5 Epic Things To Do On The Internet – Part 3

Welcome to yet another list of 5 awesome things to do on the internet, right now for absolutely no price at all! These things don’t require you to download any stuff and can be great time wasters, so what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

5. SuperCook

How many times have you been hungry but didn’t know what to do with the ingredients in your fridge? Forget all the worries, because SuperCook allows you to enter the ingredients you have at your disposal and the website generates a massive list of all the possible recipes you can cook with the ingredients. not just that, but click a recipe you like and it’ll link you the exact method.



4. Taylor Gipple

Want to have some colored fun? Head on over to this website  and let your inner artist out. When you get bored with playing with the provided brushes and colours, tap C to activate your webcam and use your head or hands and a brush, and create some astounding pieces of art.


3. Awesome Unicode Text

Évéŕ thőúǵht Ђош рэорlэ could write ⓒⓞⓞⓛ รՇยŦŦ ɭเкє Շђเร? Well, don’t worry because the Unicode Text Converter allows you to do just that with extreme ease. Just type in any random phrase and and the website will output a bunch of different Unicode characters. The best part is that the result is copy and paste-able.

internet 3


2. PointerPointer

This website is a great time waster. It simply locates your pointer, and then loads an image of real people pointing in the direction of your pointer. Move the pointer and the website loads another image, and so on. But you should be prepared for what pops up!


(My pointer was just above the baby’s finger, though using the PrtScn key on keyboard doesn’t capture the pointer by default.)


1. What Happens On Internet In A Minute?

In the end, we have something informative once again. After you’ve done playing the Pointing game, why don’t you have a look what is really happening on the internet every single second that you just spent on the game mentioned above? Even though the website only give status for 60 second spent on internet, the numbers are are most likely to shock you.





Well that pretty much sums up the whole list for now, we might be doing more of these list in the future, so stick around and don’t forget to give your feedback.

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