Tweets and use it more as an advertiser than a follower, the system used to generate many more opps, but now that there are so many people signed up for the system I think only the very high follower profiles get most of the good opps. At even my follower count I get very few opps (maybe 4-6 offers per month and reject most of them).

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    I don’t currently blog, but this looks like a treasure trove of resources! Thanks for posting this informative article Justin!

  • Thank you for the info. I have several of the programs already, but there are a lot more that I will have to check out.

  • John Davidson

    Good Morning, Is Chitika still working well in 2016? Noticed this was all posted a while ago..

    • I consider Chitika still an excellent option if you can’t use Google AdSense or were banned from it, I don’t use it because AdSense has higher payout and earns more from International locations than US only still. So it is viable and recommended as a replacement for AdSense, but I still think AdSense earns more.

      But I haven’t tested it since 2014, so I haven’t done split testing in 2016 to truly confirm if that still holds true.

  • Kareem

    Hey Justin.
    Great list. Very helpful for people with little knowledge about online money making. how reliable is affiliate marketing to earn online? I have a small blog and thinking to integrate with Azon authority or curateplus. is it a bad idea?

    • I know some people who run small niche sites and are very successful, but for this site it is very broad topic and very inconsistent. I have not tried AzonAuthority at all so I can’t speak for it, but remember Google doesn’t SERP duplicate content well and pretty much invalidates affiliate links, so one would think hard to SERP an entire affiliate store like this, but I don’t know. I use EasyAzon and wordpress plugins, ProURLS to customize amazon affiliate links but every review and product we review/showcase is 100% original written content nothing is just imported from Amazon into a post. My AZON income is very varied, but not much after running this site for 8 years I still only average <$6k per year in affiliate income, but this is from 1 site and youtube channel, perhaps 10 sites with 10 niches may be better.

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  • Wow. you have listed here everything I could ever think of and a lot more. Way to go, and thanks for all the leads. I am sure you are making good revenue using all these. Thanks.

    • Not as much as you would think honestly, because there is so much competition and so many other bloggers there aren’t as many opps through the various systems for smaller bloggers. The best ways to earn are still with affiliate programs like Amazon, Gearbest, or other affiliates for software or web hosting services.