Simcity: How to Fix a Bankrupt City

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OH NO!  Your carefully planned and meticulously built city in Simcity has gone bankrupt. Whether your processors didn’t ship in time or you were off to a rough start, chances are bankruptcy hit you hard and your bonds are completely used up. The solution to this problem would be to send a sizable donation of cash from a neighboring city right? But, but, but…what if the server is never allowed to sync in time thereby leaving you permanently locked out of your bankrupt city? Previously, such a thing sounded like a death sentence to most players and caused many cities to be left abandoned. Well, the fix to this whole ordeal is a rather simple one.

Bankrupt Be Gone!

Here goes my trusty earthquake!

The title most likely gave you a hint as to what you need to do but in case it’s not clear allow me to explain. The game has a mechanic that freezes time when the amount of money in your treasury reaches 0 and informs you that you are bankrupt. Many assumed this was Simcity’s “GAME OVER” screen but that could not be farther from the case. If you have cities nearby with enough cash to spare you should by no means be denied access to your city’s controls. So how does one fix this broken mechanic you ask?

One day when the dreaded “You’re bankrupt!” message dotted my screen I got a little curious and started fooling around. I took a peek at the Disasters tab and decided to unleash my displeasure on the poor populace. Wouldn’t you know it, by letting out my inner rage and unleashing one of those puppies, I got the clock to start ticking again. After patiently waiting another minute or so, the delivery truck with my salvation money arrived and took me out of the deep end. Of the possible disasters at your disposal, I would definitely recommend using the earthquake disaster as the radius of it is small, predictable, and localized.

Rolling in the Green Again

Contrary to what people think, a positive hourly is not necessarily the best indicator that you’re making decent profits or have mad money making skills. The figure you should be paying attention to in fact is your monthly profits located right underneath. As long as that figure is in the green then you need not worry about micromanaging your budget in order to prevent your city from going bankrupt. The best monthly investments are usually any that are trade related. Even if your city is specialized in gambling or tourism, you should still consider diversifying your specialties slightly to keep yourself afloat.

Mmmm money…

For example, a high population and high school educated tourism city could benefit from recycling plants. Recycling plants produce valuable materials like plastic and alloy which can be sold for thousands of simoleons. If you don’t mind a little extra pollution, you could even toss in a processor plant so you could turn the recyclable materials into processor chips which are worth boatloads of money and can get you over a hundred thousand simoleons on the first sale. This extra investment will certainly help pad any of the losses you may suffer during the months that your tourist numbers experience a bit of a lull.

There are countless other methods that could help you avert being bankrupt and we will gladly share them from time to time. Feel free to leave questions in the comments or share your money making methods that help keep you in the green!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.