Why I Am Considering Becoming a Full Time Gamer!

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Last night I was furious. My blood began to boil, I was gnashing my teeth, I was muttering obscenities under my breath, and I am almost certain that there was smoke coming out of both my ears. After yet another long day slogging away in the office, paying bills and generally adult-ing, I came home to be informed by my ten-year old, that he wanted to …hear this… quit school and become a full time gamer. Interestingly enough, that was NOT the trigger that had me seething. I very calmly explained how he had to study, and get a job to make money… to which he showed me an article where some geeky zit faced brat, won 3 MILLION dollars playing a popular video game. I googled it … and get this, HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE! I got pages upon pages of results about kids, not more than 16 years old, who have won big money playing VIDEO GAMES! And THAT is when I started hyperventilating, thinking of the years I spent in college and university, the long hours at work… and the pay check that doesn’t even come close to this. I spent all of last night considering a career in being a pro gamer.

Gaming has gained a lot more steam lately. It has become far more accessible and there is a larger variety of platforms available than existed ten years ago. There are so many games to choose from, that finding a game that suits you isn’t hard. The only question that remains is how to improving your gaming skills enough to compete professionally and make good money.

Get the right Hardware. If you are into some of the new multiplayer games, graphics quality really does matter as it makes gameplay much smoother and easier. Taking into consideration whether you play newer, heavier games or older games with simple graphics, you will need to get a card that suits your purpose. For example, to play most games, a 2080 Ti Video Card should suffice, but if you’re on a budget, there cheaper options that can make gaming life easier. Getting an ergonomic keyboard and gaming mouse can prove invaluable.

Practice with worthy opponents. In the beginning, don’t play just to win. Put in effort to improve your reflexes and abilities. The best way to hone your abilities is to shelve your pride and play against people better than you. Often they may be much younger than you. Observe what they do.

Improve your reflexes and reaction time. Practice playing your favorite game to improve your skills. Focus on one thing at a time. Learn from your mistakes and always try to understand what happened that caused you to win or lose. If you want to play competitively, you should “replay” each game in your head, and consider which decisions helped or hindered you.

Making a Living being a Gamer. To make a living you should pick a popular game played by a large number of people, and one which has a competitive scene with regular tournaments. Some of these games are even considered “e-sports” because of how serious the international competition is. You may also supplement your income by making videos of gameplay. Choose a creative and unique handle, one that is memorable and easy to spell. Use this name for all the gaming and related work you do to build recognition. Your gaming and game reviews can help you build a fan base on platforms like YouTube and twitch. A higher number of followers can help you get better sponsorships and generate ad revenue, which is a steadier income than tournament prize money.

Give it time. Time is one aspect you cannot skimp on if you are serious about becoming a gamer for a living. You will need to dedicate as much time to gaming as you would to any other job. If you want to become one of the lucky people who can make money by doing what they love to do best, which in this case is gaming, you need time to practice, time to create and market your content, time to negotiate sponsorships, and time to refine your skills and build a team.

Game on!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.