Pre-Order Xenoblade Chronicles 2 For Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched back in March of 2017, Nintendo has had an amazing come back into the console market after the failure that was the Wii-U. Gamers have been given the ability to not only play on their TV, but also be able to take their home video game console with them and thus, creating a hybrid home/portable video game console. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will give players the ability to take their story and adventure with them buy continuing the journey in the sequel that was released originally on the Wii-U and is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Torna, The Golden Country, is simply just the DLC in a more retail package. The original game does not come with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the base game as this is just a standalone DLC and the base game is not required to play it, however, you’ll miss out on a lot of story if you haven’t yet played the second one. This DLC releases on September 21st and can be yours for the price of only $39.99. Xenoblade is an Action-RPG game set in an open world where players will find themselves taking on numerous quests where you won’t find yourself without anything to do. Pre-order it now so you don’t forget to later!


  • Does not include the main Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game.
  • Contains download code for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass. Expansion Pass only playable with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game (sold separately).

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