How to Remotely Access your Android Device with AirDroid

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Now-a-days if you own an Android device, it’s where you probably keep your Pics, Important Files, and all your stuff. Your tiny device can do a lot of things today, messaging, contacts, photos, files, apps, and the list goes on. Now what if you want a file from your Android or you just want to send a text message while you are working on your table and the phone is not around?

AirDroid, is an app that enables you to remotely manage your Android device without any extra software on your PC. In this post, I will show you how to remotely access your Android device with AirDroid.

What is AirDroid?


AirDroid is a small (9.3 mb) app for Android which enables you to remotely manage your Android device and also access the Files, Photos, Apps(apk), call logs, and contacts without any hassle.

You need to have a Android device with AirDroid installed, you can get it right here. A PC (laptop/netbook/mac, anything) with a internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and a internet connection on both your devices.

Setting up AirDroid

Just install the app on your Android device and shoot it up, it will ask you to Login/Signup. You can skip this but I recommend creating one account, if you have one already just sign in and if you don’t, create one. Next, you will be asked if you want to turn on Find phone, an Anti-theft that you can use to locate, ring, lock, and remotely wipe your data. To enable this, you need to set AirDroid as Device Administrator.

Connecting to AirDroid



Now you will land on main screen, here, you will find three tabs, connection, tools, and recommends. On the connection tab, you will find a QR code and a URL(s).

If your Android device and your PC is connected to the same network, you will see two URLs, the first one is of it’s web app and the second one is your ip address and port number.

If you select your local network, you will get a verify prompt, accept the same to connect.

If you select the first one, you will have to login with the account you just created. To connect remotely, you just need to go to the AirDroid’s web app (first url) , sign-in or simply click here.

Now you will get a desktop like the one below, with your device’s information, a toolbox, and some icons along with the AirDroid bar at the top.


Now, you should be connected to your device, from here you can download any file, upload any file to your device, make calls, receive, view, and send texts, view notifications, use your Android’s camera or take a screenshot, export any app (apk) and pretty much everything you want to.

Using AirDroid makes accessing your phone remotely a piece of cake. Send and receive and view text messages, call anyone, watch any video or photo on your device, access and download/upload any file, install new apps, and many more just from your browser. You can also find your stolen/lost phone, wipe all the data and lock it.

If you have any questions about AirDroid or managing your Android device remotely, ask away!

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