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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

There are lots of blog marketing sites out there. Nowadays, every blogger is starting up his own marketing site, where people can submit the articles. Basically, all of these sites work on one idea : Voting. Articles are showed on the published page once it hits the optimal amount of votes. In this post, we will talk about the blog marketing sites ; we will discuss about the most important ones (where you should really take time to market your blog). Let’s start :-

Social Media Sites – Where should I submit my articles ?

Marketing plays an important role in blogging. After writing the useful content, we must promote it to the world. We must share it so that we can get others to read it. Even if you have a good reader base, it is always good to share it via web. This is mainly because of two reasons
1) Nowadays, people tend to keep up with blogs through social media (this may include your subscribers)

2) Attract new visitors to your site – The whole point of blogging is to get traffic, right ? Then you should do what ever you can. Now, many of you might ask yourself : Then, why not submit articles to many sites ?

I should really look at the site before you submit your article (if you are doing so manually). The easiest way to recognize a (useful) blogging community is by looking at the networking levels. If there is a lot of good content, comments and engagement going on, then you should probably submit your links to those sites. Try to shorten your list of sites. Now, let’s get back to our second question. You should not submit articles too many sites because it is time consuming. You should just spend too much time on a certain thing. You could, instead write another guest post or comment on different articles (which is better). When choosing a site to market your content, you should look at the submitted content of the site (to see what the actual niche is and to know whether the site accepts your content). In other words, you should look at the site audience before you submit the content (this way you are promoting your content to people who are interested in the topic).

So, Where should you submit your articles ?

BlogEngage for sure ! is one of the most reputed [blog marketing] sites online. As far as I can remember, this is one among the earliest blog marketing sites (not considering social media sites). You should submit your article to Blogengage (I would strongly advise that you do so). Blogengage is a great site, as far as networking and promotion goes. For me, I have gained many of my readers from Blogengage (If you ask most bloggers – who are active users of Blogengage – they will tell you that it covers a good share of their traffic). Blogengage is known for its wide spreading voting system (and its members). Most of the Blogengage users are active bloggers who work hard to promote their blog and network with others. Personally, I consider Blogengage as useful because it has taught me to blog (it also has given me many friends). You should probably try out Note : Blogengage is also unique due to the fact that it offers a unique feature of automatic submission (for a small price).

Blokube – Yes, I would ! is another fantastic site to submit your article. Although I am not that active, Blokube has given me some good traffic and comments. Devesh of Technshare is the guy behind Blokube. I don’t have much to say about this site. I think you should really use it (Mainly because there are many useful bloggers in this community).

Mmosocialnetwork or Money Money Online Social Network is about sharing tips that are related to blogging and making money online. Founded by Hesham of Famousbloggers, MMO is a great site to promote your article (I haven’t visited it for some time, because I had forgotten about it). But, MMO is a great site for marketing. The last time I had used it (was December, when I was on Blogger) I had good experiences. I did visit it and it works perfectly fine (it is still an active community).

Many Others ?

Yes, there are plenty of them, that are useful (but I am not that active). Serpd, Faqpal are few ones. You should probably check them out (through google). DO you have any to share (that are useful) ?


Choosing a good list of sites to promote your content will take time. But trust me, it would be lot easier once you go on with the flow. Thank you for tuning in @Dragonblogger. Don’t forget to share your comments !

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.