EA Tiburon Goes for the Two Point Conversion in NCAA 2013

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Every year EA looks forward to their two main sports franchises coming out NCAA and Madden. However, making both games better than the previous year is something that can be quite difficult especially with as long as both of these franchises have been around. We look at NCAA 13, EA Tiburon’s newest addition to the NCAA Football franchise, and see just how much this year’s version has improved.


Not only can you play as Heisman winners such as  RGIII, but you can also use them on any NCAA team in the Heisman Challenge mode.

NCAA 13 provides players this year with quite a bit of new features compared to last year’s model. This time players have the ability to step into the shoes of former Heisman Trophy winners via the “Heisman Challenge” mode. The format of this game mode is very similar to that of the Road to Glory mode from last year. The only differences this time are you have certain goals you must make in order to have a chance at winning the Heisman. For instance, you can play as Robert Griffin III and try to see if you can get as many passing touchdowns, passing yards and even rushing yards in a season as he did in real life. Each goal that you complete gets you one step closer to becoming the Heisman winner. Other players include Barry Sanders, Eddie George, Doug Flutie and even Herschel Walker.

Recruiting in NCAA 13 allows you to scout players and unlock their true stats.

Next up is Dynasty which has greatly improved this time around. Dynasty in NCAA ’13 gives more control over recruiting, giving players the ability to not only call potential recruits and ask them about certain things like playing time at your school or your schools championship prestige, but also gives you time to scout players as well. Depending on how much time you spend  scouting a player (up to 60 minutes max if you have the scout time) you can unlock that player’s actual stats. This works great because it actually allows you to know how good that WR really is at catching or making those critical plays. It will even let you know if that 5-star player is a bust or that 3-star recruit is a gem. You also have the ability to make custom conferences in dynasty this time around. Ever wanted to see Notre Dame play in the Big Ten? Well you can make that happen this time. It’s a very interesting feature that you can do and it allows you to do this at the start of every season in Dynasty. This gives you the ability to make some very interesting matchups.


The gameplay in NCAA ’13 seems to really shine. You still have the ability to throw either towards or away from your receivers, making those last minute throws in the game very critical. This time around the defensive linemen are not like Superman and cannot jump ten feet in the air giving players a bit more leeway and opportunity to make those close plays. However, the running game seems the same as it did in years before and I don’t really see what more can be improved in it. It is effortless for people ( young and old) to pick up this game, especially with the controls being the same as before.


The one thing I have noticed is the graphics in the game. Player models are just a bit of an improvement, yet seems like something Madden has a slight edge over. Character faces are still more of the same and yet you can tell a big difference from say Barry Sanders to QB #13 on a team. I really hope we can finally get actual player names in the game instead of just numbers and really have EA take time with the character models.

All in all, this year’s version of NCAA provides players with tons of new content, challenges, and not to mention online dynasty returns as well. If you happen to get bored of dynasty mode Road to Glory mode is back once again giving players the chance to create their own superstar and turn him into a Heisman winner. Saving draft classes has been removed this time around due to a new career mode for Madden 13 so if you enjoyed being able to save those awesome recruits you no longer have this option.

Definitely give NCAA 13 a play and be sure to let me know what you thought!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.