5 Solid Reasons to Switch to An Instagram Business Account

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.


Instagram has grown from being just a social app for sharing personal pictures and fun moments, to a serious business platform. Instagram business profiles were introduced back in 2016, after this platform was acquired by Facebook. Unlike most Facebook business profiles, Instagram business profiles have picked up positively and are bringing a valuable contribution to many businesses. Facebook business profiles never managed to draw followers and potential clients as Instagram, but it is a requirement to have one if you want to switch your Instagram personal profile to a business one.

You need to know that you will lose the ability to connect to multiple Facebook profiles as you can only connect to your Facebook business profile, and all of your posts will be public. This is, of course, a positive aspect. The essence of any business anyway is to draw as many real followers as possible and convert them the much you can to clients.

Here are five good reasons you need to switch to a business account.

Instagram Insights

If you want to grow the number of your followers and by extension your client base, then you need these tools. Business accounts have access to analytics and performance statistics. This is essential data that guides you on how to curate your business and where to market aggressively. You get to understand your followers and their needs, and see the performance of every post that you put up on your profile. You will see how many new followers you have gained on a daily basis, who are engaging with your content the most, the demographics including age, gender and locations, and also when they are most active on Instagram. This is crucial data that you can use to organize your business for maximum growth. BTW, you can have some tremendous benefits getting Organic Instagram Growth Service also.

You Can Add Links

Studies show that your Instagram followers are more likely to check out your website after they view your page. They do this to try and get more information regarding your venture. Adding clickable links has been a limiting factor with Instagram especially when using a personal profile. With a personal profile, you can only use the one link on your profile but cannot add any other. With a business profile, you will be in a position to add links that direct users to your website on Instagram stories. This useful feature is, unfortunately, limited to a few business accounts especially those who have more than 10,000 followers.

Contact Button

Communication is especially vital for any business. Apart from marketing and advertising, it is important that potential clients be able to reach you easily. Instagram business accounts have a feature where clients can easily get through to you, by simply clicking on the contact button. With this button, users can place calls, email or simply inbox you. Users can also find a business’ location and direction if they so wish to pay you a visit. It makes work really easy especially if a client or a potential client wants to seek clarification over a particular issue. Make sure that your contact information is always updated. This feature is not available on Instagram personal profiles.

Access Instagram Native Shopping Feature

Here is another benefit to operating a business account. You can easily drive sales and win new clients with this particular function. This shopping function allows you to post stuff like on a market place where your followers can get to learn about your stuff. They do not have to all buy, but you are going to get a significant number of followers and clients using this feature and definitely more sales.

Connect with Influencers

It is way much easier to connect to influencers as a business or brand than as an individual. Most influencers take their brand image very seriously, and would only prefer to be associated with other serious accounts and brands to maintain their stature. Business accounts provide more engagement and have more insights than personal accounts. It is, therefore, easier to reach out to influencers who add massive benefits to your following and business for that matter.

With these benefits, do not let your business slug behind. Convert into a business account and enjoy the benefits that come with it, but do not forget to put in the work.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.