Mengo Mini Drum Bluetooth Speaker review/test!

IMG_20151102_111139Hey everyone! Today I am coming at you with a review and short test video of the Mini Drum Bluetooth speaker from! We’ll jump right in here with the review.

Mengo carefully considered the word “portable” when designing this speaker and they hit the nail on the head. This thing is small, as in fits in the palm of your hand small. It’s very easy to slide into your pocket or drop into your purse and take it wherever the wind takes you. Speakerhontas, anyone? No? Anyways, what I am trying to get at is, if you want a tiny speaker that’s easy to take with ya, Mengo’s got your fix!


Connecting to this speaker is as easy as you’d expect connecting to it would be. Turn the speaker on by holding down the power/play-pause button and search for the speaker on your Bluetooth enabled device. There isn’t a passcode to enter, and when you connect a voice plays through the speaker saying “connected” confirming your connection. This is a nice convenience and prevents you from having to pay attention to the blinking lights to see if it paired. However, as expected with a speaker of it’s size, it’s connection strength is poor. I don’t say this lightly either. I used a Samsung Galaxy S5 when testing this and I experienced severe connection issues. Whenever I would walk away from the speaker with my phone, I would start getting static connection within 3-4 feet, and would lose connection withing 10 feet. If you plan on just setting your phone down next to the speaker, there won’t be a problem but it definitely has limited range.


The loudness of this teeney-tiny speaker was actually surprising. When I first fired it on, I actually had to turn my music volume down on my phone due to unexpected volume! It may be misleading with a speaker of this size, but don’t get this speaker wrong, it’s loud. Now, no, it’s not as loud the more expensive speaker such as JBL or the popular Beats pill, but in a sub $20 price range, it holds it’s own. It hits the highs and mids with no exception of quality. You can only expect a speaker this small to have little to no bass, which stays true with Mengo’s budget speaker. While holding the speaker in your hand you are able to feel slight bass, but nothing shattering.

Overall the connection range being limited was a detracting feature but for the portability and sound to be as good as it was with this speaker, plus having a great budget price I am still inclined to give the Mengo Bluetooth Speaker 4 stars.



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