Fractals: Not Just Mandelbrots Anymore

imageI was first introduced to fractals back in my Commodore 64 days. At that time, pretty much the only fractal I had ever seen was the old Mandelbrot fractal created by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975. Here is an original type Mandelbrot. This type of fractal was the standard for many years, and it did not change until recent years when new interest has arisen in the world of math and art. We now have many different kinds of fractals that some of the varied types may surprise you. I will take the time to introduce you to several different types of fractals, and then over the next few weeks, I will do a bit more in depth introduction and review of some very neat programs that will allow you to explore this exciting world for yourself.

clip_image002 There are Programs that are capable of creating almost lifelike images. This first one could be the fractal breading ground from which all other fractals are born.
clip_image002[4] Could this be one of the first fractal life forms known to man? It looks like a wild steer or bull, charging after its prey.
clip_image002[6] My own daughter may indeed have been a fractal, born out of my anxieties over math and my fears of reality.
clip_image002[8] Could our world be a fractal landscape just waiting to be explored?
clip_image002[10] Is our universe nothing more than a giant fractal as well?

As you can see, fractals come in a variety of looks and flavors. All of the above were done by me, and I have many more that you can look at if you desire. Fractals occur in nature as well, and may have been instrumental in trying to recreate them with math. As this series progresses, I will share with you how to create your own fractals using Terragen, Apophysis, Tierazon, and Overhead Fractal Music Generator.

If you have questions about these or other fractal programs, I will be happy to share them with you and review them as well. Creating something out of nothing but an idea, and working the programs to finally get something you like is a satisfying feeling. As we go more in depth into these programs, I hope to hear from you and see some of your creations.

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