Apple iPhone 4S: Do you really think you should go for it?

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The Apple iPhone 4S is now shipping and the sales figures are doing absolutely fine, with an expected 4 million iPhone 4S dispatched in just a weeks time, which tells us that Apple’s dream run is going on. So there are people who are both happy and sad with the latest version of the iPhone. The happy ones are the entire category of the iPhone 4 users, who were relieved to know that the new phone has not undergone any major changes and the unhappy ones of course those who have been eagerly waiting to buy the iPhone 5 (including me) which ultimately never showed up.

But the big question is that, should you really get the Apple iPhone 4S? Of course the Apple fans never do think about this question, since as long as it holds the Apple branding, they are sure to give it a try. But there are people still confused whether to go for the iPhone 4S or wait for another smartphone, with many getting ready to launch down the lane. So lets talk about a few features whether the new phone really makes a difference or not.

As you all know, the external design remains absolutely unchanged and so does the display size, but what really matters is the new processing engine. The Apple’s A5 is the same one used in the iPad 2 which is not just fast but has also helped to increase the battery life of the device. The processor upgrade was very much needed since most of the latest games demanded it.

With Apple never providing an option for a MicroSD slot on any of its phones, it was always important for users to choose the right capacity to match their requirements(especially if you are a gamer you always need more amount of storage space). So Apple this time made sure that people had an additional option regarding the internal storage space by introducing the 64GB iPhone 4S.

Apple iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera has been judged the best smartphone camera. Now the new phone comes with a much powerful one, an 8 megapixel one, which has a bigger aperture and the performance of the camera has been amazing which now comes with 1080p HD video recording.

The best and the most talked about feature is the new Siri, a voice enabled intelligent assistant that helps you send messages and emails, schedule meetings, place your calls, search information, etc. The application works with great efficiency and much better than the similar kind of apps available on the Android OS.

So these are the major features that actually differentiate the iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 4S. As far as the Siri is considered, the application will soon be available on the iPhone 4 to once the jailbreak for iOS 5 is released, but I am not sure how well it is going to work when compared to the iPhone 4S.

My suggestion regarding the new phone is that, for those who own an Apple iPhone 4 can skip this one since the iOS 5 as well as the iCloud features are available and the ones who are planning to take a smartphone, the Apple iPhone 4S is undoubtedly the best one available currently in the market and with it being subsidized at $199 with contracts it is within reach of many willing to upgrade or join the big 3 Wireless carriers toting the iPhone 4S right now.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.