3 Tips to Be a Better Blogger

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In this post, we will talk about some (unique) tips which will help you to become a better blogger. (I know that you have read many posts on this topic, but trust me, this post will be different). In this post, we will talk about relaxation, blog posting and tools. Let’s not waste our time, let’s start our discussion, I will start. Let’s dive into the deep ocean of mind :-

Relaxation Plays an important role !

Better Blogger
Being a Better Blogger


Bloggers, nowadays, are hurrying to write better content; they are working constantly to get good results(they are trying to become better bloggers). And it is essential to do so. But we need to think of something else : We can be better bloggers by relaxing. We take a lot of time to do all sorts of things. But the most important thing we forget to do is relaxation. We, as bloggers and as ordinary humans, need to work on spending some time relaxing (by relaxing, I don’t mean that we need to get on the couch and switch on the T.V.). What I really mean is that we should stop all our activities (for a little while) and think about our lives. Relaxation can help you greatly : It will help you to build a positive attitude, think differently and blog differently. Let me tell you why this works : When you stop all our activities and relax, you are allowing your blood to move into your brain (I mean, fresh new blood). This flow of blood will allow you to think differently, while enriching your brain with new blood – blood that contains a lot of oxygen. This technique works because it does (literally). By relaxing, we are switching our bodies to power saving mode. But, I will tell you one thing : Your brain capability and functionality increases at the time of relaxation – this is why they tell you that sleep is an effective way to be a good student. When sleeping, you are allowing your brain to get more oxygenated blood and function smoothly – your brain recollects and orders (put things accordingly) information when you sleep. Sleep is a good way of relaxation but that is not enough for the proper function. You need to stop all activities and think about your day (you may even go outside and sit under a tree or a plant – because plants are good sources of pure oxygen). So, add relaxing time to your schedule, Be a Better Blogger.

Posting – Post at Appropriate Times !

When posting, you have to be careful because you would want to post at the right time. Let me tell you when the right time is. You should never blog after eating something (for 3-4 hours). Why ? Because, after you have eaten something, most of your pure blood will go to the stomach to digest the food you have eaten ; therefore, your brain gets lesser oxygen. When you post at the right time, you will be able to think and write more – what can I say here – efficiently (More information in your post). So, post at the right time, get your brain soaked in pure blood, think and type it up to get the most (amount of) visitors. The next thing we are going to talk about the usage of tools.

Tools – Use them !

Use the tools that are available to you. There are plenty of them, but most of us don’t use them all. Many of us search for a premium tool when we have the same service for free. As bloggers, we should use different tools, promote them (if they are useful) and increase your productivity and/or efficiency. Tools can offer you many things :- more money, more traffic and more subscribers.


That puts an end to our being a better blogger tips. Hope that we helped you. By the way, before you click the X button, be sure to share and comment if you find this post useful. Thank you for tuning in @ Dragonblogger. Have a great day !

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.