DragonBlogger Monthly Giveaway – Win Prizes & Steam Game Keys

This new page replaces the former SpintoWin wheel game and I have decided to convert the SpintoWin game into a Monthly Gleam giveaway instead. There are many reasons for doing so that benefit the community and myself, so if you are wanting to know the benefits and reasons I put them under the giveaway so you don’t have to read a whole bunch of stuff before you get to the giveaway.

This giveaway will always be drawn at least the following prizes on the first day of every month, then a new giveaway will be cloned and embedded on the page to replace the original giveaway. This way the original giveaway will always be listed with all winners permanently shown in previous giveaways. Remember to come back daily for the daily entries to boost your odds of winning.

The minimum prize draws are:

Unlike other Gleam giveaways I do, the steam game keys will be auto emailed to your email address, I will not be waiting for a prize claim email first. The gift card winners however, I will email and ask how they want their prize delivered (Steam, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card). If you win a steam game key, you can still win one of the gift card draws in the same month. So in a very rare case, someone might actually win all 3 prizes, but that would be incredibly low odds of happening.

Enter the Monthly Giveaway from DragonBlogger

Monthly DragonBlogger Giveaway – Win Steam Game Keys and Gift Cards

With the Gleam Giveaway instead of the Spin Wheel I have more flexibility to add in more entries, let’s say a sponsor wants to throw in a specific game or product in exchange for adding their entries, I can do this in the confines of this same giveaway. It also gives me a chance to vary up entries mid giveaway more for more variety of options. It also helps prevent “repeat winners” where the same winner can get multiple Steam game keys in the same month which was happening with the former SpintoWin game. While it doesn’t allow you to get an instant prize win (or near instant as you had to wait for me to respond via email) it does ensure more fairness and allow me to deliver all winners prizes at the same date/time 1x per month instead of randomly throughout the entire month which wasn’t making an efficient use of my time. The spintowin was also failing repeatedly for many people leaving them not knowing what was spun, the preview mode for slices was broken and the plugin was causing my WordPress site to crash multiple times per day. It wasn’t supported by the developer anymore.

With the Gleam giveaway I can also give more rewards to our Twitch viewers by letting them redeem loyalty points for bonus entries which greatly increase the odds for our Twitch community to win a prize. This would encourage more people to come to our DragonBlogger Twitch channel and collect those loyalty points during shows which can greatly increase your odds of winning one of the prizes.

For anyone that has issues with Gleam, remember to remove any ad blockers, and don’t use a VPN. Try a different browser, and you can ask me for the direct Gleam link if you need help and still can’t get it to work.