Trust GXT 177 Gaming Mouse Review

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If you are reading this review, there’s a high chance that you are a gamer or a tech lover or maybe a person who sits on his/her PC almost every day. You need to feel comfortable while using your PC gear. So today I will be going over one of the most essential peripheral of a PC, which is the mouse. This will be my full review of the Trust GXT 177 Gaming Mouse.


Here’s my unboxing video for the Trust GXT 177 Gaming Mouse.


GXT 177 Specifications

Type Wired
USB version 2.0
Buttons 8
Programmable buttons Yes
Programmable macro’s Yes
On-board memory Yes
Adjustable weights No
RGB Illuminated Yes
Cable type Non Braided
User Ambidexterous
cable length 1.8m
Gliding pads Teflon
Mouse Size 131x71x44mm
Weight 110g without cable
Warranty 3 years



Model A9800
Technology Laser
DPI 100-14,000
Tracking Speed 150ips
Acceleration 30g
Polling rate 125/250/500/1000Hz


Closer Look at  the GTX 177 from Trust

The Trust GXT 177 mouse has an ambidextrous form factor. Which means that the mouse can be used by both left and right handed users. In the pic, you can check the ambidextrous design of the mouse.

Over here, you can see the Trust GXT Logo.

On the left and right side, you can see the 2 side buttons on each side along with the LED’s.  The LED’s and the Trust GXT logo light up when connected.


This is the scroll wheel along with the DPI button. The scroll wheel has a rubberized texture on the top. The rubber texture gives a nice feeling to the wheel while scrolling.

On the backside, you can see the Teflon padding nubs and a sticker which has the mouse manufacturing details written on.

The design of the mouse from the front side looks really appealing.

The connector is USB 2.0 with GXT written on it. The wire is 1.8metre long and is non braided. I never liked non braided cables as it felt so uncomfortable while moving my previous Logitech G402 mouse since the wire had a weird kind of feeling which made the mouse feel heavy. But this was not the case with the GXT 177. The non braided cables did not affect me at all so not really mad on not having a braided cable.

Build and Feel

The mouse is very light weight weighing about just 110 grams without the cable. I have been using the mouse for more than 3 weeks since I like to test the mouse fully before writing the review. The mouse feels very comfortable while holding it and fits perfectly in my hands. The mouse has a rough texture to it, like a sandstone finish on top and on the sides as well which gives a nice grip to the mouse. The mouse feels premium while holding and does not have a cheap plastic feeling to it at all. The mouse does not come with any weight adjustments which is one of the downsides for those looking for a heavy mouse. But I have used both heavy and light mouses and this mouse feels pretty good while using it. One of the really good things about this mouse is that it works smoothly on rough or unbalanced surfaces as well. My desk has a checker textured laminate so its not a smooth surface. But I had absolutely no problems while using the mouse of an unbalanced surface. The mouse also worked properly on my bed sheet since I often like to watch movies while lying on my bed. The 1.8m long cable is long enough to help me lie on the bed and still get to use my mouse.

Trust GTX 177 Features

The Trust GXT 177 mouse has 8 programmable buttons. The default RMB, LMB and scroll wheel, along with 2 side buttons on left and 2 on the right side, and a DPI button on the top below the scroll wheel. You can change the functions of each button with the help of the gaming software. For example, if you want the DPI button to work as a media button such as Play/Pause, you can change the key from the GXT 177 software. You can also disable the buttons that you won’t be using. The mouse also has programmable macros so you can set up a macro task and assign it to a mouse button. And when that button is pressed, the macro task will initiate. The mouse also has an On-board memory which means that you can set custom profiles. So if you have multiple people working on with the same mouse on a PC, then each person can have their different DPI, and macro functions saved in their own profile. The mouse can save up to 5 profiles.

The mouse has a DPI laser sensor ranging from 100 DPI to over 14,400 DPI. So even if you have got a triple monitor setup, you won’t have any problems going on from one screen to another. You can change the dpi of the mouse per 100dpi. So 100,200,300…14,100,14200,14300. This can be done from the software. The dpi button can only have 5 dpi presets. The mouse has can go up to 150IPS(inches per second) or 30g acceleration. The mouse has a polling rate if 1000hz. Polling rate is the response rate of the mouse. So 1000hz is 1ms. The polling can range from 125hz to up to 1000hz.

The mouse is RGB illuminated with over 16.8 million colors. The LED’s are placed on the sides, front side of the mouse and on the top side where the Trust GXT logo is located. The mouse has 3 lighting effect. Constant, Breathing and Color Shift. In the Constant effect, the color is constant to just 1 color of your choice. In Breathing effect, the LED’s keep on breathing in a single color provided by you in the gaming software. The Color Shift effect keeps on changing colors randomly in a breathing effect. With the color changing after a complete breathing cycle. You can also turn off the LED’s if you don’t want them on. There are 2 other modes in the color effects which is Flashing Tempo and Light brightness. Flashing effect affects the breathing speed of the LED’s. You can increase or decrease the breathing speed with the help of Flash Tempo. The light brightness is used to change the brightness of the LED’s.


I have made another video in which I have shown the Lighting effects of the GXT 177 mouse along with the Gaming software which will give you an overview of the software provided by Trust. Here’s the video.


My thoughts

The Trust GXT 177 is an excellent mouse. It feels really great to use. I have a Razer Deathadder 2013 and a Logitech G402 lying around in my house. And I have to say that I found this mouse to be better than the both of them in terms of looks, comfort, and usability. I will be switching over to the GXT 177 as my primary mouse till I find another competitor fit enough to replace this mouse. The only thing that I felt missing was the weight adjustment. Apart from that the mouse feels great, has RGB lighting, has a great gaming software. Has macro functions. I would rate this mouse 4.5/5 and give it an Editors choice as well as a recommended buy badge. Do try out this mouse, guys.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.