Jun 012012

Today kicks off the next Video Game Giveaway from DragonBlogger.com where every month we give away a video game of the winner’s choice.  This video game you choose can be for any platform (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita…etc) but must have a value of $59.99 or less.  This contest is open Internationally but if you enter from abroad then you will receive the value of the game via Paypal instead of me buying and shipping the game out to you.

Some coveted games you may want to win with this month’s giveaway include:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck to all who enter and remember someone will win, and the more entries you get, the better your odds of winning!

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 13 years and specializing in web based technologies. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino


Technology, Gaming and Wordpress blogger who runs gadget giveaways, helps others with blogging tips, monetization, earning and more!
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Justin Germino
  • Panzerschreck

    Diablo 3 / PC

  • rizwandgr8

    Call of Duty Black Ops / XBox

  • AkariK

    Lollipop Chainsaw / PS3. 🙂

  • If I win, I would like to have Assassin’s Creed 3 for PC.

  • PeterRogala

    Call of Duty :Black Ops II  / PC

  • WadeArenberg

    Really not sure which game I would want at this time but definitely for PC.
    Probably Max Payne 3 still.

    • PeterRogala

      [email protected] yeah I am with you Wade about playing Max Payne 3 and nice to see ya in one of my newly found coffee readin hangouts

  • CherryRasulka

    I would want to win Little Big Planet for the Vita

  • oasis789

    Max Payne 3 PC

  • Evilteddy03

    I would like to win Darksiders 2 for Xbox 360. Thank you for the contest

  • Michal Jedrzejewski

    Diablo 3/PC

  • JessD

    Guild Wars 2/PC

  • JessD


  • EllenBeck

    I am jonesing over Diablo3 for PC 🙂 
    tannawings at gmail dot com

  • JD Blosser

    Mass Effect 3 360

  • AmandaSecord

    Sweet giveaway! 🙂  I’d probably go for Skyrim or Dialblo

  • AmandaSecord

    Sweet giveaway! 🙂  I’d probably go for Skyrim or Diablo

  • omegadoom1

    Diablo 3 for PC!  Thanks!

  • Darklurkr23

    I want to win Doom 3 BFG Edition!

  • Mysticfail

    @bittripfan keep an eye on johncarter today its been a week since the last contest so likely will be one tonite

    • bittripfan

      @Mysticfail thanks for the reminder.that was around 4 EST last time right?

      • Mysticfail

        @bittripfan dont remember but it was later afternoon for sure

        • bittripfan

          @Mysticfail cool. that kmart Twitter party thing is tonight. More people signed up but still seems like a good chance of winning a prize.

        • Mysticfail

          @bittripfan I think we can blame Michael for that, lol

  • Max Payne 3 all the way!

    • This is supposed to be a great game and I really want MP3.

  • Battlefield 3 for Xbox looks interesting!

  • PeterRogala

    On second thought the MaxPayne 3 PC game might be a better choice for me. .Still sometimes hard to decide so I guess it just happens to be what type of mood I’m in.

    • [email protected] you can choose if you win, no need to set your choice in stone ahead of time.

      • PeterRogala

        [email protected] Blogger Yep being able to choose and being able to change is way cool!

  • SalvadorArciga

    Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2/ Xbox 360

    • [email protected] game, not sure if I want to have a pre-order that long. I did that for last winner back in March and August the game comes out, still hasn’t shipped.  It doesn’t feel like a win when you wait 6 months for the prize 🙂

  • hestar69

    Gravity rush here 🙂

  • ChrisDemele

    Totally awesome. I’d love to win Guildwars 2 for the PC

    • [email protected] it have an official release date yet?

      • ChrisDemele

        [email protected] Blogger I just saw this today xD. No, it doesn’t. They just did um… They did a Closed Beta test last weekend i believe though. 😀

  • CarolynAnnColley

    It would be for X-box, but I would have to check with my son to see which game, he’s not home today.
    thanks for the giveaway

    • [email protected] can pick if you win at time of winning.

  • wwe_316

    i am from australia so it will be paypal for me.
    thankyou for the giveaway

    • [email protected]_316 What game would you buy locally?

  • vitaman2012

    Gravity Rush for the PS Vita for me! Thanks, vitaman2012

  • wolfkin


    • [email protected] DLC comes soon too!  Vampire Lord!

  • AnsumRiku

    Assassins’s Creed Revelations for PC

  • Gxgear

    Lollipop Chainsaw for PS3 probably

    • [email protected] person to mention they wanted this one!

  • lmd1974

    If I win, I would like Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy XIII and LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Edition (all Playstation 3)

    • [email protected] haven’t played any of them :(, good luck.

  • Gram_Cracker

    Tales of Graces f for PS3.

    • [email protected]_Cracker an RPG fan finally!

  • cracksmurf

    Assassins Creed for Xbox!

  • JonIn2D

    Diablo 3!

    • [email protected] popular one.

      • JonIn2D

        [email protected] Blogger I just realized the game can be from any platform as long as the price is right. In that case, give me Conker’s Bad Fur Day for N64 or RC Pro AM II for NES. 🙂

  • RonaldSmith

    I would like to win Darksiders 2 for PC preferably, but Xbox 360 if PC version not available.  Thank you for another great giveaway 🙂

    • [email protected] luck, thanks for entering.

  • Phoenixx138

    I think I’ll go with a sho

  • Phoenixx138

    I think I’ll go with a tps game this time.  Max Payne 3 for the PS3.

    • [email protected], this is supposed to be awesome.

  • NicoleSender

    I’d like the new movie Brave’s  game for the  Wii.

    • [email protected] haven’t seen a review of the game, now I am curious.

  • vesh

    Diablo 3! 

  • gyroscope

    Battlefield 3 Premium – PC.

  • aznxchunky

    Diablo 3 PC

  • ElizabethThomas

    Diablo 3 PC

  • Diablo 3 Pc.

  • CyberElite18

    Diablo 3 PC

  • Bigjohn9397

    Darksiders II Xbox 360

  • Brian Alford

    Most definitely Sleeping Dogs for the xbox 360

  • ChrisConley1

    NCAA Football 13 for PS3.

  • briareoushex

    Skyrim for PC

    • [email protected] new DLC content looks awesome for Skyrim.

  •  I would like Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy XIII and LittleBigPlanet – Game of the Year Edition

  • staulcub

    Darksiders 2/Xbox 360 @staulcub

  • InsightFz

    So i didnt comment? @InSight_2kI would Enjoy the Max Payne 3 if i win.

    • [email protected]@InSight_2kI Good luck, I also want to get Max Payne 3, maybe I will buy it after I beat The Secret World

  • Jcces44

    I’d love to win Halo 4 for the Xbox 360! I love these contests!

    • [email protected] hope this entry lives up to the expectations, good luck.

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  • Tanelorn82

    Lollipop chainsaw for X360

  • Darklurkr23

    Record of Argarest War 2 Limited Edition on 360!

  • ChrisDemele

    It sure is teeth grinding waiting for this to end. 😛

  • ChrisDemele

    Sure is teeth grinding waiting for this to end.
    Wanting to win Guildwars 2 😀 for PC
    Still though.

    • [email protected] will be the 6th video game I have given away this year, doing 1 per month.  So far no winners have picked the same game!  Guild Wars 2 looks great, I loved playing the original and expansion packs (consumed 2.5 years of my life)

      • ChrisDemele

        [email protected] Blogger YEah, I played the originals as well. Was my first MMO. Before that i’d stuck to Hack N’ Slash, FPS, and RPG’s. I ended up not being able to finish the final campaign due to discovering an MMO that had free movement, but I couldn’t hold on to those MMO’s because they lacked the story that Guildwars had. I did manage to do half of the Hall of Monuments though. Really hoping that at sometime in the future I can get my mitts on a copy of Guildwars 2, and a PC that can run it with reasonable performance.
        What other games have you given away? I’m assuming that they were set giveaways and not dynamic like this one. 

      • ChrisDemele

        @Dragon Blogger
        Yeah the original was my first MMO + the expansions. I’d gotten into the MMO market let, before I’d played Guildwars i’d stuck to Hack N’ Slash, FPS, and RPG’s. I ended up not being able to finish the final campaign due to discovering an MMO that had free movement, but I couldn’t hold on to those MMO’s because they lacked the story that Guildwars had. I did manage to do half of the Hall of Monuments though. Really hoping that at sometime in the future I can get my mitts on a copy of Guildwars 2, and a PC that can run it with reasonable performance.
        What other games have you given away? I’m assuming that they were set giveaways and not dynamic like this one. 

        • [email protected] was that most people can’t afford them monthly subscription with MMO’s and the Guild Wars buy 1x, play infinitely was great as I would rather buy expansion packs than pay a monthly fee to play in general (though I understand why businesses do it and it works, but you shouldn’t have to buy the game for $60 and then pay monthly, if you pay monthly the download and install of the game should be free if you say prepay a 6 month or year.
          All of my giveaways were “winner picks the game” but previous winners have chosen:  Batman: Arkham City, Madden NFL 13 (isn’t out until August, pre-ordered for last winner), Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and one I think was International so I paypal’d the winnings.I also gave away a Hauppauge HD PVR 1445 gaming recorder device back in March, an iPad 3 on June 1st, 2 Kingston SSD 32GB USB Drives.  In the future I have plans to do (video game every month, Kindle eReader, Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 bundle, budget gaming laptop…etc).  I do at least 2 giveaways per month as a reward for my readers/fans and I enjoy it. 

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger  Well we sure do appreciate what you do with your blog as well as the giveaway opportunities, even if we don’t win them.  Thanks for the opportunities regardless.

        • [email protected] know they are random and that can frustrate some contestants, so I am going to test out a new contest method called Contest Domination soon, this method allows readers to earn entries based on how much they promote and is not random to draw a winner, the winner will be the one who collects the most points.  If it is successful and works, this may help the most motivated win the prize rather than the most lucky. 

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger I actually quite enjoy the idea of “luck of the draw” contests rather than the other method.  It comes from the experience of having been involved in a few of those other type of contests, that just got way out of hand and overly-absurd.  If it doesn’t require a ton of crazy random things, like most places require (I had 1 recently that wanted me to “like” a softcore porn page on Facebook to get extra entries, which was NOT gonna happen), then it could possibly work out nice.  The convenience of the LOTD type ones, is that it’s completely random, and whoever is meant to (destined to) win it, will do so, and whoever doesn’t, simply just wasn’t meant to.

        • [email protected], I see your point there too.  For my Contest Domination there is only 2 ways to get entries.  1) subscribe to our newsletter, #2) promote your own contest link and get others to subscribe to our newsletter ( you get 5 points for each person who subscribers under your referral link to the contest).  Nothing else, no scams, no liking a dozen pages, no surveys.  I HATE that crap, my contests will only ever involve liking my legitimate advertisers fanpages, twitter accounts, retweets or at most joining my own mailing list or an advertisers if they fund a contest.  
          When I was giving the iPad 3 away the winner was so skeptical that it was real even when I contacted them 🙂  I have had people think my contests were scams before.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger That’s not surprising, considering how many “iPad/iPod/iPhone giveaway” scams there are out there.  If people aren’t too familiar with you they’ll often be wary of such instances.  For me, I just take whatever winnings I can get pretty much, lol.  I’ve only had one bad experience with trying to claim my prize, and that was thanks to Mad Catz’s media and customer relations manager, who wanted me to email him an exact hi-res scan of my driver’s license, to “prove I’m legally of age to receive my prize”.  I told him I’d be willing to try working something else out, but refused to do exactly what he wanted (obvious red flag went up when he requested it in the 1st place).  After i told him that, he banned me from all of their Facebook pages and then even removed my winning post and claim comments, ignored my PM’s asking why he was doing it and then gave my prize to someone else.
          Some of these places are more scam than anything, it’s refreshing to know you’re one of the real-deal good guys in the field.  Thanks 🙂

        • @RonaldSmith Yeah, copy of license, credit card or anything to claim prize is immediate scam, however in the U.S. it is require to fill out an tax form and report any winner of a contest where the prize is $600 or more value.  If you basically pay any single person more than $600 in a calendar year (even prize value that adds up, a form needs to be filled to the government and taxes may be owed by that individual for the prize).  This is why radio stations and casino’s have to collect your tax information to give you even concert tickets and such or gambling winnings over a certain amount.
          There are certain contests I can’t open up Internationally, like certain gadgets, technologies and such that can’t cross borders, or require me to fill out customs…etc which makes it more difficult to keep my contests open Internationally, my work around is to not buy the contest prize until after contestant wins and offer paypal cash value if they are International winner. 

        • PeterRogala

          [email protected] [email protected] Like I may have mentioned before  Justin that this blog you got going on is the real-deal and makes solid coffee time reading day or night . yep it is nice to my pal @RonaldSmith  in this community too !

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] is my homie XD

        • AmandaSecord

          [email protected] You wanna kiss my a$$ too?? LOL luv ya man haha

        • PeterRogala

          [email protected] yeah hey Manduh  🙂 see the party continues around here 🙂

        • AmandaSecord

          [email protected] party just follows you everywhere, you’re like a rockstar of the interwebs LOL

        • [email protected]@RonaldSmith Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. I just do this blog as a hobby and for fun to entertain readers, provide information and giveaway cool stuff when I can get sponsors or fund it myself.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger  We appreciate what you do as well, thank you.  Also, though I highly doubt whatsoever that my name will be drawn, is it too late to upgrade my request from Darksiders 2 – PC to Darksiders 2 Collectors Edition – PC?  I really like the bonus items it will have coming with it, lol.

        • [email protected] can choose the game when you win, you don’t have to pick what you left in comment.  Any game for any platform as long as price is $59.99 or less.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger Awesome, that’s really cool.  DS2 LE is over $59.99 though, lol, so that one’s ruled out.  I’ll wait to see who wins though before putting any more thought into it, thanks again 🙂

  • Its a fps with rpg elements.its out for pc,xbox 360 and ps3.it is actually the best zombie game out,and with a huge island,vehicles,dozen of weapons u will spent much time there considering u like zombie based games

  • Asassasin’s Creed / Xbox 360

  • The Last Story / Wii (exclusive)

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance [Mark of Mastery Edition] / Nintendo 3DS
    – comes with 5x AR cards, 12x art cards, and a KH 10th anniversary 3DS protector case

  • al3xgo

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii. I’m mr.me in the rafflecopter.

    • [email protected] game, loved playing this one.

  • LuisIzaguirre

    black ops 2 xbox please

  • I believe Black -ops sold about 5.5 million in its first few days available… but I think if you check the numbers, the NEW World of Warcraft addon : Cataclysm is by far the best selling title this year ..

    • [email protected] place Diablo 3 broke all sales records, shattering Black Ops with over 6.2 million copies in the first week http://www.ingame.msnbc.msn.com/technology/ingame/diablo-3-sales-set-record-despite-launch-issues-790219 the previous record was WOW: Cataclysm.  

  • pnr status

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  • MigueelMcCommunist

    I’d love to win Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS. Played the demo and it was pretty good: It has the classy, horror-ish RE feeling + pretty good graphics and atmosphere that fans want. I haven’t been able to buying it, but I sure hope I can give it a go with this contest! Thanks for the opportunity.

    • [email protected] luck, if you win you will be the 1st who requested a 3DS game as the prize.

    • MigueelMcCommunist

      [email protected] it doesn’t matter but, in case I win, I’m changing my price 😛 I’d like to win Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for 360 (yeah, no BLOPS 2; already pre-ordered it), I figured I’d be better off with something that I could play with my dad, as I’m coming home for the summer. Thanks!

      • [email protected]’s fine, if you win I will contact you and you tell can decide exactly then too.

  • AmyKathryn

    Black OPS 2 for xbox 360 🙂

    • [email protected] Ops doesn’t come out to November, I could pre-order for you if you won but it would be a long wait (wouldn’t feel like you won if you had to wait 4 or 5 months for it to come).

      • AmyKathryn

        [email protected] Blogger Yes it would be a long wait…However perfect for a Christmas present!

  • beerrun

    Sleeping Dogs-PS3

  • Levilady67

    Undecided yet but something for PS3

  • Played the demo and it was pretty good: It has the classy, horror-ish RE feeling + pretty good graphics and atmosphere that fans want.

  • Armando_Holguin

    Sorcery for the PS3…because my kids said so! lol But my selection may change if I’m forced to get it sooner!

    • [email protected]_Holguin Yeah, with all the wizard fans this one was sure to be popular.  You will know in 3 days if you are the winner (if you can hold out that long).

  • zero110100


  • RonaldSmith

    Ugh!  For some stupid reason, it reset ALL of my entries.  Are you kidding me?!  I re-did all of it again, but admittedly that’s annoying.  Well, here’s hoping for the miracle I might win a game from this, lol.  Good luck everyone.

    • [email protected] your entries are there back to June 14th for me, may just be widget issue.  I will open a ticket with Rafflecopter.  

      • RonaldSmith

        [email protected] Blogger Thanks Justin, that’s what i was thinking too.  At least you were able to confirm that though, it helps to relieve my frustration 🙂

        • [email protected] you revealed a bug in the system and I opened a problem ticket.  You were the first person to report this issue, not sure if you changed FB profile names, emails or what caused it to not recognize your FB login from previous logins to collect entries.  

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger It happened when I went to do the entry for commenting on a contest article.  Not sure what happened, but it really was unusual.  Thanks 🙂  Btw, do you ever get out to Mesa at all?  I used to work at a PC shop called Family Computer Center, it’s on University Drive, by Discount Tire.  Great place if you ever get the chance to stop in.  The owners are Chuck and Ann Kempton, and they are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  If you ever make it out that way, tell Chuck I sent you 🙂

        • [email protected] used to live in Mesa off of Recker and McKellips 11years ago for 2 years.  I don’t get up that way very often anymore, maybe 1x per year at most.  I am often in Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe but even then it’s only 1x per week or two.  Mostly just grounded in Casa Grande, or spending time in Encinitas, CA.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger Nice!  I love AZ, such a beautiful state, even in some of the worst areas, lol.  Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert and Sedona are some of my fave places, especially Sedona.  Gorgeous area Sedona is.

        • [email protected] agree, Sedona, Pinetop, Grand Canyon, Payson, all great places.  Too hot here in the Southern part for me, which is why I try to spend as much of the summer in CA as possible where the temp is never above 85.

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger Widget is messing up again.  It logged me out again and refuses to log me in via Facebook or any other means.  It just keeps erroring out w/out any explanation or error codes.

        • [email protected] opened a ticket with Rafflecopter who noted the entry issue and are looking into it.  In the meantime note that all previous entries are recorded.  Do you use a specific browser/operating system to login?  Do you switch between a fanpage/FB profile while visiting the widget?

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] Blogger Actually your page isn’t the only one I’ve had these same issues.  I just emailed them myself, because I’m experiencing it with other websites, who use the same widget.  As to my browser, I use Firefox, and on Win7 x64 Ultimate.  No I don’t switch between profiles either, in Firefox I am either logged into my primary FB account or don’t have the browser open at all.  It seems that the issues are definitely with the widget itself from my experiences the last couple of days.  Even now it has me as logged in, but for the last few minutes it’s been trying to load my entries to no avail.

  • TheErinRyan

    Love this idea Justin! I just saw it via a Facebook event invite and think it is superb! Great Job!

    • [email protected] Erin, I do a video game giveaway every month.  On Friday I kick off my Xbox360 or Playstation 3 giveaway where winner decides which console they want to win!

  • CricketNerdist

    I’d love FIFA 12 on PS3. Though since I’m not in the US it’ll probably have to be cash value.

    • [email protected], just use the cash to buy the game and it’s the same thing 🙂

  • Lightriver

    Batman: Arkham City for PS3

  • CocoAlcontinHugo

    I’d love to have Tera or The Secret World, but I’m not from the USA, so the cash value. 😀

    • [email protected], but with the cash you can just turn around and buy it 🙂

  • hi justin thanks for organizing this giveaway i have entered the contest..hope to win it atleast this time..i would really like to win battlefield 3 or the latest ghost recon future soldier for pc..i love shooting games…hope i can play it soon. thanks bro 🙂

    • [email protected] and good luck, recently I have been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gears of War 3 with my kids.

  • VDH360

    I’d like to win Lollypop Chainsaw for xbox 360 as I’m a big fan of grasshoper studios. Thanks for making this crazy contests every once in a while.

  • Justin no doubt that those video games are superb, but I’ve my doubt if they can pass through my customs, perhaps as international I’d choose the cash. Thanks for the giveaway @Dragon Blogger 

    • [email protected] is why I have a paypal cash option for anyone outside the U.S., this way contest is open to all.

  • I would like to enter this contest in all of above the call of duty this game is unique from others good sharing.

  • SoftwareCritics

    Hey, Justin! This is a nice giveaway. However, I’d want Kinect games so I’ll take the cash if I win. 🙂 softwarecritics  

    • [email protected] can pick a Kinect game, any game you want to win.

  • Michael Reveliotis

    I’d like to win Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for Xbox 360.

    • My 5 year old wants this so badly, so will probably be a birthday gift for him.

  • Monkron

    I would like to win “The Secret War” for the PC, Thanks

    • [email protected] have early access starting today but won’t be able to play until I get back from vacation 🙁

  • Rafflecopter down, will pick winners when it’s back up.  It is related to an power outage in DC brought down part of Amazon Cloud, Netflix, Pinterest…etc.

    • RonaldSmith

      [email protected] Blogger I was wondering about that, since Netflix and Listia had both been mentioned elsewhere.  Thanks for the update!

    • EllenBeck

      [email protected] Blogger rafflcopter was all down, instagram, some facebook apps, etc… whatever caused this went wild on the net! Fingers crossed thanks for the update!

  • Winner has been announced, congratulations to Chris Demele

    • ChrisDemele

      [email protected] Blogger  *Twitch*

      • CherryRasulka

        [email protected] dude! Whatcha gonna pick out?

        • ChrisDemele

          [email protected] Guildwars 2. Had a nice convo with Mr.Germino and what not too 😀

        • RonaldSmith

          [email protected] grats bro, enjoy!

        • [email protected] buddy 🙂