144Hz vs 240Hz – Which One is Right for You and When?

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Avid gamers often search for the gaming monitor that can deliver a refresh rate of at least 144Hz or even 240Hz, as these are the standard monitors that can enhance the overall gaming experience. If you are not satisfied with the fancy new 4K or 2K resolutions and if you are amongst those gamers who prefer performance over visuals, then it is the time to switch to gaming monitors with 144Hz or 240Hz. But which is the best choice amongst these two and why.

Although there are not much different in terms of performance between the two, but there are a few minor differences that I consider very crucial for professional gamers. The difference between the 144Hz and 240Hz monitors can be observed when you play game on these monitors. While playing game on 144Hz monitors, you will notice increased clarity when playing shooting games and you can also enjoy little shaper textures when moving the mouse while shooting. In case of 240Hz gaming monitors, the gameplay will be four times more fluid than 144Hz monitors and you will observe visual improvement in higher range. But, before moving ahead to know which gaming monitor refresh rate is better for you, it is necessary that you understand closely what actually refresh rate means.

What Is Refresh Rate?

In regards to gaming monitors, the display’s refresh rate means how many times the display refreshes in a second. So, considering this fact the gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate will refresh the displayed images 144 times per second, while the monitors with 240Hz refresh rate will refresh the displayed images 240 times per second. This fresh rate also governs how many frames are displayed by the monitor per second. But, it all depends on the graphics card installed in the system and how it can offer frames over a hundred frames. The monitor will also showcase whatever the refresh rate of monitor allows, most commonly 144Hz or 240Hz.

144Hz Vs 240Hz – Which One is Right For You and When?

So, you have finally decided to push that FPS counter to its peak level and reap the benefits while playing multiplayer games on the monitor. But, you are confused and stuck with the dilemma of which of these refresh rate standards are best for your gaming needs and when. So, below is the guide to help you understand which refresh rate standard is best suited for your gaming need and when.

How Well the GPU Can Handle the Refresh Rate?

This is the question that you need to answer and based on which you need to make the selection between 144Hz and 240Hz. If you invest in the monitors that can’t afford to receive the frame rate worthy for them, then it is just wastage of money for you. So, it is necessary that you first run a benchmark and check how the GPU of your system performs in any particular games where you need to have enhanced frame rate.

There are many multiplayer games that comes with integrated benchmarks and if you simply want to avoid experiencing the mess with 3rd party installs, then ensure checking the GPU performance on average and make your selection of gaming monitors accordingly.

Observing the Difference

In a bid to compare the different between 144Hz monitors and 240Hz monitors, you first need to see how the monitor performs in person. Fortunately, there are larger hardware stores that make use of models on display which is easy to check. But, if you are not able to access it, then a video serves your purpose for checking the difference in both the monitors.

Can you Afford It and How Worthy It Is?

Since the features are rich in 144Hz and 240Hz monitors, they are expected to priced higher and more expensive than the 60Hz counterparts. The 240Hz monitors are more expensive than 144Hz monitors.

Since you have noticed that 144Hz and 240Hz monitors have many benefits over its counterpart 60Hz monitors, it is totally up to you to decide whether they are a worthy investment or just a waste of money for you. There is higher visual difference in both the monitors and if this doesn’t matter a lot for you, then you can always go for a cheaper alternative. You can find good gaming monitors just under 200 USD on the market, it just depends on your needs and what you are willing to sacrifice. In my opinion, 144Hz is more than enough for a good enough PC gaming experience if you’ve got a good GPU. You may also want to check out the Asus VG248QE which is a 144Hz monitor that has been quite critically acclaimed and is very popular in the gaming community. You can get it for around $270 on Amazon.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.